May 15:

GOOD EVENING~ I hope all of you have been coping well amid the pandemic! I'm here to explain my disappearance! (I will also be resuming updates slowly before I officially continue again~) You know, like every other student, we have exams reining us everywhere! Marvelously, exams have been pushed back! Woah, more time for me [...]

No updates

For the next few days, because I'm busy! So are my editors! See ya in a few days ~ (Also making changes to some of the update schedules 🙈 no promise but hopefully, wahahahah)


Hi guys~ Yes,yes, to all those inquiring about the updates, Im uploading the next chapter of: IHAS EAS IDWYTBR 363D TH Before the day ends ! Unfortunately, the rest of the novels i am doing aren't ready yet 😅 See ya!