Chapter 78

A message began to spread in Cloud Sky Alliance—

It was said that Dr. Yin had proposed to Captain Zhang and the two would be officially together.

Rumor had it that the Thunder Unit helped Qingtong Station 5 seize Bilu City, and when they come back to receive the rewards, they would get married.

It was reported that there was a theory that said 95% of rumors would be proven true in the end.

So when Zhang Zhiyin led the team and Qingtong Station 5 to capture Bilu City and return to the Alliance Headquarters, the first sentence that was asked by the people who saw him was, “Captain Zhang, Dr. Yin is not with you?”

At first, Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t say anything back to them. Later, the answers he gave became more and more smooth. “He has something to do.”

Originally, Yin Nian was still with him on the eve of the final battle. Later, Yin Nian suddenly stammered and said that he had something to do. He then bid goodbye and said to see him back in the headquarters before running off with his space ability. Zhang Zhiyin could only use the same reason to reply to those who came to inquire.

Those people who asked him would then threw each other tacit looks, which meant, Busy? You mean, busy preparing for the wedding?

Wind does not come from an empty cave without reason.

There was a reason for everyone to think that those two were preparing for their wedding.

Three months ago, Dr. Yin suddenly took out a large amount of nuclei to buy a piece of land and build a house at the periphery of the alliance headquarters base. The apocalypse was unlike reality. For most people, to live and be adequately provided was enough. However, those with outstanding abilities could enjoy special treatment in all aspects. For example, if you want to buy yourself a piece of land from the alliance headquarters, not only do you need the crystal nuclei, but also power. Naturally, Dr. Yin of Bai Mang Association had both.

Now that the house had been arranged both inside and outside, this definitely indicated that good things were coming.

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t understand Yin Nian’s behavior. At the end of the world, wasteland was everywhere. They, especially Yin Nian, were not afraid of any zombies. They could randomly pick a place and select a piece of that land. They could make it as big as they want and then they could build a house. Why did they have to send money to Yun Chu? Although he also knew that, according to the development of the game plot, when humans grew stronger, the sale and purchase of land would begin, and every inch of the land in the headquarters base was precious. For example, there was a home system in <Tomorrow>. Players could choose to buy houses in major base cities. The land prices at the alliance headquarters were the highest.

However, he knew that Yin Nian was just trying to let other people know.

Zhang Zhiyin had always felt that it was only young girls who have not grown up like to show their love with great fanfare. Later, he realised that Boss had probably watched too many TV dramas, and some of his boss’s thoughts were really the same as those of girls.

Anyway, Yin Nian wasn’t lacking of crystal nuclei. 

Let him be, as long as he is happy. Zhang Zhiyin could only comfort himself like this.

Zhang Zhiyin stayed in the headquarters base for three days. He met Yun Chu, Captain Eldest Sister of the Storm Unit, Sang Le, and quietly went to see the house under the guidance of Sang Le. The house was two storey tall, which was twice as big as Zhang Zhiyin and Yin Nian’s apartment in the real world, but the style of the layout was exactly the same as that of their apartment. At first glance, Zhang Zhiyin felt like he was going home and felt at ease.

But he still hadn’t seen Yin Nian.

This was not in line with Boss’s style. Even if other people didn’t know, they knew each other well. It was very easy for Yin Nian to come and go at random. Even when dealing with Dr. Y’s affairs, Yin Nian would also take advantage of the gaps between his schedule to see himself. No matter in reality or in this world, they have not been separated for more than 12 hours. When Zhang Zhiyin was on a business trip in reality, Yin Nian ran inside his mobile phone and followed him.

Zhang Zhiyin knew that something was wrong. He couldn’t sit still. He teleported himself to Dr. Y’s base with the space talisman, where he only saw Meng Kali.

Dressed in a long black cape, the girl responded to his question using her ability. “Captain, are you talking about Doctor? He hasn’t been back for a long time, and Lei Dun is in charge of everything here. If you see doctor, please let him come back and take a look at least.”

