TVIOB – 29(1)

Chapter 29: The Deranged Man Disregarding Ye Buyi's resentment and resistance, Nan Li carried Ye Buyi who had coughed a mouthful of blood, on his shoulders and brought him back to the room only to toss him roughly onto the bed. With tears running down his face, Ye Buyi wanted to get away, but Nan Li [...]

TVITB – 28

Chapter 28: The King and Queen Xu Xingzhi immediately grabbed Tao Xian, turned around and made a bolt.  He had only taken two steps before he was forced to halt his movement and had to back off slowly instead. The man who was originally lying on the throne was now standing in front of him. [...]

TVITB – 27

Chapter 27: Heart of Benevolence and Righteousness When they were about to enter into the territory of the Tiger Leaping Stream, Xu Xingzhi suggested that they should not take him and Tao Xian, the two pieces of baggage who weren't proficient in magic, together with them. Instead, they could be arranged to wait in a [...]

TVITB – 26

Chapter 26: Settling the Aftermath Zhou Wang kept persistently inquiring Xu Xingzhi about exactly which daoist immortal captured him away ever since the group had resumed their journey.  Xu Xingzhi answered in deadly earnest, "A man with a very hairy chest." After all, it wasn’t a glorious thing to be molested by a woman. Xu [...]

TVITB – 25

Chapter 25: To Forget Previous Differences Xu Xingzhi was trembling from the scorching heat like he was a swaying aquatic grass in a boiling mire that even the alkaline soil beneath had heated up from the immersion. There was a furious blaze igniting in his chest, almost burning him to ashes. The more the blazing [...]