IDWYR – 118

Chapter 118: So——Much——Love! As soon as Su Ziyang drove into the courtyard, he received a phone call from Ling Zhanyi. He stepped on the brake but after some pondering, he decided to stall the car instead. He leaned back on the seat and leisurely connected the call. "Hello? Wife... Are you home yet?" As soon [...]

IDWYR – 117

Chapter 117: An insinuating black-belly When Zhang Qing knocked on the door and came in, Ling Zhanyi had yet to remove the smile on his face. Although Zhang Qing was surprised to see her president smiling so foolishly, she knew better to prey about her boss’ matters. Hence, she acted as if she didn't see [...]

IDWYR – 116

Chapter 116: Going back home to get the books Pfft… Ling Zhanyi almost burst out laughing. This little thing really did not forget his origin! From the very beginning, he was already aware of this little money grubber's nature. But he liked it and found it loveable no matter how he looked at it. Ling [...]

IDWYR – 115

Chapter 115: Husband, in the future, why don’t you hand me your payroll card! Uhh… Hearing Ling Zhanyi using such a cloying tone to speak, Su Ziyang felt a wave of chills flowing over him. To think that this president who was pushing 30 years old had the cheek to refer to himself in third [...]

IDWYR – 114

Chapter 114: Bastard Ling is acting coquettish too  Ling Zhanyi drove to Su Ziyang's company and gave the cassette tape and flash drive to Lin Kai. Lin Kai didn’t harbour any hope in the first place, so he didn’t expect Ziyang to actually make the publicity video for him and that the express delivery lad [...]