Chapter 88

Even the warmest sunshine was unable to dispel the gloomy fog in the fallen city.

When the alliance people set foot on this land, they could only see the empty wilderness as well as the lonely black metal gate.

All members of the Thunder Unit had disappeared under the sky. No one could explain the reason behind it. No one even knew whether they ran away or had disappeared under the influence of some unknown external forces. The latter speculation was even more chilling— what kind of forces could make the most valiant combat unit of the alliance disappear without leaving any trace?

No one suspected that they were in the forbidden area, and this was because of the information left behind be Yun Lietian, the master of the Cloud Sky Alliance at that time. They knew that in the forbidden area, the most powerful zombie army created by the legendary doctor Y — the Dark Guards, was inside.

Even if it was the Thunder Unit, they were still too weak against the Dark Guards, it was just like hitting a stone with an egg. If Thunder Unit entered, it would be no different from sending themselves to death.

The truth was that the Thunder Unit was living very well-off in the forbidden area.

Zhang Zhiyin named zombie boss, General Axe, and told it to instruct the zombie army to continue to guard outside as usual. Then he took his team into the main building in the forbidden area.

There was not only a large amount of food and drinking water stored in the space but also many weapons and equipment that had been successfully developed. There were also written and visual materials recording the different abilities of zombies and mutants.

The most precious of all was a machine suspected to be the legendary “perpetual motion machine”. A perpetual motion machine was a kind of machine that claimed to be able to run and output energy forever without inputting any energy. In the modern world, a “perpetual motion machine” was regarded as something that went against the laws of science and could never exist. Many western countries did not accept any patent related to the perpetual motion machine.

But in the apocalypse, there were abilities, the original objective law was likely to be broken, so a “perpetual motion machine” might actually exist.

Qi Xing said with hesitation, “This is what Yun Chu and the rest are looking for… I’ve heard them talk about ‘nuclear energy’ or something, it seems to be able to consistently provide unlimited energy… That should be it.”

Zhang Zhiyin nodded. Anyway, no matter what they wanted, they wouldn’t be able to come in anytime sooner.

Even if they come in, they wouldn’t be afraid. In addition to the Dark Guards team, the Thunder Unit had found the main control tower inside the forbidden area. As long as the operations were working properly, the whole forbidden area would become a mobile battle fortress.

There was a built-in space transmitter in the main building of the forbidden area, which could break the restriction on using space ability in the forbidden area and enabling them to send people out and back.

Zhang Zhiyin needed to find a certain person first to collect his debt, Li Shuifeng.

Last time, Li Shuifeng led him here and tried to kill him with the help of the Dark Guards, while he took the opportunity to run away. But Zhang Zhiyin, on the way to follow him, had already placed a tracking item bought from the Item Store on him.

This kind of item was designed to avoid or find enemies in the game. As long as the target player and himself were on the same map, it could track the person and provide their specific location.

Since entering the forbidden area, Zhang Zhiyin could sense the existence of Li Shuifeng, which showed that after leaving for a short time, he had returned to the fallen City.

Zhang Zhiyin’s plan was very good. At this stage, the team would stay in the forbidden area to learn about the various materials left by Y and recuperate. He would go to find Li Shuifeng for revenge. After revenge, he would find Yin Nian. After all these had been solved, he would then go and find Yun Chu.

So he couldn’t wait to find Li Shuifeng and finish everything.


It was still dim in the early morning. There was an unnatural fog within the city.

It was like a repeat of that day, but the roles had been reversed.

Li Shuifeng looked at the figure in front of him and squinted. “Zhang Zhiyin?”

With a sneer, he took the first two steps. “I knew you weren’t dead.”

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t speak. He used the acceleration effect of the Freedom of the Last Age and flew forward.

As expected, Li Shuifeng caught the bait and followed him.

Zhang Zhiyin guessed that Li Shuifeng and his E Laboratory had already got a thorough understanding of this area. Most of them were deployed nearby. But the Thunder Unit had just arrived here less than three days ago. Thinking logically, it was impossible to know things better than them unless Y helped them. That was why Li Shuifeng dared to follow him without fear. Moreover, because of the sudden disappearance of the Thunder Unit, everyone was at a loss. Li Shuifeng probably wanted to know something by himself.

But no matter how much E Lab people were deployed, it all was useless, because now, the forbidden area was his territory, and the Dark Guards were his people.

As on that day, Zhang Zhiyin had arranged the time and sneaked into the forbidden area with Li Shuifeng. Both of them were extremely fast. None of the alliance members who were responsible for watching the night outside could spot them. Even if they had seen them, they only think they saw wrongly.

Standing in front of the people who hurt him several times, Zhang Zhiyin stretched his metal wings and smiled at the person in front of him.

Li Shuifeng squinted at him. “Captain Zhang, you still dare to come here…”

Zhang Zhiyin beckoned him to look behind him.

It was not six o’clock, not even fifteen minutes had passed, but the black metal door had closed quietly.

Li Shuifeng finally put away the frivolity between his eyebrows. This anomaly meant that Zhang Zhiyin was likely to have mastered the power to control the forbidden area.

He touched the pentagram card which could let him teleport in the forbidden area— this was the last trick up his sleeve, because of this, he dared to follow Zhang Zhiyin to see what he was playing at.

Li Shuifeng realized that something was amiss and softly said, “if captain Zhang is okay, I will accompany him another day.”

Three seconds later, however, his expression turned into a state of utter shock, consternation, and bewilderment.

That pentagram card wasn’t working.

Zhang Zhiyin was not surprised at all. Earlier when he had set out, he ordered Ah Kong to change the control station’s operation; “Shut out all space ability skills.”

Zhang Zhiyin looked up at the bright sky and said, “I’m going to see an important person, so I can’t help you.” But he had prepared General Axe and a group of his little brothers to entertain Li Shuifeng.

Zhang Zhiyin turned and flew to the interior of the building. Li Shuifeng wanted to keep up with him, but a group of zombies suddenly appeared, blocking his way.

Even at his death, he still didn’t know how Zhang Zhiyin could control the final home built by Dr. Y in the legends and the only zombie army with the most powerful force created by him, to protect himself.

Five minutes later, Zhang Zhiyin had already sent himself to Dr. Y’s base, the place where he had almost died last time.

Xiao Jin jumped out and squatted down to look at a pool of black water melted on the ground and scolded, “You bullied our captain, don’t you know how big the mountain our captain depends on is? Not only Dr. Yin but also Y himself did not want to hurt him but want to protect him. This is the charm of his personality! You won’t understand.”

In Dr. Y’s base—

Both Zhang Zhiyin and Yin Nian sneezed twice in unison with five rooms between them. Both of them had the same thinking, who was scolding me behind my back…

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