Chapter 83

It was a month later when Thunder Unit finally reached the area where the final boss of the epic level instance was located at. It took them ten days to advance this instance alone. 

They could be considered to be opening up more land. There was also no chance for them to heal immediately so they must move with caution. This instance was in a huge cave, which was divided into several paths by calcium carbonate1 sediments, forming a dark and dangerous maze. Zombies, other dangerous creatures, and dead matters could appear at any time.

Zhang Zhiyin had to deal with their situation here with ten times more cautiousness.

After ten days of fighting, everyone’s morale was a little low and their supplies were running out. Fortunately, in the end, the boss finally appeared, which meant that they have reached the end of the instance.

The final boss looked like a mutant, but it wasn’t the same as those abnormal mutants made in E Lab. It seemed to be a perfect blend of its scorpion-like lower body with a humanoid face and upper body. There were also two protruding bone wings behind it— it was clear that it didn’t allow it to fly, but the sharp edges of those bone wings revealed that they were actually a pair of powerful weapons.

The fight was hard since the beginning. The boss showed his three abilities as soon as it came on the stage, which were wind, earth, and thunder elementals.

Suddenly Ah Mu shouted, “Be careful, its poisonous! My sight is getting fuzzy.”

Zhang Zhiyin who was closest to it felt it too. The sight in front of him suddenly dimmed and there was a feeling of fogginess. Many people flashed in front of him. He saw what was deeply embedded in his memories, his ‘home’, where his father and mother were talking to each other with cruel words, attacking each other with the most vicious words, and laying their hands on top of each other in the end. In the funeral parlour, grandma and grandpa laid side by side peacefully, and the surrounding area was empty, as if the whole world, there was only him left in the world, he saw Yin Nian holding himself and saying softly, “I will never hurt you”, he saw Dr. Yates holding a cup of tea with a smile on his face, telling him that “He is not a human, he will never love you”, he saw Yin Nian holding his throat, his face was cold as if looking at a stranger, he saw Yin Nian sitting on the sofa at home with a smile, saying, “Zhiyin, you are finally back,” and he took out his gun. He aimed at the person in front of him and pulled the trigger without hesitation…

He heard his voice, saying, “I don’t believe in eternity, I don’t believe the words of those who will never change, so Yin Nian, shall we stop at the time when nothing will ever change?”

A suddenly shout rang out, waking him up, “Captain!”

Zhang Zhiyin raised his eyes. The boss’s bone wing was no more than two centimeters away from his chest. He retreated quickly and raised his gun to shoot at the same time.

“The poison has a hallucinogenic effect. Be careful.”

They won the war in a tragic way. Everyone had some blood on them. As Zhang Zhiyin’s main fighting force, the two vice captains, Dadao and Chen Guang got seriously injured. Zhang Zhiyin only had three superficial injuries, but his state made his team members very worried. After that one time of hallucination in the middle of the fight, he began to fight very desperately, not paying attention to tactics and disregarding his own safety.

Ever since Zhang Zhiyin had Bai Mang Association to cover for him, he treated his team members even better than before. For example, all the pills he made would be given to the assistant group under Yin Nian’s name, and then the assistant group would give them to the members who needed them. At this time, the whole team stopped here for a while to rest and recover. The members of the assistant group cleaned up the spoils of war. The slightly injured members took the medicines and gradually recovered.

Zhang Zhiyin was sitting by a stalactite. Old Zhu, and Ah Mu with two members of the assistant group then reported to him, “Captain, we found a small cave in the back. It seems that there is something inside.”

Zhang Zhiyin followed them. The cave was not big, it was only seven square meters wide. The other three walls were wet, but they were very smooth. Only one wall was covered with thick moss. Some green mosses had been removed. It should be that some of the members of the assistant group here had removed it, revealing a hint of an object inside that was flashing with silver brilliance.

Zhang Zhiyin said to his left and right, “Step back a little and protect yourself.”

He put the gun away, stretched out both of his hands and opened it. A thin layer of water vapor condensed at his fingertips, and a huge ice curtain emerged between his hands, rushing straight to the stone wall. It immediately covered the thick green moss. Looking rom a distance, it seemed that the whole wall was frozen.

Half a minute later, there was a crack in the ice wall, and the frozen stone moss stuck to the ice and fell to the ground together with the broken ice, revealing the nature of the object hidden in it.

A pair of silver, shiny metal wings, with gorgeous metal feather that was full of beauty and strength.

Zhang Zhiyin could not help murmuring out, “Freedom of the Last Age.”

The whole set of Redemption Suit was made of special materials, especially the Freedom of the Last Age. It was big and looked very textured. However, it’s actually very light, just like a real wings. In fact it was even lighter than that. Let alone other bonus effects, the Freedom of the Last Age had a special attribute— it allowed the wearer to fly and stay in the air. That was to say, with it, it was now possible to fight in mid-air for a long time. In the past, even though wind ability users could fly, they couldn’t use their skills to attack while mid-air, because they couldn’t use two active skills at the same time. Once they use skills in the air, the flying effect would disappear.

Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t wait to equip himself with the Freedom of the Last Age, so he paid a lot of nuclei. He always had the right to obtain the highest class of loot, but prior to this,  Zhang Zhiyin rarely took the equipment he had obtained with the team and only exchanged other various materials.

Back to the temporary station of the team, Zhang Zhiyin just wanted to announce that in addition to the guards on duty as usual, the whole team would have a three-day holiday when he heard Uncle Kao who was left behind saying, “A news came from the Alliance Headquarters and called Thunder Unit urgently. The specific details are here, Captain.”

Zhang Zhiyin frowned when he saw the electronic order signed by Yun Chu.

In the past three years, he didn’t know if it’s just his delusion or simply because Thunder Unit was famous and had the strongest fighting power. Yun Chu always gave them some of the most dangerous tasks, but he would provide adequate support. Fortunately, with the help of Yin Nian, they were able to turn calamities into blessings.

In today’s situation, Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t fall out with the top leader of the human alliance or disobey the order of the alliance, but he had also formed the habit of frowning at the sight of Yun Chu’s name. Inside the alliance, there was also a rumor that the captain of the Thunder Unit and the leader of the alliance didn’t have the same mindset.

This time, he asked Zhang Zhiyin to divide the team into two parts, one team to meet Yun Chu and the alliance’s people who were on the way here, the other team to explore the way to the destination in advance and clear some obstacles.

Dividing the team was the last thing Zhang Zhiyin wanted to do.

He rubbed his forehead and asked Uncle Kao, “Uncle Kao, do you have any news? Where are they going this time and where is the destination of code ‘x’?”

Uncle Kao was practically an upgraded version of Xiao Jin. He seemed to have one or two friends in the headquarters base and all battlefronts. What was different from Xiao Jin’s gossip was that Uncle Kao often had a lot of secret information.

He only saw Uncle Kao bent down and approached Zhang Zhiyin before whispering, “Captain, I heard that this time, they are going to… The Fallen City.”

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