CF – 17

Chapter 17

The clock on the wall ticked as it rotated the hands. When the short hour hand reached 10 o’clock, there was a sound of the door handle turning. The light of the staircase outside the house penetrated through the slightly opened door crack and broke the darkness in the room.

Mujin put the daily necessities he bought at the supermarket after work on the low cabinet at the door. He fumbled for the switch along the wall and turned on the light.

This house was lent to him by Gu Ziqian. It was very close to the bookstore where he worked. There was also a supermarket with complete commodities outside the residential area. It was a hard to come by place for him to have when his movement during pregnancy was inconvenient.

It was emptied by Gu Ziqian for a long time before. Although the decoration was exquisite, it was cold and desolated.

Now, although there were not many things in the house, they were added by Mujin himself bit by bit, which brought a kind of neat and warm feeling.

He put the bags in the doorway and one by one brought them inside. Mujin had been away from home for nearly three months. He had gradually accustomed to living alone.

Rubbing his slightly sore waist, Mujin slowly sat down on the sofa, pulled the blanket beside him and covered himself tightly.

April was the beginning of spring, the weather was no longer cold like winter. It was beginning to warm up.

But Mujin’s stomach was getting bigger. His pheromones were unbalanced because he had been living alone. His body was somewhat chilly, his hands and feet were often ice-cold.
He turned on the TV and adjusted the volume loudly. The host’s speech was very generous and passionate, but he did not process much into his mind.

Like before, he dared not face the night alone, the content of the program was not important. As long as it could reduce the darkness even if it was scary or quiet.

If it was last time, he would have turned on all the lights in his house and let the bright lights dispersed into the terrible darkness.

Moreover, at that time, although he would experience a long wait, he was not alone.

His gentle hands lightly rested on the warmth under the blanket. He carefully cared for his treasure and slept quietly here.

In three more months, he will pour all his love to his angel that will be descending into his life.

The child will need enough sleep from his mother. After sitting on the sofa for a while, Mujin turned off the TV, got up and went to the bed, intending to have a good rest.

He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to the shop owner. He asked for half a day’s leave. Tomorrow morning, he planned to go to the hospital for maternity examination.

At the risk of being found, Mujin can only choose maternity hospitals where the Mu family and Gao family had no shares or connections.

Lying on the bed with his clothes, Mujin opened his eyes without any difficulty, and a pair of eyes looked out the window at the obsidian-like darkness. The room was quiet. The ticking hands indicated the passage of time. He should sleep.

But his mind played dimmed lighted scenes, each scene were so real.

There was no light, no windows, no sound in the dark room. Darkness was everywhere and there was a crying sound from a squeaky voice.

A thin child curled up on the cold floor, with a small figure of about four years old, his hands clasped around his cold legs, his head buried deep in his knees. His expression could not be seen, and every bone of his body trembled in panic, revealing his fear.

He had not eaten or drank anything for about two days. He was weak and his throat was as dry and coarse as sandpaper. He could not make any sound.

He was hungry and thirsty, he did not have the strength to shout, to seek help. There was not enough strength to sustain himself. His consciousness wandered on the edge of the cliff, close to giving up in confusion.

Fear was like a poisonous insect crawling all over his body, provoking him a body of sweat, burning his throat with nausea. Mujin wanted to reach out to his side reflexively, but he only touched cold bedding.

There was no temperature. Even the big teddy bear was not beside him.

He could only bear the loneliness and fear that chilled his spine alone.

But the night was so long, the dawn was so far away.

There were many well-known high-scale hospitals in S city, but most of them had more or less shares or contacts with the Mu family and Gao family.

Mujin got up at dawn and tidied up. The black windbreaker wrapped up the bulging abdomen in front of him, but it could not resist the unusual figure. The mask on his face covered the delicate and soft features, and only showed a pair of clean and clear eyes.

After more than an hour’s of walking, he arrived at a well-equipped obstetric hospital in the suburbs. Several white buildings were erected and some walls were slightly powdered.

Today, Mujin was not very lucky. The registration window was full of people in line, mostly alpha that was accompanying the couple’s maternity examination. Mujin, a thin omega shrinking in the long queue was very conspicuous.

Time was boundless, it’s easy to get the number. The examination room was on the third floor. Mujin walked slowly to the elevator supporting his waist.

The corridor smelled of alcohol and disinfectant water, and there were pairs of partners coming and going around. Tall and strong alpha carefully supporting the bulging omega, their eyes were full of tenderness and happiness that could not be melted.

This should be a very pleasant scene, but it was piercing in the eyes of Mujin.

The corridor was filled with the smell of alcohol and disinfectant water. At first glance, it was just a crowd of people. He looked around and was lucky to find a vacancy. He pounded on his sore back and slowly sat down holding the back of the chair. He began the long and boring wait.

In the morning, the long journey was rough and Mujin could not bear it. The child in his stomach was uneased and Mujin was feeling sick because of it.

Holding the registration slip in one hand, he stroked the child gently in the abdomen with another hand, Mujin’s sight was somewhat blurred. He was staring straight at a corner, and his thoughts flew around.

In this era where omega was scarce and precious, omega, like him, who came to the hospital alone for maternity examination, was really rare.

Mujin laughed at himself in his heart, but he heard the nurse call his name and rushed in to have a check-up.

The doctor with golden glasses sat behind the white desk, holding the results of his birth test for a while.

Mujin stared at the doctor in front of him, he could no longer wait and asked, “Excuse me, what’s wrong with the child?”

“The child’s nutrition and development is not a big problem. However, your body is weak, and,” the doctor pushed his glasses and indifferently continued.

“Your pheromone is very disordered and unbalanced. Six months of gestation, there is almost no trace of the alpha pheromone.”

“Let me be bold and ask, your alpha has passed away? Or was it divorce?”

The omega patient in front of him only lowered his dim eyes and his lips were bitten a little white, but he was silent and did not answer his own questions.

The doctor who experienced endless life and death had long been indifferent, but there was a little inexplicable sympathy in his heart. The other party seemed to have some unspeakable pains and helplessness.

He could only give him a pile of better pheromone replacement drugs, although it was not as good as an alpha’s own natural pheromone, it was somewhat effective, at least to alleviate the various painful symptoms of Mujin’s pregnancy. It was also beneficial to the growth of the abdominal fetus.

It wasn’t cheap. It cost him almost half of his savings of these recent months, but Mujin didn’t care about it.

He only asked for half a day off, and now it was almost afternoon. He hurriedly took the bus to rush back to the bookstore.

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  1. I have to say I’m proud of Mu Jin for doing this on his own. It’s nice to see that he’s relying on his own strength to support himself and his baby.

    I was wondering about the “incident” mentioned in the beginning of the story and now it seems that MJ may have been kidnapped as a child?

  2. its nice seeing mujin being so brave but….i just want to take him home and give him a big hug…
    thankyou for the chapter <3

  3. Thanks for the chapter! It’s good seing Mujin be so brave for him and his baby!

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