Chapter 75

The meeting became bigger on the third day of the alliance conference. This was the only meeting in the whole conference where Zhang Zhiyin and the rest were given the qualification to participate and speak.

“Does anyone else still has anything to say?” This speaker was one of the people in charge of the alliance headquarters and was responsible for presiding over the meeting. He scanned the whole audience. “If there’s none…”


“Mr. Ma’ao? What issue do you have?”

Ma’ao stood up. “It’s an old affair, about my older brother, Mali’s death.

“For so many years, I always thought that my brother was killed because their team ran into a high level zombie when they went out on a mission. In fact, this is true. But it was only recently that I learned that my brother’s team found a magical fruit during their mission. After identifying it, they discovered that it allowed an ordinary strengthening ability user to gain another ability, that was the water elemental ability. My brother and his teammates risked their lives to obtain it and entrusted it to his surviving teammate to take it back to the base. But there is also a person in the team who not only did not help but also tries to kill the teammate who was entrusted with the fruit and he even ended up eating it. As for what he wanted, he is now a famous water elemental ability user.

“I implore the alliance to punish this man with what he deserves. This person is Li Shuifeng, Captain of Mist Unit. “

When it came to the efficacy of the magic fruit, many people began to discuss about it. When they heard that it was a “famous water elemental ability user”, they even started making guesses. And when they heard the name “Li Shuifeng”, quite a number of people showed a surprised and disbelieving expression.

Li Shuifeng quickly stood up, and there was just a right amount of sincerity and surprise on his face. However, he didn’t contradict all the words had Ma’ao said, but instead, he unhurriedly explained, “What Mr. Ma’ao said is true, but he has identified the wrong person. I used to work with Captain Mali, and had indeed found the magic fruit. But the effect of fruit is not to give water ability, but ice ability. I’m sorry I didn’t hold on to the fruit and fulfill the captain’s trust, because it is true that I was framed and had almost died.

“Just recently, I met this teammate again. I know that he has made great contributions for the revival of mankind in the past two years, so I didn’t immediately disclose his behavior in that year, but I wanted to give him a chance to admit everything, admit his mistakes to his teammates and beg for forgiveness. But obviously he didn’t, and he took the lead to deceive Mr. Ma’ao, describing me as a person who left his teammates without mercy…

“I’m disappointed, Captain Zhang Zhiyin.”

There was an uproar.

Li Shuifeng had always appeared as a humble gentleman who was eager for justice, while Zhang Zhiyin had fought in the front lines and made countless achievements. It’s unexpected that they would be involved at the same time. And as it turned out, one of them must be lying.

Ma’ao frowned.

Zhang Zhiyin stood up and said, “Then Li Shuifeng, where did your second ability come from?”

Li Shuifeng smiled. “When everyone started awakening their abilities, I have always possessed the dual abilities of precision and water element. At the beginning of the apocalypse, I didn’t understand much about it. Most of the people around me were ordinary and singular ability users. In order not to attract any trouble, I hid my water ability. But you, Captain Zhang, where did your ice ability come from? I remember someone watching you awaken your ability, and it’s only precision ability? Regarding to this, Ah Lan from Xize Base should know better than me.”

At this, someone stood up and looked at Zhang Zhiyin with a complex expression. She was Sister Lan, the person who was responsible for teaching new people to awaken their powers. Zhang Zhiyin met her at Lihua Shopping Mall when he first came to this world.

She looked around. “I don’t know about anything else, but regarding Captain Zhang Zhiyin, it was as what Captain Li Shuifeng had said, he only had precision ability at that time. I don’t know when he got his ice ability. This can be proved by Brother Fei and Uncle Yun from my base.”

At that time, the situation began to develop in the direction that was not beneficial to Zhang Zhiyin.

Ma’ao could not keep his cool. “But Li Shuifeng, no matter how much you try to deny, your performance that day when you met me face-to-face had fully shown me that you are the one who has wronged my brother.”

He didn’t expect Ma’ao’s existence. Revealing his nature in front of him at that time was Li Shuifeng’s most regretful action. But at this moment, he still sincerely apologized, “I’m really sorry that I didn’t complete the captain’s order to send the fruit back to the base. But I hope Mr. Ma’ao will not be confused by that spur-of-the-moment idea and misunderstand me.”

“How about we let Captain Zhang explain how he suddenly got his ice ability?”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Zhang Zhiyin again.

However, before Zhang Zhiyin could speak, another person cut in, “Zhang Zhiyin’s power comes from the medicine I gave him. You pushed him out of the car. He was surrounded by zombies and was seriously injured. In order to save his life, Zhiyin took the medicine I gave him and triggered the awakening of his ice ability. There are unexpected coincidental factors within it and I’m still studying the specific reasons behind it.”

