CF – 15

Chapter 15

At the unexpected fall of the first snow, the sun in the midst of winter was exceptionally clear, but the temperature of the sunlight seemed to had been cooled by the ice and snow, so it couldn’t heat up.

The fine and dense snows were still drifting, and the streets were covered with a dazzling layer of snow white. The snow in front of the stores had long been swept away, piles of small snow hills had been piled up on both sides.

Near the top middle school in S City, there was a small but unique bookstore. The shopkeeper was a very young alpha man with a gentle temperament, elegant manners, and good looks. He always had a smiling face and it brought comfort to those who looked.

The point was, he’s a single alpha, and it goes without saying that he was a topic that many girls in the middle school next door enjoy talking about after class.

As usual, Gu Ziqian opened the store at 9 a.m. punctually. In the early morning, there were not many guests. He swept away the snow blocking the road at the door and sorted out the shelves of books.

When the middle school next door ended school, it was the peak time for the bookstore. Girls in school uniforms always came in small groups, casually picked up a few unnecessary books, and when they went to the cashier for check out and handed the books to him with a shy face, they were once again blushed at his polite smile.

Until the sunset and evening, the number of customers in the store gradually decreased, leaving only a few scattered around.

As there was no helper, Gu Ziqian was busy all day taking care of the shop by himself. He rewarded himself with a cup of warm coffee, sitting at the checkout counter and reading his book.

Gradually, his attention was not so focused. He looked up at the transparent landing window at the entrance of the store. It seemed that a figure had been wandering there for a long time. At first, Gu Ziqian thought that he had seen wrongly. He pushed at his glasses and looked at it intently. He only saw a man in a white down jacket standing at the entrance, glancing at the shop with hesitation.

Gu Ziqian was puzzled in his heart. The other party looked thin and weak, he doesn’t look like an unruly person. He was thinking of going out, but that person finally opened the door and came in.

The next day when the light shone, Mujin woke up.

Outside the window, the warm morning light shines on the narrow bed. After a simple washing, he was ready to go out to find a job.

When he came out of his house, he didn’t bring much cash with him, nor did he dare to use his bank card, but money was necessary to survive in this prosperous city.

Moreover, he was with a child, he can suffer as much grievance, but the child could not.

As Mujin dare not use his identity card, it was very difficult to find a job. There was no shortage of manpower in many places he went around him.

After a whole day of tossing around, Mujin unconsciously went to a nearby middle school.

At this time, many shops had already closed, the street was already dark and the dusk street lights shone on the snow on the roadside, reflecting mottled light.

There was a burst of disappointment at the bottom of Mujin’s heart. Today, he was afraid he could only return without bearing fruit.

But he saw an open shop in front of his eyes. The orange light came out of the window with warmth and attracted Mujin’s sight.

After entering, he found that it was a bookstore. Mujin had no other hobbies since childhood. He only liked reading. If only he could work in the bookstore, how nice would it be.

He hovered at the doorway but dare not enter, this shop looked very beautiful, elegant and quiet, but he did not know if there was a shortage of staff.

After many hesitations, Mujin still mustered up his courage, he wanted to give it a try.

Gu Ziqian sat quietly at the cashier’s desk and looked at the visitor.

The thick jacket could not cover his slightly thinner figure, with pale brown hair falling on the forehead, his white skin was slightly reddened by the cold winter wind outside. The collar was pulled high so his facial features could not be seen clearly. There was only a pair of eyes that were brightly looking around.

He didn’t seem to be buying books. Gu Ziqian was more suspicious, but he saw the man coming towards the cash register.

“Excuse me… Are you short of hands here?” The other party was a little cowardly, but his voice was as clean as his beautiful appearance.

“There is no shortage of clerks here for the time being.” He rejected the visitor with a polite smile.

Looking at the other party’s slightly dim eyes, Gu Ziqian was a little reluctant, it seemed that he needed a job, the shop had always been operating by himself, sometimes it was really too busy.

“But it’s good to have someone to help sort out the bookshelves and collect money.”

Hearing Gu Ziqian’s words, Mujin’s eyes lit up and his mouth rose slightly.

“Thank you…”

Gu Ziqian seems to have smelled a faint jasmine scent, although it was very light it was refreshing.

Mujin felt lucky. He not only found a job but also met a boss that looked to be a decent person.

Gu Ziqian arranged for him mostly simple and tireless work, arranging bookshelves, counting books, and allowing him to read books in the shop at will in his spare time.

After leaving the bookstore, Mujin went straight to the shopping mall.

It’s getting late. Fortunately, the mall had not closed yet. There were only a few scattered customers left on the big floor.

Shuttling between the dazzling shelves, Mujin wanted to buy some omega pregnancy nutrients for himself.

Looking at the horrifying numbers on the nutritional labels that he used to use, Mujin hesitated for a while but he still bought some.

Habitually caressing the slightly convex stomach with his hands, even if he was alone, he will raise the child well.

The child in the abdomen seemed to understand his father’s situation. Today, he had not much trouble with his abdomen. The child must be very good and lovely after he was born.

Mujin’s thoughts fluttered, and the bottom of his eyes could not hide the joy and happiness.

The next morning, Mujin arrived at the bookstore on time. Gu Ziqian simply taught him the basic work, such as what kind of books to put on which kind of bookshelf, how to calculate the price of books, how to do exhibition boards, where to put them, Mujin was very quick to remember them.

Yesterday, it snowed all night again. A thick layer of snow lay in front of the shop. Mujin was going to take out the shovel, but Gu Ziqian stopped him.

“Xiao Jin, would you please tidy up the cashier’s desk?” The tone was warm and gentle.

When Mujin was finished, he turned around and saw Gu Ziqian come in with the shovel. He gently patted away the snow on his shoulder and snow was piling outside the landing window.

Gu Ziqian sat in a chair at the counter and chatted with Mujin, who refused to rest.

“Xiao Jin is very capable and conscientious.” This shop assistant was not only diligent but also quick to learn things. He was just too quiet and talked too little.

Gu Ziqian looked at the Mujin who was concentrating counting the books in front of him and was satisfied from the bottom of his heart.

“Thank you. Store manager is very nice too.“ Mujin was somewhat embarrassed by his praise and thanked him softly.

“For an omega to work at this young age, does your family allowed it?”

Family… Gao Tianchen might have never regarded himself as a family member. It was just his wishful thinking.

Mujin’s eyes dimmed a little, and his hands stopped there. His white face was tinged with sadness.

Gu Ziqian watched him suddenly lost his voice and stayed in a trance. He was stunned and slightly guilty.

“I’m sorry, I was rude.”

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