Chapter 76

Zhang Zhiyin looked at Yin Nian with a “What the hell?” expression.

While in outsider’s eyes, this expression had became one of disbelief when knowing the truth.

Sang Le scooted closer to Ah Kong and showed a bitter expression. “Sister Kong, have I created a series of bad consequences…?”

Ah Kong nodded her head. “It seems so.”

Ah Mu was more straightforward, when he heard this, his first response was, “That’s Dr. Y’s medicine? Will something happen to captain? Do you have any solution, Dr. Yin?”

Yin Nian looked at him and lowered his eyes. “Don’t worry, Y may not be a good person, but he will absolutely never hurt Zhiyin. Do not speak of this matter to anyone. Although this is in the past, it won’t be good for Zhiyin if Y got dragged into this.”

An idea began to brew in Xiao Jin’s mind, but he quickly buried it away.

Zhang Zhiyin followed Yin Nian back to the room.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, Yin Nian at once turned into a cat, walked slowly and leaped up onto the bed, pushed Yin Xiaoxiang to the ground, and sat at the head of the bed in grievance.

Yin Xiaoxiang, who had fallen off to the ground, went over pitifully and hugged Zhang Zhiyin’s leg.

Zhang Zhiyin squatted down and held the kitten in his arms before continuing to cast an angry glance at Yin Nian. “I’m not going to talk about this right now, I haven’t asked you, did you change into Yin Xiaoxiang last time to deceive me?”

Cat Yin Nian moved closer, raised his head and licked Zhiyin’s finger. His little appearance looked exceedingly innocent.

Zhang Zhiyin’s anger instantly extinguished. “…Forget it. “

Wasn’t this just him relying on the fact that he liked him.

Yin Nian then changed back with satisfaction, and just like the position he was in a moment ago, he hugged Zhang Zhiyin from behind. He rubbed against his neck like a cat and whispered, “I didn’t say anything wrong. No matter who I am, I will not hurt you.”

Zhang Zhiyin let him hug him and closed his eyes. “I know.”

En, so it’s good as long as you are happy

Just like the plot development in the game, the following day, Yun Chu was still elected as the next leader of the alliance by a small margin.

His trump card was an ability sphere left by Yun Lietin. It contained 30% of Yun Lietian’s power and only blood relatives could inherit this power. It turned out that before Yun Lietian had set out, he had anticipated this trip to end in disaster, so he had prepared this for Yun Chu in advance. With it, Yun Chu not only could quickly increase his ability by forcibly breaking through Level 8, but also further increase another level and become number one in the alliance after Yun Lietian.

Xiao Jin said quietly, “If the alliance leader clearly knew that that trip would be dangerous. Why did he still exhaust his ability to leave this for Yun Chu? If he went with his best state, he may not have died. “

Old Zhu sighed, “It’s hard to explain a father’s feelings for his child.”

At the celebration party this evening, news had spread— Li Shuifeng had fled for fear of his crimes.

After Zhang Zhiyin appeased Ma’ao, Dadao, and the rest, he went to find Yin Nian. The enhanced version clairvoyance was still on Li Shuifeng, but it soon lost its effect. There was only sufficient time for Zhang Zhiyin to know that Li Shuifeng was taken away by the people from E Lab.

Yin Nian said, “Wait a moment, I’ll check it out.”

Then not even a second later, Zhang Zhiyin hadn’t even had time to react when Yin Nian gave him the result. “In the game setting, Li Shuifeng is one of the main quest’s NPCs, a key figure to contact E Lab, this matter wouldn’t be solved so quickly. This would also be the result of the game plot developing until this stage. Of course, if you want him to be captured back now, then it could be done right now. “

Zhang Zhiyin waved his hand. “It doesn’t matter, I can wait.”

