Chapter 81

At Dr. Y’s base, Meng Kali and Lei Dun met on a narrow road.

Meng Kali complained using her psychic ability, “I really don’t understand what Boss is thinking, previously, he clearly treated them evasively. I understand that as it was because of Captain Zhang, but suddenly he instructed Yu Huo to attack them again…”

Lei Dun frowned. “You really should go out more. You’re going to get moldy at this rate… Haven’t you heard? Dr. Yin and Zhang Zhiyin of Bai Mang association are a couple, and I think it’s not easy for Boss to bear it any longer anymore… and it’s true that he can’t stand it any longer. I heard that they are going to officially announce their relationship.”

“How could it be…” Meng Kali floated up and looked down at Lei Dun. “I even helped Boss to lead Captain Zhang out to meet him before.”

“Do you know what they said when they met?” Lei Dun shook his head. “It’s obvious that Boss and Zhang Zhiyin knew each other before you and I, probably even before the apocalypse happened. Now they stood in different sides. If they see each other again, it’s more likely that he will try to break off their relationship.”

Meng Kali was stunned and then she tried to ask, “So you think the boss is jealous now, so he has to create a big disturbance to destroy their affair?”

Lei Dun reverted back to his calm expression and answered, “Probably?”

Then he added, “I also heard a piece of news. No one has confirmed it but it is said that Yin Nian and Boss of Bai Mang association are twin brothers. After that, I especially went to see his face… They do look the same.”

Meng Kali had an expression of “the sky is falling” and floated away. Before that, Boss didn’t appear in the base very much. They also had been defending attacks from Cloud Sky Alliance as their main attacking strategy. She always thought it was Boss and Zhang Zhiyin that had gotten together… She didn’t expect the truth to be so cruel… She didn’t know if she still had a chance to see His Highness Xiaoxiang again…

What’s more, if Yu Huo attacked Bilu City, wouldn’t Captain Zhang be the one that would defend the city? Doctor he… would he be willing?

Meng Kali floated across Y’s room and couldn’t help glancing in. She happened to see Yin Nian’s profile.

She always felt that the doctor right now seemed more indifferent and inhumane than he was at the beginning. He must have received a huge blow and became sad.

At that moment, Yin Nian raised his head, and his vision collided with Meng Kali.

Like being discovered for peeping, Meng Kali was instantly frightened and gathered up her psychic force as her robes swished away.

After floating away for ten minutes, she came back again and stood carefully at the Y’s door to ask, “Doctor, has Captain Zhang come to see you?”

Y quietly raised his head and looked at her with dark black eyes. There was no sadness or joy in it, as if it did not belong to human beings. His voice was quiet and cold with hidden discontent. “Meng Kali, when did my base become a place for you to go and enter as you wish?”

It seemed that he didn’t know or care about the man called “Captain Zhang”.

Meng Kali opened her mouth but he could not make any sound. In the end, she didn’t use her psychic ability to say anything more, but lowered her head and drifted away quietly.

Captain Zhang Zhiyin and Doctor had cut off their ties from each other. He was also establishing a formal relationship with another man, who was said to be the twin brothers of Doctor. Doctor, this time… must really be hurt deeply…


Zhang Zhiyin was warmly welcomed by the whole team at Qingtong Station 5.

However, from the tired face of the person in charge of Station 5, Zhang Zhiyin knew that they were exhausted and could hardly hold on anymore.

Zhang Zhiyin settled down the team members and worked out the defense and operation plans together with Station 5’s leader as according to the current situation. There was almost no time to rest from now on. By the time everything was arranged, the sky was beginning to turn white.

But he couldn’t rest. Zhang Zhiyin looked at the table and took out the space transmission talisman from his storage bag.

He guessed that Yin Nian should be back and he was at Dr. Y’s base as Dr. Y. He was going to find him, to see him, to see what’s going on with him, and then take him home.

He was glad that when he became a kitten for the first time, Yin Nian had took him back to the base, so Zhang Zhiyin was able to use the space talisman to send him to a fixed point again and again.

Meng Kali was in front of him when he had teleportated.

“Captain Zhang? Why are you here again?” The young girl stood in front of him in a black cloak, without any movement or expression, but her tone seemed surprised and slightly flustered, “You should hurry and leave. Doctor absolutely does not want to see you now.”

Meng Kali tried to sound serious and cold, warning Zhang Zhiyin, “I think that he might even kill you.”

Loved deeply and hated deeply. Her boss was the person who created the apocalypse, she and Lei Dun knew how much this person liked Zhang Zhiyin. For him, he disguised as a cat, for him, he pretended to be an ability user of the Cloud Sky Alliance, for him, he started showing human emotions bit by bit. But he was doomed not to get him. But as long as he was ruthless and kill him, this man would always belong to him— this was exactly what Y was doing. After all, he seemed more indifferent and merciless than before.

Zhang Zhiyin was stunned. He frowned and asked in a deep voice, “What’s the matter with him?”

Meng Kali shook her head, but before she could speak, a tall figure suddenly appeared. He looked at Meng Kali and warned, “This is the second time, Meng Kali. The punishment in the future will not be as simple as sending you to the Yu Huo Base.”

It’s Yin Nian.

It’s obvious that what happened here couldn’t continue on without disturbing its master.

Zhang Zhiyin was stunned and looked at the person in front of him. “Yin…”

Before he could utter the next word, he felt great strength strangling his throat, preventing him from breathing.

And Yin Nian stood in front of him, looking at him coldly and without feeling. He basically did not even move at all.

He was controlling the air to strangle him. It was the master’s punishment for the intruder.

Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t believe it. He still looked at the person in front of him, his lips mumbling, but he couldn’t make a sound.

“Yin Nian…”

He could only call his name in his heart.

The force on his neck was getting stronger.

Yin Nian’s expression became even more indifferent. He hated the way the man looked at him, which gave him another uncontrollable impulse and a terrible premonition as if something was going to get out of control. So instead of making the intruder miserable, he would rather get rid of his little tricks and make it all over as soon as possible.

Zhang Zhiyin’s hand gradually lost strength, and the pink heart-shaped chocolate box that was in his hand fell onto the ground, making a light sound.

But he still refused to close his eyes. It seemed that if he closed his eyes, if he did not look at him, he would lose him forever, he would never see him again.

He hadn’t seen him for many days. He couldn’t endure anymore. Even if he knew something was wrong with Yin Nian, and even if the premonition of death was so strong, he was still reluctant to close his eyes and look at him less.

He came to find him with chocolate, he wanted to coax and take him back home.

All of a sudden, his sight turned black. Zhang Zhiyin could feel the familiar feeling of space transmission. But it didn’t matter anymore. He couldn’t see him again.

Thinking of this, like he was escaping, he closed his eyes completely. Dayi was right, it wasn’t the same anymore.


Yin Nian looked at Meng Kali.

The young girl began to feel afraid now because she had let the intruder escape in front of her boss. Even if that person was the boss’s former lover, it was still an undoubted betrayal. She shivered all over and didn’t dare to even raise her head.

The doctor today made her feel colder than before. All his actions were like cold, one-sided instructions. There wasn’t any room for discussion.

Yin Nian looked down at her, not expressing anger or wrath, but he said lightly, “I’ll give you a chance. Kill him within a month. “

Meng Kali raised her head sharply, only to see the back of Y quietly leaving, as well as the beautifully packaged chocolate scattered on the floor.

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