“However, Li Shuifeng, you framed Zhang Zhiyin. Even if he doesn’t care, I will still make you pay.”

Yin Nian’s slender body stood up, his expression was ice-cold and his eyelashes were drooping slightly. He stood in front, at the center of the conference room— his seat, especially set for the leaders of the major forces, was undoubtedly a symbol of high status.

The audience was shocked, it was the first time for most of them hearing Dr. Yin speaking publicly, and it was even such a long sentence.

Li Shuifeng was instantly oppressed by his momentum and left speechless.

Yang Fu who was next to him was also surprised and couldn’t help but ask, “Dr. Yin, may I inquire about you and Captain Zhang… What’s your relationship? “

Yin Nian said seriously, “He is my fiancée. En, fiancé.”

Thunder Unit and Sang Le: …They were clearly an ordinary pair of childhood sweethearts two days ago. Why did it upgrade to this in just two days?!

Yin Nian continued to explain to all the people in the meeting with a serious face, “Our families are friends, both our mothers were pregnant at the same time, the elders of the family have made a marriage arrangement. Although when the both of them gave birth and realized that the children were boys, no one proposed to cancel the marriage, so we are still engaged.” He spoke as if it were the truth, even Zhang Zhiyin himself was going to believe it.

Everyone: … As the saying went, shouldn’t the marriage be automatically cancelled when the children were of the same gender? And they would become brothers or sisters? There was such an interpretation?

Some people suddenly realized: What not officially cancelled so they were still engaged, it was more like you liked the other party and refused to let him go.

However, compared with the friendship between their two families, this declaration of “Yin Nian likes Zhang Zhiyin” was more clear, he would not hesitate to protect this person.

Many people had no choice but to re-examine Zhang Zhiyin again.

Zhang Zhiyin sat there, vaguely remembering that the night before they came to <Tomorrow>, Yin Nian was at home eating peanuts and watching drama. It seemed that that drama that was playing had this “betrothed when still in the womb by parents” theme but the children were all boys…

Lord Boss was really a super example of applying what you learned! He swore that he would never pay for cable television again.

As soon as Yin Nian spoke, the suspicions on Zhang Zhiyin were basically all cleared up. Even if someone still had doubts, they would not stand up for Li Shuifeng at this time and fight against Yin Nian.

Dadao looked around and stood up. “There is still another thing, we now suspect that Li Shuifeng colluded with outsiders, leaked the defense layout of the headquarters base, attracted intruders, trapped Mr. Yun Chu, Captain Zhang Zhiyin, and Thunder Unit in danger…”

“Wait.” At this time, Yun Chu stood up and raised his hand to signal to Dadao to stop. “This is a matter of great importance. It’s getting late now. Tomorrow is the voting day. I have a proposal to put Captain Li Shuifeng in custody for the time being, and to arrange a time for a special hearing after the voting. I wonder if Captain Li Shuifeng, Vice-Captain Dadao, and all of you would agree. “

Dadao looked at Zhang Zhiyin.

Zhang Zhiyin felt that it’s not right, but he also knew that even if Li Shuifeng was convicted now, it was still impossible to deal with him immediately, and it’s certain that he would have to be detained for a period of time, so Yun Chu’s proposal was not much different from the current situation. What’s more, for some people, whether Li Shuifeng was loyal or treacherous was not as important as tomorrow’s voting. It’s hard for Yun Chu to choose to raise this issue today, which may affect his election tomorrow. After all, both Mist and Thunder Unit were from the alliance headquarters. In the eyes of the outside world, they were all Yun Chu’s people. No matter which party was damaged at this time, it was still Yun Chu’s loss. There was no need to disobey Yun Chu.

Yang Fu and others had all expressed their opinions, echoing the same opinions of Yun Chu’s.

Dadao looked at Zhang Zhiyin and nodded.

At the end of the conference, Li Shuifeng was taken away by the headquarters.

Yin Nian came to find Zhang Zhiyin. Sang Le followed him.

Several people went out together, Sang Le was still talking to Yin Nia, “Doctor, what medicine did you give Captain Zhang? I know you can create it again. If it’s not possible, you can continue to study it. If you can’t do it in one go, then it would not be you… This is a miraculous achievement. After being popularized, the combat power of the alliance can rise by more than two grades… “

Yin Nian stopped and turned to look at him. “Yes, I didn’t make the medicine.”

Then he turned to Zhang Zhiyin. He was still expressionless but everyone could feel his hidden love, filled with regret. “Zhiyin,” he said in a deep voice. “you are mistaken. In fact, it was Y who had given you the medicine that day before the end of the world, it was not me.”

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