IDWYR – 110

Chapter 110: A request from a colleague After saying goodbye to Ye Shuo, Su Yan leaned against a corner of the wall with a glass of wine in his hand. His fingers trembled as he took a sip with a complicated expression that was difficult to discern. His surname is Su... It's really Su... He… [...]

IDWYR – 109

Chapter 109: Which family... is that young master from? The peculiar situation occurring at his lower body finally attracted Su Ziyang's attention. Fuck this lecher who is in heat anytime and anywhere! "Ling Zhanyi, you shameless bastard-- let me go!" Su Ziyang struggled to escape. He should have known better to not sit on the [...]

EAS – 14

Chapter 14: Arranged Marriage If it was someone else who had undergone such a lovemaking experience for the first time tonight, that person would probably be so exhausted that they would fall into a stupor right after covering themselves with the quilt. However, Shen Qingxuan was never a relaxed person; there was always something loaded [...]

IDWYR – 108

Chapter 108: Naming our sons! "It's fine, I'll get him water instead. What business do you have to come back here?" Ling Zhanyi asked, "Didn’t I ask you to go to the reception venue to help out? So why are you back here?" "Oh, I came back to retrieve something and report a matter to [...]

TVITB – 28

Chapter 28: The King and Queen Xu Xingzhi immediately grabbed Tao Xian, turned around and made a bolt.  He had only taken two steps before he was forced to halt his movement and had to back off slowly instead. The man who was originally lying on the throne was now standing in front of him. [...]