Chapter 87

Before the gate was closed, Zhang Zhiyin took the crowd in again. He had to think of a way to fool the people of the Cloud Sky Alliance who were coming.

Just thinking about it, he saw a cross country car passing through the night fog and heading straight towards the metal gate of the forbidden area.

The car stopped nearby and two people jumped down from it. Both of them were wearing the uniform of cloud sky alliance, which showed that they were accompanied by Yun Chu’s entourage. Zhang Zhiyin and others thought that the two men were familiar. They even recognize Dadao first and said, “It was the two brothers who came to ask for our help from Qingtong Station 5.”

Seeing that Zhang Zhiyin didn’t respond, he carefully reminded, “Captain, when people of Station 3 disappeared, it was you and Deputy Manager Shang who helped us save them in the past.” It had been many years since, but they still avoid mentioning the death of Shang Si in front of Zhang Zhiyin.

Zhang Zhiyin suddenly remembered the two brothers, they seemed to be Qi Xing and Qi Long.

When the two men saw that Zhang Zhiyin had recognized them, they didn’t say any more relevant issues. They said straightaway, “Thanks to Captain Zhang’s appearance, we brothers were transferred to Yun Chu’s guard team a few years ago. Today, we come here to remind captain that Yun Chu and his trusted aides have made arrangements. In this operation, the Thunder Unit would most likely not survive. Captain Zhang should make plans early.”

They looked at Zhang Zhiyin and stopped talking. They wanted to persuade Zhang Zhiyin to leave the alliance with the Thunder Unit directly, but they were afraid to talk about things when they weren’t close. Besides, the power of the Cloud Sky Alliance was rising, and there was no other place to go if they leave. In the apocalypse, it was even difficult to survive, so they could only say this much.

Younger Brother Qi Long waited until his elder brother had finished before he started talking, “No matter what Captain Zhang plans to do, please take we brothers with you. We can’t go back to Yun Chu. Whether we live or die, we will listen to captain Zhang. It’s also a reward for the kindness of that day.”

It’s no surprise that other people had already heard about it when there were clues hinting to it. Zhang Zhiyin was silent for a long time. Old Zhu and the others didn’t talk, they were just waiting for him to make a decision.

Zhang Zhiyin thought for a moment and then said, “It Yun Chu who does not tolerate us, not the whole alliance itself. Now we are against Yun Chu, and not the alliance. But now they’re being led by Yun Chu. He has a strong influence. If we can’t go back, it’s better to avoid it for the time being.”

And now they were trapped in the fallen city. Behind them was the black iron fortress, and in front of them was the alliance’s forces. There was nowhere for them to run.

Zhang Zhiyin said, “Let’s withdraw to the forbidden area.”

There were dark guards in the forbidden area, as well as unknown items and buildings left by Dr. Y, which were insurmountable for the alliance, but not necessarily for him.

Dadao opened his mouth and finally spat out five words, “Captain, do you believe him?” Although that man saved the captain at the critical moment, it seemed that he had a deep relationship with the captain, and the zombies in the forbidden area were also given to the captain by him, but Dadao was not as romantic as Xiao Jin and Ah Kong. In his eyes, that man had always been the enemy, the most terrible existence in the apocalypse, and the mysterious and unpredictable devil that could make people tremble just being mentioned.

Zhang Zhiyin knew that Dadao was talking about Dr. Y.

His eyes curved, he looked at the black area in front of him, and said, “Believe.”


Now that they had decided to withdraw to the forbidden area, it was imperative to find a way to open the door. By this time, the gate of the forbidden area was closed again.

“Captain, according to the plan, the first troops of the alliance will leave for here at eight o’clock. We must leave before they come,” Qi Family’s brother reminded. They didn’t see Zhang Zhiyin training the zombies to run. They always had some doubts about the order of “withdraw into the forbidden area”.

Zhang Zhiyin nodded. “I’ll try.” The zombie boss had recognized him as its master through his blood, according to Yin Nian’s pattern habit, who knew what sort of method he would choose to have this door opened.

However, he admitted that he did have some knowledge of Boss Yin. Without any modesty, he must be the most familiar creature that knew him the best in the world.

Zhang Zhiyin went to the gate, pulled out the ice blade, cut his fingertips, and pressed his blood onto the gate.

Sure enough, a mechanical face appeared on the black iron door and mechanically said, “Please input the entry password.”

Zhang Zhiyin looked at the mechanical face and rolled his eyes. He knew that this set of commands for opening the door, the blood recognition something was from Yin Nian’s favorite fantasy novel.

How childish.

Zhang Zhiyin had no choice but to cooperate. “Heaven and earth are not benevolent, heaven will change.”

This was the male lead’s password to open the entrance of the secret place.

Unexpectedly, the eyes of the mechanical face suddenly turned red, “Didi” twice, and said, “The password is wrong, please re-enter, you still have two chances today.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

He tried, “Open sesame?”

Machine face: “Password error, please re-enter, you still have a chance today.”

Zhang Zhiyin surrendered.

He put his face close to the mechanical face, lowered his voice, and said in a sullen way, “Yin Nian I love you, of all the world you are the best. I can’t live without you. You are the only one for me…”

God knows what triggered the mechanism. He saw a strange smile on the mechanical face, and a green light flashed through its eyes. “The password is correct, please come in,” the mechanical tone prompted.

Quietly, the two heavy black metal doors suddenly disappeared in front of them.

Chapter 86

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