Chapter 92

Team Members No. 1 to No. 3 were strangers. They were just gathered together to play the activity’s instance. After that, one of them uploaded a picture of Zhang Zhiyin and Boss’s outrageous affection points on the forum. There was a picture to prove the truth, and even a short video of them fighting the boss.

And then came up with a sensational title — “The Teammate and Ultimate Boss That I Encountered Today have a Frightening jq1“.

While it earned a lot of views, it also naturally attracted the game officials’ attention.

At <Tomorrow>’s technology department, Xiao Luo, who was just less than two years into the job looked at the group leader while trembling. He took on the task of reporting to the leader. “There’s really no other solution. I’ve tried everything I can. It’s a bug, but it can’t be fixed. The only way to fix it is to dismantle and reprogram the whole game…” He lowered his head, and the more he said, the smaller his voice became.

On the other hand, Zhang Zhiyin was very distracted by this matter. He had nothing to do after work and he couldn’t calm down when he was alone in the house. Eventually, he went into the game.

In the game, it was actually very lively. He was drawn into Fenghuo’s party as soon as he went online. The people who had went into the epic grade instance together were already inside. They were waiting for Zhang Zhiyin to take them to continue the instance.

Fenghuo had a general understanding of the situation after checking it on the forum. They stopped for nearly a whole day. The fastest party had already met the final boss of this instance, the “Scorpio King of the Underworld,”, but until now there was no party that had cleared the instance.

In Zhang Zhiyin’s opinion, the boss in the game was much easier to deal with. At least whether it was “poisoning” or “hallucination”, it was just a state of in-game negative status. The players would not really experience paralysis and the pain of poisoning, nor would it disturb their mind because of the so-called hallucination.

Having Zhang Zhiyin in the team was just like obtaining the strategy to clear this instance. After all, Zhang Zhiyin didn’t have the chance to come back with the Thunder Unit. He had to design the strategy without making any mistakes. The team members’ response and fighting will were also very important. Now in the game, although the people on the team weren’t professional players, their equipment and skills were still passable. After two rounds, the boss was finally brought down.

But they received no indication of the instance clearance. Gradually, the excitement of the whole party turned into doubt.

At this time, the system announcement finally appeared.

The palace of the Scorpion King finally fell down after trembling twice. For a while, dust were sent flying. But before the brave men who had just emerged victorious could be happy, they saw the smoke and dust scattering, and gradually a figure appeared…

At the same time, when the party heard a task prompt appearing with a “ding”, a task box automatically popped out:

“Do you want to accept the task?”

The original captain said, “It’s an epic grade’s instance additional task. Accept it. If we can’t clear it, then its fine, but if we can, we’ll get rich rewards. But what if we saw ghosts?”

“Epic grade’s additional task” was another playing method of <Tomorrow>. Players had a certain chance to trigger the additional task after passing the instance, which was generally to fight another boss. The strength of the additional boss was close to or slightly higher than the final boss of the instance. After a successful elimination, all members of the whole party could get a lot of experience rewards. Plus, the additional boss generally dropped a lot of money, and there was a great chance of rare and best equipment or items.

Then Zhang Zhiyin, who was in charge of the command as the temporary captain of the party, accepted it and took on the task on behalf of the whole party.

As soon as the screen turned dark, a task cutscene started playing.

The Scorpion King moved its huge tail and pounded it on the ground, making a loud noise. The cave began to collapse, and crushed stone crumbled down. A huge slate fell down, breaking into two pieces. The team members hugged their heads to avoid the stones, and the captain directed the evacuation.

At the time of chaos, the vibration suddenly stopped, and the flying dust gradually died down. When the dust settled, a figure appeared after the boulder.

The angle of view suddenly drew closer, from the bottom up, it was a pair of shining black leather shoes that showed first, followed by pants of the same color, then the windbreaker, all the way to the collar, and finally the face was exposed.

The Ultimate Boss’s face that all players were familiar with.

Someone mumbled a sentence, “It is indeed the legendary epic grade instance, the additional boss is actually Dr. Y.”

The former captain of the party was experienced in all kinds of battles, and now he was the vice captain of the party. Seeing this, he hurriedly made arrangements and ordered all the teams in the party to take their positions. Zhang Zhiyin did not speak at all during that time, and the former captain simply took the command back.