Zhang Zhiyin anxiously went back to the headquarters base, still without any news of Yin Nian.

Something had happened in reality. This was Zhang Zhiyin’s first reaction.

But the time flow ratio between reality and this place was determined by Yin Nian, and only Yin Nian could change it. Now he could only wait here, wait to return to reality, before he could find out what had happened.

Sang Le and the rest also sensed something wrong. At the same time, they didn’t know what had happened and comforted him using the prior disappearance of Yin Nian and how he came back in the end.

Zhang Zhiyin still remembered the reason Yin Nian had made up at that time. He said that when using space powers to move, he met spatial turbulence and got stuck, so he couldn’t get out for a while. At the same time, under the long-term impact of the turbulence, he awakened his fire ability. At that time, his response was that his family’s Boss Yin had read too much fantasy made up by the internet, that’s why he came up with an explanation.

So he knew it wasn’t like that.

Last time, even when Yin Nian disappeared, there was Shang Si; Shang Si died, and Dr. Y came… He would always be around him in various ways. Even if Yin Nian suddenly had new ideas, such as “let you find out how important I am to you” and so on, he would still not appear when he obviously showed such depression and anxiety.

Something happened to the man he loved, and there was nothing he could do but wait in vain.

Zhang Zhiyin sat in Yin Nian’s new home, his hands were clenched, his nails had sunk deep, and he lived day by day like years.

Xiao Jin and Ah Kong wait outside anxiously and worried outside, but they did not dare to mention anything. From the beginning, “that person” had become a topic that couldn’t be mentioned. And this time, it was real and the future was uncertain.


Finally, when he woke up in reality, Zhang Zhiyin looked forward to a miracle.

For example, the man would be lying next to him. He would embrace him, raise his body and gently land a kiss on him, saying “Good morning, Zhiyin.” calmly while doing all those loving acts.

As what he had alway done.

But there was nothing.

Zhang Zhiyin opened his eyes only to close them like he wasn’t willing to face this reality. The bed on the side of his body was empty, and the atmosphere was lingered with coldness.

Under the bed, there were two pairs of house slippers of the same style, but the person wasn’t here.

Zhang Zhiyin stroked his head and forced himself out of bed. First, he called Yin Nian’s colleague in 123 Love Story to confirm that he didn’t go to work and asked for leave. He also called his company to ask for leave. His behaviour was very calm, as if this wasn’t any big deal.

Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, everything were in pairs; he turned on the TV, it’s a channel that he would never watch. All of these and talking to Yin Nian’s colleague reminded him that everything he had experienced and felt was not a dream.

Yin Nian was not someone of his imagination. He was real. He was his lover. He was his family.

The noisy voice in the TV calmed his mind gradually. The reflection in the glass tea table made Zhang Zhiyin realized that his eyes had gone red at some point of time.

All of a sudden, there was a sound of “auwo”. The little white kitten, who was hiding somewhere, ran over and nestled at Zhang Zhiyin’s feet.

Following it was his family’s Yin Nian’s exclusive transformation of the disc sweeper robot that was still tirelessly shouting slogans;

“I’m thelittle fool No. 1 who was ordered by Lord Yin Nian to serve Lord Zhiyin and devote myself to the family’s tidiness and harmony. Today’s goal is still: neat and spotless!

“Beloved Lord Zhang Zhiyin, are you still satisfied with the service of little fool? If you are satisfied, you must remember that Lord Yin Nian loves you.”

Zhang Zhiyin gradually calmed down. He picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number that he was familiar with.

The other side soon connected.

Zhang Zhiyin steadied his mood and tried to be as quiet as possible. He said in a normal tone, “Dayi I’d like to ask you something about yn427 you mentioned last time. “

But Dayi’s voice seemed a little flustered, “Zhiyin… I’m looking for you.

“I beg you, you must help me with this favor…”

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