CF – 19

Chapter 19

“Who is it?” Mujin’s clean and warm voice came out vaguely through the thick door plank. After more than three months, Gao Tianchen suddenly felt like he was in a dream.

Seeing that the person at the door did not answer, Mujin felt a little strange. He turned the handle carefully and opened a narrow door gap. Yet he was stunned when he saw the visitor. He wanted to close the door reflectively.

Gao Tianchen stretched out his hand to stop the movement as he held the door against Mujin. The power gap between alpha and omega was wide. The door was eventually opened by him after all.

Mujin couldn’t stop him at all. He turned around hurriedly and walked inward the house, but Gao Tianchen held onto him.

“Xiao Jin, do you hate seeing me that much?”

Mujin’s eyes drooped slightly so that no one could not see his emotions. His thoughts flowing as he struggled to break away from Gao Tianchen who was holding his hand.

“I know you’ll eventually find me.” He spoke calmly as if he were saying that the weather was good today.

Turning around and letting Gao Tianchen go in, Mujin went into the kitchen and brought out two glasses of water.

As soon as Gao Tianchen entered the house, he fixed his gaze at the party. Looking at his back, he only felt that he became thin again.

The dark blue scarf had already been taken off, revealing a thin white neck. The abdominal bulge was even larger and it did not match with the thin body at all. It seemed that all the nutrients were given to the child in the stomach.

Looking around, it was a simple one-room, one-hall apartment. The renovation was rather exquisite, there were few items but it was tidied up very cleanly.

The quilts were stacked neatly at the end of the bed, the plain vases beside the dining table were polished cleanly, and the lily flowers in the vases were spread out.

Putting the cup in front of Gao Tianchen, Mujin went straight to the bedside. He didn’t seem to want to acknowledge the alpha on the sofa, he only took out the checklist from the bookstore and began to work.

Neither of them spoke, and the atmosphere was freezing to the zero point.

Gao Tianchen was trying to say something to break the awkward atmosphere, but he heard Mujin suddenly saying, “Please don’t tell my parents for the time being, and don’t ask me to go back.”

After a pause, he stopped writing, “I don’t want to go back nor do I want to see you either.”

In Gao Tianchen’s memory, Mujin had always been gentle and obedient. Now, when he saw Mujin rebelling against him, his heart was full of anger.

“Xiao Jin, you must go back with me. You are suffering here. Your body and the child will not be able to stand it.” He restrained the flames in his heart and spoke in a mild tone.

“Suffering…” Mu Jin muttered, the pen in his hand was firmly clasped by him, and the joints were somewhat white from the clasping.

“But I don’t feel any suffering. Although materially, it might be a little lousy.” With a slight sigh, Mujin laid down his pen, which was about to be broken by him, and gently stroked his warm stomach.

“You feel comfortable, but what about the child in your stomach? What are you going to feed him with? Gao Tianchen urgently retorted.

Mujin was startled by his sudden increase in his volume. He breathed a little fast and his chest fluctuated to take in oxygen.

Looking at him like this, Gao Tianchen felt a little guilty. He walked over and gently embraced Mujin’s trembling body, releasing pheromones to comfort him, and his tone was as smooth as possible.

“Xiao Jin, come back with me. Our families are very worried about you. You are their favorite son and the baby is getting bigger…” Before he finished, he was pushed away by Mujin.

“You are so selfish! Did you even care about our child? Just because of your petty temper, you are going to neglect our child?” Gao Tianchen’s repressed anger rose thoroughly and ignited with disobedience.

He pressed Mujin on the bed. Gao Tianchen still had his rationality and avoided the bulging abdomen. He forced Mujin to face him.

He always thought that the person underneath him was gentle and generous, but he didn’t expect that he was so stubborn.

Mujin closed his eyes, clenched his lips but did not speak. He seemed to be in a trance and did not seem to care about how the person on top of him was burning in anger.

Gao Tianchen seemed to want to say something, but he only saw the shivering eyelashes of the person under him getting wet. Unaware that the tears were wetting the corners of his eyes so Gao Tianchen no longer speak.

Standing up, he gently held Mujin to the bed, pulled the quilt, left a sentence of “I’ll come back tomorrow” and went straight out of the door.

There was a bag of garbage in the doorway. It seemed that there were some package boxes of something inside. Gao Tianchen squatted down and took one out. This was a box of pregnancy care products. The brand was commonly used by Mujin. There were still many in their house.

Gao Tianchen rummaged. Inside were all boxes of care products, and some were alpha pheromone substitutes.

Gao Tianchen only felt that the current economic situation of Mujin was not optimistic. These things were not cheap, it will not be easy to undertake all these.

He just said that Mujin didn’t care about the child. Gao Tianchen looked down and felt dizzy. He pressed his head with his hand and stretched out to press the doorbell. In the end, he gave up and turned away.

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