As usual, some players couldn’t resist attacking the boss. Everyone was very nervous, except for the occasional voice reminders from the former captain, it was the breathing sound of different people that was clear and audible.

As far as they know, no one had ever triggered the additional task of this epic grade instance, and no one had ever fought with the normal Dr. Y boss. Everyone’s insight came from the weakened Y in the official game materials and event instance, which was summed up as “full fledged abilities, comprehensive balance, no flaws, extremely difficult to fight”. Although it was assumed that what they were facing now might not be the fully-fledged Y, they must have nerfed2 him a little, but to what extent, it was still unknown.

The former captain even made a plan to kill Dr. Y in one big move.

Three earth ability players with layers of shields rushed up, they attacked one after another with their power skills, and then cleverly opened a safe distance.

But even after five seconds, Y didn’t respond.

Former captain: “…What’s going on? System delay? “

Earth ability user No. 1: “But the skills are used successfully, and Boss’s hp has reduced.” Although it was only reduced from 100% to 99.9%.

After studying it for a while, they saw that the HP bar of boss had recovered to 100%. They decided to ignore it and fight again.

At first, their attacks were still methodical. Later, there was no difference from brainless outputting and hitting a wooden stake 3.

The atmosphere in the voice chat was also relaxed. Everyone began to tease and make guesses about the reason behind this.

Suddenly, a member of the group said, “The player who’s well-known on the forum and has jq with boss, isn’t that Captain Zhang Zhiyin?”

All of them remembered in an instant.

The former captain carefully bought a legendary item from the Item Store, and aimed it at Zhang Zhiyin and Boss, who were standing still all the time, to use it. It’s just as surprising that the famous system announcement on the forum appeared in his own team channel.

[Player has used an affection measurement item to measure affection level between player and Boss;

Players and boss have a good affection level of ∞, and won the title of “Affection Level Breaking Through the Dimensional Wall, Destined to be Together in This Life”!

There was a scream in the voice chat.

Even though the boss wouldn’t fight back, it still took more than an hour for them to defeat Y.

At the moment of success, the team members also have a subtle sense of disbelief—

The segment which had been carefully prepared and designed by the game developers to kill players thousands of times was so easily broken…

The official staff of the game also found this situation unbelievable.

Xiao Luo trembled and said to the group leader, “It’s… We can’t really solve this problem…”

The group leader anxiously plucked out three strands of hair on his head and said, “If you can’t fix the bug, then find another way to solve it.”

Zhang Zhiyin ran out irresponsibly the moment he saw Yin Nian’s face on the computer screen. He ran to the balcony to feel the air, and only when he heard the phone ring did he picked up the phone listlessly.

On the other hand, the customer service sister with a heavy responsibility was very nervous. Eversince they had come up with a plan to make an agreement with Zhang Zhiyin, they had studied his behavior in the game in order to ensure the success of this plan. After discovering his series of actions such as visiting the boss, talking to himself and giving gifts every day, all the staff of <Tomorrow> put a label on him, “This man is ill.”

Thinking that she was going to communicate with a living potential recessive neuropathy patient, the customer service sister felt very stressed. However, she still said in her sweetest voice, “Hello, is this Mr. Zhang Zhiyin?”

Zhang Zhiyin soon understood what the other side meant. He seemed to have broken the balance of the game, but it’s hard for the other side to fix this problem in a short time, so they hoped he would sign a letter of guarantee to ensure that he wouldn’t play as as any party leader when fighting the instance.

“We are willing to offer you a sincere compensation,” The customer service sister said earnestly.

“But I’m not short of money.”

He’s a rich psychopath. The customer service younger sister said in secret, suddenly, she had an idea and thought of the behavioral patterns of the person on the other side of the phone. She casted a lure, “As compensation, we can give you a doll worth ten thousand yuan. This is a unique and exclusive production of our <Tomorrow>’s team. No other place has the right to produce the same exquisite and meticulous figures. To be honest, we would not consider this production if it is not to compensate you. “

Zhang Zhiyin: “The one you can hold to sleep?”

Madman. The customer service younger sister was nervous, but she still replied politely and sincerely, “Yes.”

“Then that’s okay. I promise you.”

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