TYIOZ – 41.2

Chapter 41: Guanyin’s Underling(1).2 Duan Jiaze was busier in the following days. He had to plan and take notes on the expenditure and consider which animals to bring in. The number of tourists had also increased, so he had begun to take afternoon naps. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to endure anymore. Halfway through his [...]

TYIOZ – 41.1

Chapter 41: Guanyin’s Underling(1).1 Luya’s popularity on the internet sustained on for several more days. In fact, Duan Jiaze even saw people digging out Bai He’s streaming video from that day. In the video, Luya who was perched on Duan Jiaze’s shoulder was carried down and pried open for everyone to see. He even joked [...]