Chapter 91

After clearing up those monsters again, Team Member No.1 looked at the summoned Lord Boss with tears on his face.

“What kind of character is this…??”

Compared with all kinds of bizarre or ferocious zombies, mutated animals and plants, the person in front of them was simply unscientific. However, in the face of the flawless and expressionless face generated by the computer, Team Member No. 1 would rather summon the so-called “vomit every time you saw it” Cave Zombie Overlord at this time!

Because this was the ultimate boss of the game, who was said to have an affection level of negative 10,000 to all players.

Team Member No. 1 gulped. Wasn’t he just playing an activity instance? He didn’t do anything injurious, why was his fate getting worse every time?

Team Member No. 1: “Are we still playing? I just went to the forum to check. They said that the ultimate boss is extremely ferocious. It’s not even a fight at all. He won’t drop anything good even if the team managed to kill it. It’s not worth the loss. It’s better to withdraw when you see him and restart the instance.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw that the second member of the team threw a flare, a primary fire attack skill.

Team Member No. 1: “What are you doing, No. 2?!”

“I just want to know what it’s like to fight the boss.” Team Member No. 2 said with a shy expression.

Fenghuo: “Don’t quarrel, boss’s HP bar is empty.”

They saw Dr. Y in the screen turning around and left a string of “…” before disappearing immediately.

In the game settings, Y wouldn’t be killed even at this stage. Even if his HP bar was empty, it would display a picture of boss leaving with coldness and disdain.

The person might be gone, but items were left behind.

There was a handful of quality items on the ground, even the unique item of this activity, “Fragment of the Ninth Heaven Flying Fox Mount” had been dropped and it was three of it at one go!

In reality, Team Member No. 1 slammed the mouse hard. He shouted excitedly and surprisingly, “This is not scientific!”

Zhang Zhiyin was silent all the time and didn’t say anything on the team channel. The members requested for another instance and they started brushing again.

This time, the team members swiftly cleaned up the monsters and took less than half the time it took them previously.

The boss… was still Yin Nian.

Zhang Zhiyin sat in front of the computer and squeezed his mouse.

Only to see the messages in the team channel—

Team Member No. 1: “Wait, wait, don’t fight first.”

Team Member No.1: “Let me see the affection level between captain and boss. Is it a bug?”

Team Member No.1: “Could it be that their affection point is in the positive?”

Team Member No.1: “x! What the hell is a 100,000,000,00 affection point?”

Only to have two red color announcements flashing in succession on the team channel:

Player has used an affection measurement item to check the affection level between player and boss;

The player and boss have affection points of 100,000,000,000, and won the title of “Affection Breaking Through the Sky”!

It wasn’t easy to brush affection in <Tomorrow>, and there was an official regulation that stated players wouldn’t be able to wed until their affection reached 5,000. This had become a very distressing problem for countless flash marriage families. Seeing this, Team Member No.2 signed. “The captain and boss are good enough to get married for 20 million times.” 

Fenghuo Gucheng: “It’s impossible. No. 1, you have a bug? After all, it’s a new feature.”

He took out an item in his bag and checked them. He aimed them at Zhang Zhiyin and Yin Nian. The system showed:

Player has used an affection measurement item to measure affection level between player and boss;

The player failed to view the affection level!

Affection measurement items were also graded. If the absolute value of affection was too high, low-level items had a certain chance to fail.

Fenghuo was angry, he immediately took out his highest grade of affection measurement item.

Player has used affection measurement item to check player and boss;

Player and boss have an affection level of ∞, and have won the title of “Affection Breaking Through the Dimensional Wall, Destined to be Together in This Life”!

In the Internet cafe, Fenghuo Gucheng lit a cigarette, pointed to the screen and asked his brother. “Liu-Zi, what does this mean?”

Looking at the red “∞”, Liu-Zi said, “Boss, this was taught during junior high school in mathematics, which means it is an infinite sign. It is part of the nine-year compulsory education!”

Team Member No.1 looked at the latest announcement and whispered, “My affection mirror’s grade is too low, it could only uncover part of the truth…”

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