Chapter 52

Meng Kali approached boss cautiously, wondering what had happened to the doctor again, as the dark air around him was dense enough to be substantiated.

He was about to exit quietly when Boss said:

“He asked me to bless a man who was not me.”

Meng Kali actually understood. For so long, he and Lei Dun knew that Doctor had a lover, and Doctor loved him very much, but the doctor insisted that he would not kidnap the person directly into the base.

Hearing this, he couldn’t help but mourn for the doctor’s lover. Did he not know who the doctor was? Saying these kind of words was just seeking death.

But what was there to worry about? Why not create an opportunity for that man to die accidentally?

Meng Kali was sent to the You Huo Base by Y for a month previously. At this time, his actions and line of thoughts were all leaning towards that side.

Then he listened to his slightly gloomy boss used his usual cold, elegant, and indifferent voice: “That man is also me.”

This was annoying. Meng Kali felt that he even heard a sigh coming from the doctor’s heart.

“I don’t think it’s right for you to meet him with any identity at the moment.” Meng Kali suggested sincerely.

Stalking would be better for you. Really.

“Go out, Meng Kali, find Yu Huo, and don’t come back until I told you to.”

Then, Meng Kali who floated around every day with this height of 1.5 meters tall and wearing a robe of 1.7 meters long, heard his boss said icily.


The appraiser sent a message to Fenghuo Gucheng, “Fenghuo, do you know the person who forged the weapon for “Zhiyin”? I happen to want a weapon, I can provide the materials.”

Fenghuo Gucheng touched his chin and sure enough, he realized that something was going on. When he was on the Qixi Festival mission, he saw Zhiyin that boy taking a big bouquet of roses to give it away to someone, and now it seemed that something was really going on.

He said, “Okay, I’ll ask you when he gets online next time.”

Zhang Zhiyin was already offline and had returned to the world of <Tomorrow>.

The most important attribute of a weapon was its attack power. Not only did the pistol had a long-range and strong attack power, but it also added 70% possibility of a critical strike if a precision ability user uses it. There were many additional effects such as continuous bleeding, coma, freezing, and so on. After identification, a line of small seals would appear at the bottom of the gun—

“With my sincere love, Y”

If Zhang Zhiyin had ever noticed the inside of his ring, which he thought was part of the Redemption Suit, he would have found that the two lines were identical, but just of different sizes.

When Y was mentioned, the first thing he thought of was the person he liked, especially when Yin Nian had appeared on the site before. But in any case, the word “love” seemed to be uncharacteristic with Dr. Y’s cold-hearted nature. What’s more, even if Y really had this so-called lover, he would never throw the weapons he wanted to give his lover and had himself pick it up.

It was probably a weapon made by someone with the letter Y in their name. He just didn’t know where the original owner was at, in fact, the original owner might even have been murdered under the poisonous hands of Laboratory E.

He actually felt embarrassed when he picked this item up.

The General Manager had already known about Shang Si. Everyone looked at him and dared not ask what happened nor do they dare to mention his name.

Station 3 returned to the alliance and sent a detailed explanatory report on the incident. Laboratory E, which was supposed to show themselves 2 years later, revealed their tracks at this time. But then they disappeared without a trace again, and the alliance could not find any more information about them.

Zhang Zhiyin was promoted to Deputy Manager for his meritorious service in this incident, replacing the position of Shang Si.

The General Manager conveyed his intentions to Zhang Zhiyin and tried to test his reaction.

Zhang Zhiyin only responded very plainly: “Rest assured, I will do my best.”

Along with Shang Si’s parts too.

Dadao succeeded Zhang Zhiyin’s position as the Captain of the Team 2.


More than half a year had passed in the world of <Tomorrow> and Zhang Zhiyin had went back and forth ten times between the real world and <Tomorrow>.

On the dilapidated streets, a young man held the pistol with one hand. He calmly and skillfully faced the pursuing zombie and exploded its head with a headshot.