He was very clear in his mind that for games such as <Tomorrow>, other than making plot to intentionally abuse and earn tears, most of the mission created for the plot was to make the players happy. In reality, there were already too many injustices. Of course, in the virtual game, the game officials should let the players see the representation of cause and effect. Good and evil would be repaid, the net of justice was vast and it might be loose but it would have allowed no escape. Li Shuifeng had ran away but a hypocritical character like him, the more he owed, the more he would pay in the future.

And Zhang Zhiyin was a person who liked stability. Although boss spoke with such ease, he would rather follow the official plot rather than set off any butterfly effect. Sometimes it was a good choice to let things go their own way. If every protagonist was as adaptable as he was, many horror films would not be able to go on.

Yin Nian kept an indifferent attitude towards all creatures and dead matters outside of Zhang Zhiyin. Although Li Shuifeng had bullied his Zhiyin, he was still akin to a mayfly. So he didn’t take it to heart at all and casually said, “I will listen to you.”


In reality, A Country, M City, Global Group’s headquarters, the core of R & D Department.

Dr. Yates still remained seated quietly at his desk, drinking honey grapefruit tea.

But the man who suddenly broke in didn’t seem so calm. They were three of them this time. The two at the back each carried a white box in their hands.

Dr. Yates smiled, the wrinkles on his forehead became deeper. “Oh, Philip, it’s you again? What do you want to say to me, this old man, this time? “

“Dr. Yates, I want you to see one thing,” he said seriously, looking at Yates’s cloudy but still intelligent and crafty eyes.

Yates raised his mouth and tried to look interested.

One of Philip’s assistants carefully put the white box in his hands on Yates’s desk. He input the password, successively carried out iris recognition and fingerprint identification with Philip, and then input the instruction to take out a small, completely sealed test tube that was only five centimeters long. This tube was made of special material and could withstand high-strength impact without receiving any damage. The test tube was filled with light yellow liquid.

Yates’s face slowly changed.

“What is this?” he asked.

Philip gave a wry smile and motioned to another assistant. The assistant came forward and placed the white box on Yates’ desk.

Sounds of pounding and tearing could be heard within the box.

There was a block on the cover of the box that could be opened to expose the transparent top inside, which was the same material as the test tube. One of them had undergone a special treatment, through which you could enlarge the details of the box and see everything clearly.

The inside of the box was divided into two parts. Half of one side contained a common white mouse. The remaining oxygen in the box might not be much as it looked very listless, while the other half…

“What is this!” Dr Yates repeated his words in astonishment.

That was a monster. The outline and skeleton of the mouse could be vaguely seen but its skin and flesh were scattered and rotten, and its blood had dried up. Through some holes in its body, its shriveled internal organs could also be seen. Any organism that had been destroyed to this extent should be dead. But otherwise, the monster was very aggressive and sensitive, constantly trying to attack the four walls of the box.

Its appearance and performance were just like that of zombies in novels and movies.

Assistant Fei Li turned the mechanism outside the box. Suddenly, the partition between the two spaces disappeared. The zombie mouse paused for a second, then rushed to the white mouse as if had smelt something, biting it fiercely.

The mouse twitched and lost its strength, and fell quietly in the box.

Yates looked at the scene and raised his head in shock.

Philip shook his head. “Wait for a moment, there will be a new discovery.”

Sure enough, about ten minutes later, the body of the white mouse changed rapidly. It’s flesh shriveled and rotted. At the same time, it twitched and slowly climbed up again…

Even if was not the first time seeing this, the assistant who saw this scene still felt cold all over. At the first moment when Philip nodded, he wasted no time to press the button outside the box.

There was a sound of an explosion inside the box. The box vibrated a few times, and then it was quiet.

“That tube of reagent is the culprit of the mutation of the white mouse,” Philip said, and then motioned to the assistant to put the reagent away. His expression had been calm for a long time.

“If this flows out and isn’t controlled, it would really be the end of the world,” He continued.

“And doctor, I think you understand that such a thing like this cannot be developed by our present technology at all.”

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