CF – 16

Chapter 16

The endless winter snow covered up the traces of time creeping silently.

It’s been a week since Mujin sneaked out, and he was long familiarized with the work of the bookstore.

Having interacted with Gu Ziqian for a long time, Mujin grew fond of this store manager more and more, not only because he had given himself a stable job, but also because he had a good personality, he treated everyone with gentle and courteously.

No wonder his popularity among female students was so high that when he came to the bookstore after school hours, all the who entered the bookstore were students, and they were always chatting with him when they made payment.

Gu Ziqian always answered the greetings with a smile, making them feel comfortable.

He gave the feeling of a warm sunset, although they had the same charm and attraction, Gao Tianchen was like a deep winter wind, blowing until it felt painful.

Mujin did not want to admit that these days, as long as nothing happened, the man who slapped himself will still emerge quietly from the bottom of his heart, and he could not ignore him.

His entanglement and suppressed love of so many years had tasted a little bit of false sweetness and now that he wanted to forget, yet it had became a bone-eroding pain.

Gu Ziqian coped with the visitors while paying attention to Mujin who was at the bookcase side immersed in his own world.

This omega staff’s origin made him wonder, but his gentle character and beautiful appearance made him felt good.

Mujin himself did not take the initiative to say, and Gu Ziqian was not rude enough to inquire about other people’s private affairs abruptly.

But he found that the person leaning weakly half against the bookshelf, his eyes closed with a pale face. One hand supporting the side of the cabinet, the other tightly holding onto the clothes covering his lower abdomen. His body was slightly curled up as if he was uncomfortable.

Before he could respond, Mujin slipped down the shelf and inadvertently knocked over a newly made display board. The sound of “crash” was particularly obvious in the quiet bookstore.

Since the beginning of the morning, he was feeling dizzy and tired. The fetus who had not received an alpha pheromone for more than a month seemed particularly restless today. He wanted to endure until work ended, yet he didn’t want the abdominal pain to get worse and worse. Finally, he couldn’t endure anymore.

Gu Ziqian was also frightened by Mujin. He quickened his pace and picked him up in a hug. He hurried into the lounge behind the counter.

The weight in his arms was lighter than he had imagined, and he was shivering with discomfort.

There was another different pheromone hidden in the jasmine fragrance. Gu Ziqian, who was an alpha, did not find it hard to recognize.

Mujin had already been marked by an alpha.

He put him on the soft sofa and went outside to pour him a cup of hot water.

Watching Mujin’s face crouching painfully on the sofa as his face grew paler and his eyebrows frowned tightly.

The room was clearly heated, but his forehead was wetting a few strands of bangs with a thin cold sweat.

Mujin only felt abdominal cramps. The child was restless in his abdomen. Every now and then, his stomach was nauseated and uncomfortable.

Watching him cover his stomach, it seemed that under his heavy down jacket were some a slight convexity which did not match the thin stature of Mujin.

Gu Ziqian secretly complained about his nerves, he had spent a week with Mujin but he did not realize that he was a pregnant omega.

In fact, it was not that Gu Ziqian was careless. The pheromone of Mujin had been very weak because of his frail body. In addition, he had not been with his alpha for more than a month, thus the pheromone was even more scarce.

After a while, Mujin gained back consciousness own and took the hot water Gu Ziqian had prepared for him with a little gratitude. He sat on the sofa and sipped small mouthfuls.

Looking at Mujin’s uncomfortable appearance, Gu Ziqian was somewhat intolerant. How could there be such irresponsible alpha in the world that do not take care of his omega who was pregnant? Didn’t the alpha know how hard it would be for omega to be pregnant without pheromone?

But after all, he was an outsider who had nothing to do with him. It seemed that he couldn’t do much except to be distressed.

“Xiao Jin, where’s your alpha? Why are you pregnant and why doesn’t he cares about you?” Gu Ziqian asked carefully, fearing that he would poke at the pain of the other party carelessly.

Mujin looked at the water cup in his hand dimly for a long time before he shook his head lightly.

Gu Ziqian was a very observant person, aware that the other side seemed to find difficulties in saying. He did not want to talk about his own past, so he skipped this topic.

“Where do you live now? Is it convenient?”

“A youth hostel at the intersection of X Street.”

Gu Ziqian once again felt a sense of intolerance. X Street was not close to his bookstore. It took him more than an hour to get off the road without traffic jams.

And youth hostels were so cluttered that a pregnant single omega was not only not comforted by his alpha pheromone, but also disturbed by other messy pheromones every day.

“If you don’t mind, I have an empty room and a living room in the neighborhood not far from the bookstore, and the downstairs greening is good, quite quiet. It is suitable for you to have a good rest.”

Upon hearing this, Mujin raised his head in some surprise, looking at Gu Zi’s modest and smiling eyes.

“No, really, it’s troublesome for you.” In a hurry, the shopkeeper waved his hand and refused. He was very kind to himself and couldn’t give him any more trouble.

“Xiao Jin, if you don’t accept it, you won’t be working tomorrow.” Gu Ziqian had to pretend to intimidate him when he looked at his opponent who was determined to refuse.


“Thank you so much.” Mu Jin pinched the cup in his hand and felt indescribable gratitude in his heart.

“You’ve said these two words to me the most.” Gu Ziqian smiled and patted Mujin on the shoulder.

“The manager should take care of the staff. Xiao Jin, take a rest here slowly. There are not many customers outside anyway.”

Leaving Mujin alone in the lounge. Gu Ziqian went out of the room and continued the trifles of the bookstore.

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