IDWYR – 115

Chapter 115: Husband, in the future, why don’t you hand me your payroll card! Uhh… Hearing Ling Zhanyi using such a cloying tone to speak, Su Ziyang felt a wave of chills flowing over him. To think that this president who was pushing 30 years old had the cheek to refer to himself in third [...]

IDWYR – 114

Chapter 114: Bastard Ling is acting coquettish too  Ling Zhanyi drove to Su Ziyang's company and gave the cassette tape and flash drive to Lin Kai. Lin Kai didn’t harbour any hope in the first place, so he didn’t expect Ziyang to actually make the publicity video for him and that the express delivery lad [...]

IDWYR – 113

Chapter 113: Teasing his son, his son is a little fool... Ling Zhanyi had no such resistance against Su Ziyang’s intimate address directed at him at all. He sighed helplessly and nodded. "Ten minutes. If you can't finish it in ten minutes, I'll drag you to the bed." Su Ziyang kissed him again, and with [...]

IDWYR – 112

Chapter 112: My husband is too black-bellied.  Ling Zhanyi carried Su Ziyang out of the venue and went straight to the parking lot. Resting in his arms, Su Ziyang couldn’t be bothered to feel embarrassed at this point. He surely didn’t expect himself to suffer from a stomachache from just having that few mouthfuls of [...]

TVIOB – 29(1)

Chapter 29: The Deranged Man Disregarding Ye Buyi's resentment and resistance, Nan Li carried Ye Buyi who had coughed a mouthful of blood, on his shoulders and brought him back to the room only to toss him roughly onto the bed. With tears running down his face, Ye Buyi wanted to get away, but Nan Li [...]