EAS – 14

Chapter 14: Arranged Marriage If it was someone else who had undergone such a lovemaking experience for the first time tonight, that person would probably be so exhausted that they would fall into a stupor right after covering themselves with the quilt. However, Shen Qingxuan was never a relaxed person; there was always something loaded [...]

EAS – 12

Good afternoon everyone. Here is the link to Chapter 12, because the rest of the post is just me rambling. The amount of times I rephrased the first two paragraphs before it became whatever it was right now... Oh well, anyway this chapter has been edited by DancingdolphinYo! Edited: Woah, wordpress didn't allow me to [...]

EAS -11

Chapter 11: Fate Tonight was an extraordinarily quiet evening, even the candle flame flickered significantly lesser. In the small room, Shen Qingxuan's volume wasn’t loud, but it was utterly clear. He had a very serious expression on his face, so serious that it could even be considered imposing. While still wearing this expression, he said, [...]

EAS – 10

Chapter 10: Different Path At night, the two brothers lay on the bed and chatted face to face with a lighted candle at the bedside. It was Shen Zhen who talked for the majority of the conversation. He mentioned the anecdotes and strange things in the officialdom, as well as friends he had recently made. [...]