CF – 18

Chapter 18

Under the shining stars, the night grew darker. The towering high-rise buildings in S City were even more prosperous under the brilliant neon light, showing the city’s all-around style, rows upon rows, in a random pattern.

Gao Tianchen sat at his broad desk, holding the papers that had already been processed. The glass on the desk contained half a cup of pink champagne. It was a clean and pure color, slowly soaking together with the ice in the glass.

His office was located at the top of the company, with a huge floor window, so he had a full view of S city’s gorgeous panoramic view.

There were more and more times he felt uneasy, he just wanted to bury himself in his work. At first, it was a little effective but with the disappearance period of Mujin getting longer, this method gradually ceased to work.

He stood quietly in front of the window with his glass as he controlled his emotions for a while. At this time, most of the employees in the company had gone home, and there were few lights on the first floor.

It’s time for him to go back, but he rejected this idea.

At first, he thought that Mujin was just angry. He heard that omega had bad temper during pregnancy. Although Mujin had been quiet and mild, it was hard to guarantee that he would not be affected and become moody.

However, he never came back, like he ceased to exist from the world. Along with his light jasmine fragrance and their child, they all disappeared.

S City was very big, densely populated and miscellaneous. He was an expecting omega, and was simple-minded and easily deceived. If something went wrong…

Not daring to think further, Gao Tianchen took his suit coat from the hanger and put it on, and went straight out of the office.

When the night fell, a black Bentley roared down the Ring Mountain Avenue.

As usual, he drove the car into the special garage beside the villa, got out and walked towards the gate.

The gorgeous decoration under the cover of the night was full of depression. Gao Tianchen hesitated for a second at the door and opened it with his key.

It was very dark in the house. It had been like this since Mujin left. There was no longer the faint but warm light, no more TV noise, just a dead silence.

The sound of tiny broken footsteps approached him. Malt came to the door as usual to greet him. Dark eyes swirled and the brush like brown tails shook.

It circled around Gao Tianchen for several times and sniffed at the closed door. Once it was sure that Mujin was not behind him. Its tail drooped down disappointedly and gave out a few small barks. The dim look in its eyes was not obvious.

It was not only the little animal, but he was also not used to the days where Mujin was not here. His heart felt a little empty. Every time he was alone in the dead of night, the other party’s warm and gentle face, his shy smile and his desperate eyes filled with tears when he hurt him impulsively would stay in his mind.

Regarding their past, he had been touched, he had been unwilling, had felt his heart moved. There was also painful resentment and a feeling he had never dared to think about.

Even if he found out the unbearable secret of the other party, or that the other party was once the culprit of his own pain, but as long as the sincere feeling that had buried its buds in his heart broke through the shackles, it became difficult to control.

Mujin’s precious big teddy bear sat quietly on the bed, each piece of fluff was dyed with warm orange light. Gao Tianchen touched it gently, and a light sweet jasmine fragrance sipped into his nose.

At this time, the mobile phone near him received a message with a slight vibration. It attracted the attention of Gao Tianchen.

Following the navigation to the address he received last night, he gradually left the noisy and busy urban areas and headed for the new development zone near the outskirts of S City, where the population was not very dense, but the environment was quiet and clean. It was an educational base developed by S City.

He crossed almost the whole S City before reaching his destination, surrounded by a well-equipped residential area. He entered according to the address into one of them.

Without the owner’s pass, Gao Tianchen can only park his Bentley outside the community and stood out in a pile of ordinary private cars.

After getting out of the elevator, he found that there were many doors on this floor, and they were close to each other. They should be small apartment rooms suitable for single people.

Going to the end of the corridor, Gao Tianchen stood in front of the door with a red and gorgeous “fortunate” sticker. He hesitated for a moment before reaching out and rang the doorbell.

There was no sound in the room. There seemed to be no one inside. Gao Tianchen pressed it for a long time, but there was still no answer.

He wandered around the door disappointedly for a while. The news was supposed to be accurate, and the house did not look like no one was living in it.

Maybe he was not at home?

Gao Tianchen waited outside the door, the corridor was a little narrow. Some households put shoe racks or small cabinets at the door, which made the corridor more crowded.

Looking at the time, it’s almost 10 o’clock. Mujin had never been a late returnee. He should come back early. Besides, with nearly seven months of pregnancy, it was really not suitable to go out.

Maybe it was really his news that was wrong and mistaken someone else for him.

Gao Tianchen was discouraged and went downstairs to the gate of the community, feeling a little unwilling and disappointed.

At this time, the night was dark, and there was no one in the big yard. Only a few dim and yellowing street lights lengthened the shadow of the dark vicissitudes of the passers-by.

Far away, there seemed to be a slightly hobbled figure, slowly bowing his head and walking under the dusk street lamp.

Gao Tianchen did not notice at first that the man was dressed in heavy clothes and wore a dark blue scarf. He was somewhat swollen and seemed to be still in the cold winter, which was out of sync with the early spring.

It seemed that Gao Tianchen sensed something. He stared at the figure far away. He only felt that he was familiar with it, very familiar with it.

Mujin… After more than three months, he finally found his missing omega.

Retracting his pheromone, he hid himself in the dark night, Gao Tianchen quietly followed Mujin.

Mujin wore a large mask, almost covering most of his face. He carried several white plastic bags in one hand. The logo on it should be the supermarket next to the community. The other hand holding his waist from time to time.

The light from the dusk street lamp lengthened his shadow, slowly pulling on the ground, which was littered with withered branches and leaves left by the winter.

The picture in front of him made Gao Tianchen’s eyes a little sour, but he dares not call him rashly for fear of frightening him. Somehow, his heart was also a little timid.

As a matter of fact, Mujin lived in the place he had found before, listening to the gentle sound of a door, Gao Tianchen quietly stepped out of the stairwell.

Gao Tianchen looked at the door and found that the peephole on the door were blocked by the “fortunate” pasted by Mujin himself. He did not know if he should laugh or cry in his heart. He was carelessly lovely. What if someone who was not in the right place knocked at the door?

Gao Tianchen reached out and gently pressed the doorbell. Sure enough, after the bell had finished, he heard footsteps in the door.

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