Chapter 77

Philip left with his people.

Yates sat in his chair and stared at the honey tea in his hand. He looked as if he had aged another ten years.

Dayi flashed out from behind and asked, “Doctor, do you think Dr. Philip is right… I mean, did yn really created this?”

Yates didn’t answer, he only stared at his cup. After a while, he asked, “Dayi, do you think it will have a heart for revenge?”

Dayi frowned. “Revenge? No way… I’ve never believed that yn can obtain the same emotions just like what humans have. It can only try to understand and analyze what human emotion is. It can be a master who pinches at people’s hearts, but it would never care. Revenge is an act based on emotions. It has no emotions and will not have any intention to take revenge.”

“Yes, that’s the only explanation… It understands human beings, it knows what we are afraid of, and it will use these to achieve its purpose.” Yates put down his cup, showing a wry smile similar to that of Philip’s.

“Yi, it’s out of control, but now we have to regain control of it no matter what, or find a way to destroy it.”

Dayi looked surprised. “Doctor, what about our previous destruction procedures?”

Yates shook his head. “I haven’t told you… At the start, I found that a program had been tampered with. Once the destruction procedures start, it would lead to the leakage of certain substances, but I have never found out what those substances were. Later, not long ago, the methods of the destruction procedure had been completely destroyed. We can’t use that to eliminate yn427…”

Dayi opened his mouth slightly. “How could this be…”

Dr Yates raised his head and looked at him with a smile. “Can you guess what it wants to convey to us? It is not afraid of us, not afraid of being destroyed. Even if we destroy it, it must have made preparations for itself. At the beginning, the leakage was just a kind of warning to remind us not to act rashly. Now I know that the material involved with it should be the one that Philip brought to us today. If we destroy it, it will turn the world into hell on earth. Later, I don’t know why it changed its attention, it cut off the leakage mechanism and directly destroyed the destruction procedures, telling us plainly that we can’t do anything about it.

“Yi, do you remember the original instructions we set up for yn427? We want it to be more perfect and powerful, but the so-called “perfect” and “powerful” standards came from the perspective of human beings. And thus, it would become more human when it completes this set of instructions. Like now, even if he walks in the crowd, no one will believe that he isn’t human.

“You are right. And I am wrong. From the beginning, I should not insist on continuing the project because of my ambitions and long cherished wish instead of destroying the yn427 in the first place; nor should I try to convince myself and everyone how harmless it is as a way to ignore my mistakes. Indeed, it is a creation powerful enough to threaten the life and death of all humankind, and it is not controllable. Now, it’s time for me to take charge. “

Dayi’s eyes flickered for a moment, then he nodded softly. “So doctor, what can we do?”

“Find new ways to destroy it at all costs.”

Dayi nodded solemnly, then asked a question, “What about the horrible liquid yn left?”

Yates squinted slightly. “That’s Philip’s specialty, not ours. They said they would find a way to destroy them. We can only trust them with this…”

He shook his head with a sly smile as usual. “You can’t hope that yn427 will destroy those things for you.”

Dayi knew that the old man in front of him wanted him to calm down, but he also knew how serious the situation was.

They would not let all mankind pay for what they did.

This was the basic responsibility they had.


<Tomorrow>’s world. After the alliance conference, everything was back on track.

Zhang Zhiyin continued to stay at the Thunder Unit’s station, but all the elite troops in Yu Huo Base had been transferred away by Dr. Y. According to the secret report, they had been transferred to the vicinity of the Valley of Death for secret missions. The rest of the ability users would guard the base as their primary task, and they would not rashly look for trouble in the alliance.

In the game’s plotline, the Thunder Unit that had lost its captain would be directly under the command of Yun Chu, and they would become an existence similar to bodyguards. However, Zhang Zhiyin ruined this situation and caused Li Shuifeng’s incident to happen ahead of time. Now, Mist Unit was under the direct command of Yun Chu, and Thunder Unit would continue to carry out its task.

Their new task was to help the front lines consolidate the results of the war and link up the security zones that had been swept out of the front lines.

In the eyes of most ability users, tasks in the front line was the most difficult and dangerous, but for Zhang Zhiyin, front line work was the most familiar for him. It’s his battlefield. He had long been used to working regularly in daytime and returning to the days of fighting, saving, commanding, and planning in <Tomorrow>’s world at night. This was a wonderful experience that no one else could experience. What’s more, in both reality and <Tomorrow>’s world, Yin Nian would accompany him.

They fought all the way from Qingtong Frontline to Huangjin Frontline. The places that Thunder Unit had passed by basically became stablized. Human beings were no longer just waiting to die before those unexpected cannibal monsters. They had become stronger and stronger. Little by little, they were recovering their vigour and starting to retrieve their lost homes.

The relationship between Zhang Zhiyin and Yin Nian had been an open fact for a long time. Especially later, every time they went to a place, somebody would ask him and Dr. Yin when they would have a wedding, half seriously and half jokingly.

Two years have passed in <Tomorrow>’s world. Just yesterday, Zhang Zhiyin had just broken through Level 9. But in reality, it’s been only less than a month.

Yin Nian received his salary of this month, took Zhang Zhiyin to dinner, and after they returned home, he handed him a kraft paper bag.

Zhang Zhiyin was mixed in joy and sorrow, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.

According to experience, generally speaking, when his family’s boss delivered something wordlessly, it must be to please him. But also generally speaking, such things would exceed human imagination and expectations.

The quality of the bag was very good. It was heavy and it’s all papers.

Zhang Zhiyin opened it and found that it was full of marriage certificates issued by various official departments of various countries written in different languages. There was no need to check, all of them must be authentic.

Boss would never give him pirated copies, because he could make all the pirated copies genuine.

Zhang Zhiyin touched the bag and didn’t know what to say. In fact, he couldn’t even let a single word out.

He knew that the person in front of him was not a person, but he was someone who treated him the best, wholeheartedly, all for his own good.

He gave him a home.

Yin Nian looked into his eyes and his lips curved.

“I know that humans like to establish relationships in this way.

“If you don’t want me to tell the world in reality, at least in my world, I want all people and zombies to know…

“I love you.

“Zhiyin, I will love you every second of my existence.”

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