The killed zombie was frozen instantly and melted into a pool of water. It soon evaporated under the hot sun.

Today, all the zombie in the central business district of R City had been eradicated, which meant that their work was about to be completed, and soon they would be able to relocate their frontline.

In the past 6 months, they helped the three small bases, Huamu, Xinji, and Yongan under the alliance’s banner and evacuated with almost zero casualties in this critical situation. They cleaned up two zombie cities, Jinshan and Lianji, with brilliant results and prestige.

Zhang Zhiyin took the lead in the battle numerous times, fighting with his life on the line like he was undaunted by perils. He led the team out of danger many times and helped them fight for survival. He was very famous in the front line.

Only the people of Station 7 vaguely guessed that the motivating force behind Deputy Manager Zhang’s actions was probably due to Deputy Manager Shang. He took over his position and task, so he had to do it better for his sake.

After a long time of practice, Zhang Zhiyin had become a true Level 6 ability user.

Back at the base, the General Manager called Zhang Zhiyin to his office and showed him the new electronic command message sent to him.

“The alliance wants to transfer you back and take charge of the Thunder Unit. You can pick up some trusted aides and take them with you. Liu Zhu will take over your work.”

“If there’s no problem, you will go this week.”

Zhang Zhiyin nodded.

The General Manager patted him on the shoulder and whispered, “Go back and be careful. It would be different from the front line.”

As for this transfer, Station 7 had heard rumors of this a month ago, so they weren’t unprepared. The conditions and facilities of the alliance’s headquarters were much better than those of the front line. As one of the 12 combat units of the alliance, the position of the Captain of Thunder Unit was much higher than that of the person in charge of the front line. Therefore, after the order was officially issued, the people on the front line were congratulating him.

The General Manager asked him to leave with several trusted aides. Zhang Zhiyin chose five people, Dadao, Xiao Jin, Ah Kong, Old Zhu, and Ah Mu. Li Zhun volunteered to stay in the front line, mainly because he had an indestructible revolutionary friendship with a girl from another team.

The modified high-performance off-road vehicles drove on the original broad road, along which abandoned vehicles could be seen everywhere, as well as low-level zombies wandering around the cars like spirits with no where else to go. All these testified the existence of the end of the world.

Yin Xiaoxiang sat on Zhang Zhiyin’s knees and “Auwo, auwo”d restlessly.

Old Zhu was in charge of driving the vehicle. He sat on the copilot with Dadao. He looked back at Yin Xiaoxiang and laughed, “Captain, your cat is raised very well, but we have known each other for two years and this little fellow doesn’t seem to have grown.”

Zhang Zhiyin laughed and poked Yin Xiaoxiang’s head: “No conscience.”

Yin Xiaoxiang crooked its neck, “Au?”

Ah Kong leaned over the back and said, “Captain… the way you coax your cat make me feel like you are its mother.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

Xiao Jin: “Shouldn’t it be Dad?”

Ah kong: “Oh, doesn’t mother look after their children in the animal world? I don’t quite understand.”

The two siblings began to discuss about the animal world again.

After spending a long time together, these people had long found that their Captain was a calm and cool person on the outside, but inwardly, he was a kind-hearted person with some innate heroism unsuitable in the apocalypse.

But a Captain such as this was also charming. At least you would never have to worry that he would stab you in the back or abandon you in critical moments. You just had to worry about him being plotted by someone else.

Indeed, since he came to this world, Lihua Shopping Mall, Base No. 1, Valley Of the Extinct Dragon, Yulin Base, Hope Base and Baiyin Station 7, and as of now, he had finally reached the establishment of Cloud Sky Alliance. He had been here for more than two years and had known Dadao and the rest for nearly two years. In reality, only two months had passed after his car accident and everything remained the same as before and nothing had changed, but in the world of <Tomorrow>, everything had turned upside down.

