Chapter 86 

Even if he had rebooted, had destroyed everything, instinctively, he would still protect him at the critical moment and let him go at the last moment.

It was like this at the base, and so was this time.

The silver-purple thunder roared in the whole forbidden area, like a dragon breaking free of its cage.

“Is it Lei Dun?” Xiao Jin stared at the scene.

Dadao came over and shook his head. “It’s not Lei Dun. I’ve seen Lei Dun’s thunder. It’s sharp and cruel, but it’s not this domineering. The one person who can achieve this kind of effect… is Y.”

Xiao Jin opened his mouth and said, “Sure enough, he likes him. Sister, Y likes the captain too.”

Ah Kong took a sigh of relief, released his grip, and heard his brother’s voice, “Do you remember what Dr. Yin said? The medicine to help the captain activate his ice ability was given by Y. Dr. Yin said Y would not hurt the captain… Sure enough, now he had saved the captain. Y and Dr. Yin are twin brothers. If Yin Nian and captain are childhood sweethearts, then so is Y.”

Ah Kong nodded. “Do you remember the time when I was caught by Yu Huo Base? Y is right there. At that time, I was surprised at how he doted on his cat so much. If the cat wanted to let us go, he’ll let go. Now I think there might be an explanation. The cat can distinguish Xiaoxiang’s smell. We often hang out with captain and Xiaoxiang. We have the smell of Xiaoxiang and got found out by the cat. Y knows from this that we are close to the captain, so he let us go.” It was reasonable, there was evidence, it was entirely irrefutable.


Under the poison’s influence, Zhang Zhiyin was in a completely semi-conscious state. His consciousness switched between being sobered and dazed, and in between this state, he felt a familiar figure emerging in front of his eyes.

The zombie’s poison claw had been released at some point, and his body could not help but fall forward, falling into an embrace that instinctively made him feel comfortable.

Yin Nian caught the man and was at a loss for a second before he carefully held him in his arms.

The raging thunder had only constrained the zombies instead of hurting them. Yin Nian remembered that these zombies created by himself were useful.

The zombie boss in front of him stabbed the dark axe into the ground, likewise, its head was also bowed. It knelt on one knee, and was obedient as a large dog.

Yin Nian knew that it was not himself that it was kneeling down to. The owner he had set up for it at the beginning was not himself, but the man in his arms. As far as he knew, the method to activate this setting was one of the most popular ways for human beings; blood activation.

Many complex and unidentified emotions flashed in his eyes as he carried the man who had lost his consciousness. Finally, he arrogantly strode through the protective energy shield covering the forbidden area and walked into the air step by step. He walked to Dadao, Xiao Jin, and the rest, and put the person into the car gently in front of their eyes.

Then he looked down at his empty hand before turning around. He glanced at the people around him and said with a straight face, “Tell him that the things inside are for him, they had received his blood, and are activated.”

After that, Yin Nian took another step forward and disappeared into the air.

In the forbidden area, Lei Dun and Meng Kali, who were still in the car, looked at each other.

Lei Dun: “Boss just left like this?”

Meng Kali: “What should we do? Follow along?”

Lei Dun: ”Okay, remember to take me with you.”

The people outside the area were digesting what Y had just said.

Xiao Jin: “Y said the things inside were for the captain? What’s in it? Zombies?”

Ah Kong had the same confused face and then she shook her head. “Probably those zombies.”

Xiao Jin’s worldviews had evolved again— it’s the mysterious love of an apocalypse’s boss. Ordinary people couldn’t afford this. Captain is the best afterall!

Dadao reminded everyone not to talk about today’s events. The uniform story was that Captain accidentally fell into the forbidden area. After being seriously injured by the zombies, he escaped by chance while Dr. Y and the zombies were fighting.

All the people who came here are members of the Thunder Unit who had fought alongside Zhang Zhiyin. They knew that no matter what the relationship between the team leader and Dr. Y was, it was very clear based just based on Y’s protecting attitude towards Captain. Regarding Captain’s situation now, it’s better not to let other people find out.

A person in a high position was liable to be attacked. In the past two years, Thunder Unit had gained too much momentum, and they even got support from the Bai Mang Association. Who knew how many people were scheming against them. Now that Dr. Yin was missing and Captain was hit hard by it, it’s a good time for those who held bad intentions. Of course, it would be better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Old Zhu and Ah Kong gave Zhang Zhiyin medicine to treat his injury. The deepest wound was on his shoulder. The flesh was protruding outwards and was a dark coloured because of the poison. Fortunately, Zhang Zhiyin’s antidote and other medicines were also left in the team, and the effects were soon seen. However, Zhang Zhiyin’s physical exhaustion was too much. After getting better, he still didn’t wake up and had been sleeping till then.

When Zhang Zhiyin woke up, it was two o’clock in the evening, most of the team members were also sleeping. Dadao and Old Zhu were taking watch together.

Zhang Zhiyin got out of the car and approached the two.

Dadao and Old Zhu looked at each other before Dadao took the lead to say, “Chen Guang already came back with the news. When Yun Chu and the rest were still discussing the methods of coming here, they saw the lightning and knew that Y had come here, so they deciced to postpone their trip, but someone will come tomorrow morning around eight o’clock to look into the situation.”

Zhang Zhiyin nodded and asked, “What’s the matter with me? Who helped me out? “

Dadao and Old Zhu looked at each other, and finally Old Zhu opened his mouth. “Captain… It’s Dr. Y, who got you out.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

Old Zhu added, “He left a message for you. He said that those things are for you, they’ve received your blood, and had been activated. “

The things in it have received my blood… Zhang Zhiyin suddenly lost his mind. Was it the large group of zombies inside that Yin Nian left to himself?!

At 5:45 a.m., as Li Shuifeng said, a metal door opened slowly and automatically.

Zhang Zhiyin seized the opportunity to slip in, but if anything went wrong, he would slip out in time. Old Zhu, who was not assured, followed him. Old Zhu was a speed ability user and had faster reflexes than Zhang Zhiyin, so he wouldn’t be worried at all.

As soon as Zhang Zhiyin went in, he saw the zombie boss staring intently at him. As soon as he came in, it moved. As soon as Zhang Zhiyin wanted to withdraw, he saw the zombie boss thrust its axe into the ground, hung its head, and knelt down on one knee in his direction respectfully.

Zhang Zhiyin was shocked and it took him three seconds to find back his wits. He put on an act and instructed the boss, “Get up.”

The zombie boss immediately stood up quietly.

Zhang Zhiyin paused and proceeded to say, “Run around here three times.”

The zombie boss immediately ran, and the group of zombie monsters followed behind.

Old Zhu who was behind him was also stunned.

A group of zombies were running around the forbidden area. You could imagine the noises they made.

The team members who had sufficient sleep could not sleep at the moment, while those who didn’t also got up to see what was happening.

Xiao Jin learned the story from Old Zhu, and sighed in his heart. It really was truly the love of an apocalypse’s Boss.

Zhang Zhiyin looked at the ferocious zombie boss running around with only one thought in mind. Although Yin Nian was acting like he wasn’t familiar with him now, this did not affect his ridiculous methods in any way at all. What kind of strange things was Yin Nian looking at when he created this stuff? Such a cruel thing, the method of activation was actually based on fantasy novels. Blood! Recognize! Master!

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