Chapter 89

Zhang Zhiyin’s teleport locations were at random. It was a guarantee that he would land in Dr. Y’s base, but he would not know the exact location.

This time, he was sent to a familiar place— a white gate made of a certain new material was obstructing the path ahead.

Just like other places, behind the gate was a long passage stretching into the distance.

Zhang Zhiyin remembered that when he first came to Yin Nian’s base, he was a cat. He used to wander around with his cat form without any fear, and then he came to this place. But at that time, he had a cat body that was too small to even push open the door. When he was wandering in front of the door, he was caught by Yin Nian.

He still remembered that time when Yin Nian held him in his arms and gently told him, “Mimi, you can’t go into this place.”

It was just like that scene from the children’s fairy tale, “The Seven Wives of Bluebeard”.

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t care and pushed the door open.

For a moment he was dazzled by the light that shone suddenly from inside.

Zhang Zhiyin hurriedly raised his right hand to cover his eyes. He put it down after three seconds had passed. Through the gap between the door, he could see a large piece of transparent ice crystal that was reflecting a blue shimmer. The chilling air filled the whole room, and a bouquet of bright red roses were frozen right within the center of the ice crystal.

The delicate flowers had always been sealed in its most beautiful and fresh moment by the ice, and even the dew condensation on the petals was still clearly visible. The flower stems were also tied with gorgeous gold and silver double color ribbons, on which were written: “Qixi Festive’s special love for the special you, <Tomorrow>’s exclusive most beloved rose”. 

It was the rose of that year’s special task for Qixi Festival, where he spent a lot of effort to obtain the roses to give them to Yin Nian.

So Yin Nian hid it in this place without even letting him know about it.

Zhang Zhiyin was stunned for a moment until a slightly cold but extremely familiar voice came from behind him,

“What are you doing here? This is not where you should be.”

After experiencing so much, Zhang Zhiyin wanted to strangle him when he heard the other party talking like this.

In between his thoughts, Zhang Zhiyin quickly made a decision.

He abandoned the speech he had prepared, changed his expression and pretended to be calm. “I’m here to say goodbye to you.”

Yin Nian stood there quietly, not speaking.

Zhang Zhiyin said, “Yin Nian, I think you’re doing very well now. We are two different species. We shouldn’t have been together. By being together with me, you are going against your instincts and nature. So let’s just end it here. Don’t kill me either, let me go back to my original world, I will not come back anymore.”

He vowed that none of the above he had so calmly said were true.

But inside he was roaring, if you have the ability to save me, to give me zombies, to keep my flowers… then you’re coming home with me!

As a result, Yin Nian just looked at him in silence, lowered his eyes, then turned around and left.

Zhang Zhiyin’s breathing was stuck in his throat, thinking that this guy had raised the expectations of his fellow race’s attractiveness index and now he was just turning around without bringing any speckle of cloud iridescence1. This really was too cruel and unkind.

He didn’t give up. He added another sentence, “Don’t regret.”

He then helplessly sent himself out from Dr. Y’s base with bitterness and sadness in his heart.

In his despair, he did not teleport back to the forbidden area but landed on the outskirts of the fallen city.

This place was a wasteland. There was nothing but wandering zombies.

As the saying went, misfortunes never come in singles.

On that day, Li Shuifeng left him in the forbidden area with the attitude of a winner, he didn’t guard himself and allowed Zhang Zhiyin to put a tracker on him. Today, when Zhang Zhiyin went to see Yin Nian in a hurry. He didn’t guard against the tracker developed by E Laboratory which had been secretly planted by the dead Li Shuifeng on him.

Zhang Zhiyin walked for ten minutes with his head bowed when he suddenly felt the fluctuation of an ability manifestation. A hundred steps away ahead, another person appeared.

The man was dressed in a white theatrical cloak and robe with a white iron mask on his face. On the mask’s mouth, there was an arc seemingly imitating a smile. 

The masked man said, “I am the Second Monarch. I’m here to kill you.”

Zhang Zhiyin was stunned silly when he heard that name and line.

However, he was now a Level 9 ability user, with a complete set of the Last Age Divine suit and the nature-defying pistol gifted by Yin Nian. He led the Thunder Unit through so many battles, even if he encountered Yun Chu? who had inherited most of Yun Lietian’s power, he still had the confidence to fight them.

