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Title: The Deadly Round Table

Summar: Have you ever seen news of bizarre deaths, or people crying and laughing for no reason? Shh, let me tell you secretly, these people may be the players of the round table game. If you have a desire that you desperately yearn for but can never achieve, put your life down, a round table game can accomplish any miracle for you.

Jiang Wenyuan has a wish regarding his boyfriend. When he got involved in the horrible round table game, he finds that his boyfriend seems to be hiding many secrets…

Title: Pheromone Change

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Summary: ABO + online games


As an Omega, Yue Ran’s pheromones has changed.

Title: Everyone Except for Me in the Kindergarten is a Demon

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Summary: (1) After the fourth teacher resigned in anger, Rong Sui became the fifth new teacher in Shanhai kindergarten.

The ghost cubs who heard the news were ready to try.

(2) On the first day, standing on the platform with textbooks, Rong Sui looked at the flowers who had yet to bloom with loving eyes.

The flowers under the platform were in a huddle: Where is this big monster coming from?! QAQ

It smells firece QAQ.

(3) Teacher Rong, who has adapted to the new environment, is very satisfied with his new job. He has a white hairball in his left hand, a red bird in his right hand and a fat dragon with a round belly on his leg.

Yin Zhu’s used effort to stretch his face and claw Rong Sui’s hand with his short claws. He was unhappy to say, “You have to call me granduncle according to seniority.”

Rong Sui disapprovingly poked his belly: Oh, yeah?


In CP years: the monster who thinks he is human X vinegar eating old dragon gong(Yin Zhu Zhi)

Modern overhead, monster set mixed, a lot of private, no textual research oh.

Title: Kiss Kiss And I Will Grow Taller

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Summary:Because of the failure of an experiment, the genius physicist Banyan cross over to the interstellar era thousands of years later and unexpectedly shrunk to a small man who was not even as big as a palm.

Soon he was put on the auction as a pet, not to mention, and bought by a violent man who looked terrible…

[When bought]

Banyan (angrily ripping off the cat’s paw gloves): Go to hell! Whoever likes to sell Meng, who sells Meng, anyway, I won’t do it!

[After He! realise! He! can! Grow! Taller! After! Touching! The! Man!]

Banyan (take out the cat’s ears thrown at the bottom of the bed and wear them carefully + innocent face): I… I’m so cute, you can touch me a little more… Give me a hug… More… Give me a kiss! (*/w\*)

Food Tips:

1. Always think that they are very cold, in fact, sweetheart desperately bottom x  proud spoiled wife madman top

2. This is a sweet and super-sweet book.

3. It just shrank into a palm-in-the-hand person, not a child image.

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