CF – 14

Chapter 14

It was night when Gao Tianchen returned, he tossed and turned restlessly all night, his thousands of thoughts turned into a sigh as if nothing had happened.

He kept telling himself that he only have Muze in his heart. What he felt for Mujin was not love, but compassion and responsibility.

And the other party was actually so iron-hearted that he did not even cared about his own brother, but Mujin’s stomach was pregnant with his own child.

How much did Mujin treasured this child? He couldn’t swallow down the food because of the severe pregnancy reactions, but he still forced himself to eat many tonics and food. It all just to get more nutrition in his stomach, for himself and his baby.

Despite poor spirits and heavy sleepiness, he was still energetic to do the daily fixed exercise for the sake of their child’s better development.

The mottled blood on the carpet had been cleared, but it could not erase the existence of the past.

There was a rush of fear in his heart. If the child had disappeared that day, how devastated would Mujin be.

And he will surely feel guilty and carry the eternal psychological shackles on his back.

It would be better if he treat him well and let him safely delivery the baby.

As for the future, Gao Tianchen did not want to think about it for the time being, its either living togethere in such a quandary or seeking other love after divorce.

When Gao Tianchen drove to Mu’s house the next morning to pick up Mujin, it was a result that caught him by surprise.

Mujin was missing.

The servant that went to get Mujin for breakfast in the morning, was not able to get any respond when he knocked on the door. When he opened the door, he saw only the empty room. The quilt was neatly laid on the bed, but the young master was nowhere to be seen.

The Mu’s family was anxious looking about, they was already tearing down the house and turning it over, yet Mujin disappeared into thin air.

The only young master left home and was pregnant for more than three months. Mu’s family was so anxious that they used all the methods and contacts they could think of to find Mujin.

They used the caability of Mu’s family and Gao’s family in the various fields regardless of any cost. Mujin was already weak and had just discharged from the hospital. If something went wrong, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Taking advantage of the dark night, Mujin left quietly at 3 or 4 o’clock in the middle of the night. He only brought along with him basic documents, some cash and small necessities.

Since childhood, he had been an obedient child that was scanty of words. Besides going to school, he had never had too much communication with the outside world.

He thought that he would always had to resigned to fate, but he did not thought that happiness came so suddenly, as if he had a beautiful dream, the person in his heart got married to him.

For the first time he was so eager to strive for his own happiness, little by little, picking up the tenderness to build the ideal glazed Pagoda in his heart, yet in an overnight, it was all smashed into ashes.

Until the end of the day, he found out that even the dream he was mkaing was arranged by his family. He was just a tool, ready to be send out.

Looking at the empty street in daze, two rows of ornamental trees beside them were blown away by the winter wind until it was withering. The tall street lamp was glowed with dim light.

This road seemed to have no end. It couldn’t reach the end no matter how he kept going.

Where was he going and where could he go? Gao Tianchen didn’t want to see himself. Mu’s house made him feel an inexplicable nausea and rejection. He did not want to step his feet in the house anymore.

Mu’s residence was a little far from the city. Mujin took a long time to get to the more populated city. Afraid that he will be discovered if he used his identity card in the hotel, he settled down on a unconspiciouos looking youth hostel.

The owner of the hotel was a very good Mrs. Omega. Mujin lied that he had lost his identity card. Looking at his thin and handsome appearance, she accommodated him.

Laying down on a small single bed, exhaustion was overwhelming him. He watched the sky outside the window that had unconsciously turned into a grey dawn. His thoughts were like floodwater, could not be stopped until it submerged himself.

His abdomen was still very uncomfortable with dull pain. Mujin gently caressed on it, pacifying the slightly restless child in his stomach.

The last incident had led to blood loss and had signs of miscarriage. Although he was well cared for, but his body was not good and his emotional fluctuations were high. In addition, he had not been pacified by his alpha’s pheromone. His physical condition was not very optimistic, which increased the burden of the pregnancy.

The hardship of pregnancy, the disdain of his lover and the plot of his family pushed him to the edge of exhaustion.

When his child was born, whether it was an alpha, beta or omega, he will give the child all his love.

Tears accumulated in his eyes and it blurred his line of sight. Ultimately, it burst into the dike uncontrollably, rustling down.

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  1. Poor Mujin.
    I guess he actually didn’t know about the test result?
    His family is actually quite heartless, huh?
    Letting Muze go and preparing Mujin to replace him, so Tianchen will be in their grasp.
    I can understand why Mujin didn’t want to go back.
    But I’m also grateful Tianchen isn’t so heartless to reject him wholeheartedly while he’s pregnant.
    Everything is making me nervous.
    I hope everything will turn out well in the end..
    Thanks for the update.

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