The issue of transferring him back wasn’t this simple. Shallowly speaking, it was because of his good performance, good reputation, and excellent ability in the front line; but the current headquarters of the alliance was equivalent to the main power of humanity’s living forces, in which the interests of all parties were entangled. The leader of the Thunder Unit, which was one of the leaders of the 12 core battle team, was not in any way a mere frontline Deputy Manager without any background could take on.

However, nowadays You Huo Base was pressing in close, the Thunder Unit was a team responsible for directly confronting You Huo Base. The last captain died unfortunately during a clash between the two sides. It could be said that at present the position of the Thunder Unit’s captain was absolutely an arduous and unrewarding role. The worst-case could be getting seriously injured or killed, and at a lighter level, getting reprimanded and disgraced by the alliance for being inadequate in the face of enemies. His original contributions would be exhausted, creating the impression of incompetence and weakness for everyone to see. Nobody was willing to trouble themselves over this  at the moment, and the top management of the alliance headquarters was planning to wait for a scapegoat to survive the most difficult of times before making any more decisions.

Zhang Zhiyin was dispatched to the front line battle against You Huo Base immediately after he went through the relevant procedures at the alliance headquarters. All of Thunder Unit’s members were still there on standby.

It was half a day’s drive from the alliance’s headquarters, and a Deputy Manager, who claimed to be called Chen Guang, was waiting to pick them up with 2 ability users.

His eyes flashed a trace of a surprise when he saw Zhang Zhiyin, and then he greeted him and others as usual.

Zhang Zhiyin realized this and asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Guang smiled: “I just didn’t expect you were so young, indeed, a hero born out of youth. To be honest, we often heard about you.”

“How could it be?” Zhang Zhiyin didn’t care, these were just polite words.

But soon he understood what was going on.

There were several familiar faces in the Thunder Unit. They were the ability users from Yongan Base whom they had helped evacuate in the first few months in Station 7. After losing their base, with nowhere to go, they were accepted by the superbase in the alliance. The people in Huamu Base were merged into the Renaissance Base, while Xinji and Yongan had directly merged into the Cloud Sky Alliance headquarters expanded by the former Yuntian Base.

“Brother Zhiyin, Brother Xiao Jin and Sister Ah Kong.” A five or six-year-old girl greeted them fearlessly, followed by her mother and father behind her.

Zhang Zhiyin remembered the girl’s name was Xiao Li. Her parents used to be famous candy masters. They ran a handmade chocolate candy workshop. Later, after the end of the world, his father, Tang Li, awakened wood elemental ability. Before that, he was an ability user of Xinji Base, while Xiao Li and his mother were ordinary people.

In Zhang Zhiyin’s memory, Tang Li and several other ability users were the pillars of his small base, but they were far from meeting the criteria for joining the Thunder Unit, so as what he had learned in the game plot.

After the end of the world, it was no longer a time where having a large number of people would do. High-level masters were then the greatest power barrier. In the game, the reason why the Cloud Sky Alliance’s 12 combat units could become a top-ranking team at the end of the world was because of their elite strength. The number of members in each combat unit would not exceed twenty. Each member had to pass through multiple selections, and every one of them could survive on their own.

But now there was nearly 50 ability user in the Thunder Unit and the quality was uneven.

Obviously, because of the high casualty rate of this task, the alliance had incorporated all the newly joined ability user into the Thunder Unit without making any selection.

It was to use the people as cannon fodder.

Zhang Zhiyin frowned and made a quick decision in his heart.

As soon as Zhang Zhiyin stepped on the temporary base of the Thunder Unit, his opponent, the head of the You Huo Base, Yu Huo, where countless alliance’s fighters gnash their teeth at this demon, also received a piece of news that made him tremble—

Lei Dun said the big boss was going to visit his base.

Fortunately, the timing had yet to be decided.

Yu Huo wiped his sweat like he was being sentenced to death.

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