The Second Monarch seemed to understand the principle behind a villain’s death was due to being long-winded, so he didn’t say anything else, but directly slashed at him.

It wasn’t an ordinary knife, but a knife forged of psychic ability. The most special effect of this knife was that it could break all psychic barriers. For example, if the wielder fell into an illusion made by other psychic ability users, the illusion could be broken with this knife.

Compared with the practical research of the Bai Mang Association, E Laboratory was an organization with some crazy people in it. If the apocalypse didn’t happen, without a doubt it would be a cult. They did not only study the development and usage of ability and items but also tried to study the origin of humans, the world, and the law of existence within it.

Like being blinded by a single thing, as humans who existed in the world, although they had spent a lot of effort, undoubtedly, they wouldn’t be able to discover anything, but they still obtained some gains. They realized that everyone held a special connection with the world. If this connection was cut off, the person would disappear in the world.

But these were just their theories because everyone had a strong connection with the world. It was more difficult to cut off these connections than to kill the person. For many people, even if they die, their connections would still exist.

However, there was also a special case, and that was Zhang Zhiyin, one of their top enemies. They found that Zhang Zhiyin’s connection to the world was much weaker than that of normal people; he had a weak and intermittent psychic connection. Although they did not know the reason, they did know that Zhang Zhiyin was hard to kill, but it would be easy to cut off his fragile connection with the world.

Zhang Zhiyin easily dodged the knife. It sliced his face, but there was no scar.


Zhang Zhiyin looked forward with a puzzled frown. The next second, a familiar sleepiness came to him, but this time, it was more abrupt and deep.

The sky was overcast, the raindrops as big as a bean fell onto the surface of the dry land.

The Second Monarch in thefunny costume watched with satisfaction as the former captain of the Thunder Init fell to the ground and went straight to sleep. The face behind his mask showed a smile similar to that of the mask.

The next second, however, he couldn’t laugh. Like a quail caught by the neck, his face shows a complex expression of fear, bitterness, and unwillingness. Then, like Zhang Zhiyin, he fell straight to the ground. The difference was that he died instantly.


A minute later, Dr. Y, who came here in silence, looked at the man who fell on the ground, and his eyes revealed some indescribable emotions.

The man laid on the ground, the rain mixed with mud wet his black hair and stained his clean white T-shirt.

The rain pounded harder and washed his lips into a pale and lifeless color.

The pair of familiar eyes were closed, his lashes were slightly raised as if he was merely sleeping.

He must have made preparations to find himself. He was wearing the legendary T-shirt with “I love Dr. Y for ten thousand years” on it. Yin Nian had only heard Lei Dun’s description of the shirt, but he had never seen Zhang Zhiyin wear it before.

So he had kept it alongside him for all this time.

Yin Nian looked for a long time, and after a while, he picked up the man in bewilderment, holding him tightly in his arms.

The moment after Zhang Zhiyin said “don’t regret”, he regretted it. But he couldn’t even tell the emotion was called regret, and he didn’t know how to save it.

After running the two 36187 power algorithms and consulting a lot of data, he decided to follow something called intuition or instinct or potential and went to look for him directly.

Although he still didn’t know what he should do after coming here.

Holding Zhang Zhiyin, Yin Nian approached another corpse, which seemed to be a Level 9 or close to Level 10 ability user, but he was drained of his ability at the moment of his death. Now it seemed that it was just the corpse of a useless person who was even more inferior to ordinary people.

Yan Nian and drooped his eyes.

Nothing in the world could be concealed from him. He was omniscient and omnipotent.

Because the world was built by him.


E Laboratory was located underground in the fallen city.

The leader, known as the “First Monarch”, closed his narrow eyes and smiled a little discontentedly.

He only gave the instruction to kill Zhang Zhiyin, but that fool attracted Dr. Y. So they could only hurriedly deal with the Second Monarch as soon as possible. But thanks to the power of the Second Monarch, he felt even more powerful now.

So much so that he was not so afraid of Y.

If it wasn’t for the missing Dr. Yin and the Thunder Unit, if their abilities were to be contributed to him… Even if it’s Y, he wouldn’t be his opponent…

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