Chapter 82

Darkness surrounded Yin Nian as he sat alone in a chair.

He could recognize the man who had just broken in. He knew that there had been a close relationship between the man and himself. After recovering, he had browsed his previous data and noticed that that man had accounted for the vast majority of the erroneous data that was judged to have caused his crash. But he would only act according to the established rules, so the confusion and errors that triggered the crash had been deleted by him.

He acknowledged the former presence of that man, but he didn’t care about him. But for the existence that could cause him to collapse, it was better to get rid of it as soon as possible. He didn’t understand why he gave Meng Kali such a long deadline of a month, probably because the human could still be considered as strong? Most of all, he knew, they wouldn’t be able to kill him. The man was an outsider and had many characteristics, such as infinite resurrection and immortality. But he didn’t think about solving the problem directly by himself at all. He tossed the problem over to Meng Kali and left it alone.

However, he still liked to play the role of Dr. Y, which enabled him to personally understand the self-righteous people who created him. Their emotions, behaviors, and motives… These were things that he couldn’t understand and master all at once. He would not have the so-called feeling of frustration possessed by human beings, he would only complete unfinished things according to his established track.


The next day Zhang Zhiyin was obviously depressed. He knew that he was in a very bad state and would not be a qualified command at all, so he gave the command to Dadao and the person in charge of Station 5.

Yu Huo Base was very powerful, well-equipped, and had more ability users compared to the whole alliance. Thunder Unit and Qingtong Station 5 were severely damaged.

On the third day, Zhang Zhiyin regained the command, but it was still difficult to recover from their decline in this kind of severe state of war.

In the conference room of Qingtong Station 5, the general manager looked at Zhang Zhiyin’s face that was obviously exhausted, and asked again, “Captain Zhang, what do you say?”

“Give up Bilu City and conserve our strength. We can strategize again.” Zhang Zhiyin raised his head and repeated it again.

“But this is equivalent to giving up Bilu City… Without Bilu City, the whole third safety layer would be in danger.” The head said worriedly.

Zhang Zhiyin smiled bitterly and shook his head. “But we can’t beat them. They have a large number of people, well-equipped, and are as powerful as Thunder Unit. We have a limited power to make any mobilization. In this current situation, the alliance will not send people to help us. It’s better to find a way to concentrate and improve the overall strength than to stay here.”

The two thick eyebrows of the general manager were twisted together and his head was lowered.

Zhang Zhiyin knew that he still had concerns in his heart, so he stood up and patted his shoulder. “Go and meet with Station 6, secure Yanlu City. I will go back to the alliance to deal with Bilu City’s matters.”

The person in charge was silent for two seconds before nodding.

After the people from Qingtong Station 5 had left, Dadao and Chen Guang came over and asked, “Captain, what should we do next?”

Zhang Zhiyin raised his head. “En, let’s improve the team’s strength.”

Seeing Yin Nian this time made him realize that no matter what happened to his lover, he must first become strong, otherwise, according to his current level, it would be difficult to get close to Yin Nian and not be killed by him. As a player, he always believed that there must be a way to push down the abnormal boss. There were only three explanations for the failure of achievement: insufficient level, poor equipment, and tactical mistakes.

Dadao and Chen Guang looked at each other. Both of them remembered that when they first arrived at Thunder Unit, the captain took them to beat zombies around the vinicity to train their abilities and search for high-quality equipment.

Dadao suddenly remembered that Dr. Yin, who was missing at that time, had just came back and attacked the boss with an invisiblity ability. Now it had been more than two years and were almost reaching three years. The alliance had formed three major safety layer, and Captain had become a Level 9 ability user. The alliance leader, Yun Chu was even said to be breaking through level 10 soon. Likewise, he and the rest of his teammates were also at Level 7 and 8. Three years ago, ability users at Level 7 and 8 were still powerful people they looked up to.

The world was unpredictable, but changes were impermanent. Perhaps in his heart, the world would always be fixed on the day before the apocalypse, like how he went out to work and his wife handed him the car key, telling him to be careful on the road.

The corner of Dadao’s mouth droopped. He restrained the sudden sadness in his heart and refocused his attention. “Captain, how are we going to train this time?”

Zhang Zhiyin pointed out several places on the map, which were several high-leveled instance he had selected. At last, he stopped his finger at the Valley of the Extinct Dragon. He knew that there were Level 90 epic grade instances of the game that hadn’t been opened. The fact that it was not yet open meant that he woud have to rely entirely on himself this time rather than on reference strategies. At the same time, he knew that there must be great opportunities hidden in these instances. Of course, it was necessary to practice in other dungeons and save up equipment before attacking this instance.

After a long time, the members of Thunder Unit had also changed several times, and finally formed a relatively standard 12 core combat members, combat group, and assistant group. The whole team had 47 people. This was the basic scale of the battle group in the game, but compared with the virtual role controlled by the players, this group of talents facing the day and night of life and death were obviously more powerful.

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