CF – 20

Chapter 20

Gao Tianchen went off with chic but Mujin was left a dreary and sleepless night.

The next day, Mujin went to work in the bookstore as usual. Gu Ziqian stood in front of the bookcase and sorted out a batch of new books. He came and greeted him with a warm smile. However, he saw Mujin’s pale face and a thick black circle under his eyes.

Gu Ziqian saw his poor complexion and he wanted him to go to the small room to rest. Today was not a weekend, there were not many guests, but he was quietly refused by Mujin.

“I’m fine, just that I didn’t sleep well last night. I’ll be ready in a minute.”

Gu Ziqian was worried. During these days with Mujin, he had an intuition that the other party seemed to have some difficulties. However, he was unwilling to open his heart to others and shut himself up until he was tormented by pressure.

Mujin’s work spirit was not good all morning, his mind was in a trance, and he was normally quick-witted. Today, he either accidentally bumped into the display board or carelessly collected the wrong amount of money.

During the lunch break, Gu Ziqian went to the front desk to make a cup of hot tea. When he came back, he found Mujin half lying quietly on the sofa. His haggard looking face was weary, and his hands touched at his stomach and gently rubbed in circles.

Gu Ziqian sometimes felt that Mujin was really distressing. This person was always fragile and strong.

“Xiao Jin, I know you not feeling good. Go back and have a rest.” Gu Ziqian said gently, even with some earnestly begging in his tone. “There aren’t many guests in the afternoon. I can handle it alone.”

It was really unbearable. He was sleepless all night last night. He stared at the first glimmer of dawn from the quiet night. He was about to be swallowed up by the heavy tiredness. With the restless child in his stomach and the strand of pulsing pain, he could not hold on in the end.

“Thank you. I have troubled you…” Mujin looked at the gentle man in front of him with guilty eyes. He supported himself upright with the sofa, wrapped up his scarf, and staggered out of the shop.

The familiar road to and from work every day, Mujin felt it was endless. An endless he had never felt before as he dragged his tired body and moved slowly, but it seemed that he will never reach the end.

Mujin’s legs moved mechanically until his body touched the soft quilt, the senses of his whole body relaxed instantly and not struggling. He was wrapped up by the weary waves, and his mind and thoughts abandoned their armor.

When Gao Tianchen opened the door and came in, the first sight he saw was the appearance of Mujin curling up in bed and sleeping soundly.

Afraid of waking up the other party, he put his purchases aside and quietly sat by the bed and stared at the people in the bed quietly.

He remembered that Mujin had a very white complexion before. Maybe it was because of his poor health when he was young, but now he was more of a morbid white. There was a trace of clarity in his trance.

Looking at the other party’s features bit by bit, in fact, Mujin and Muze were not very similar. Although the eyebrow shape was somewhat similar, the temperament was totally different.

If Muze’s face was delicate and cute, Mujin was more beautiful. Although it was not surprising, it was gentle and comfortable.

Mujin quietly curled up like a baby in his sleeping position. At first glance, Mujin shivered slightly. There was a fine sweat seeping from his forehead, which seemed to be painful.

Gao Tianchen had some worries. He uncovered the quilt with his light hands. His hands under the quilt covered his lower abdomen. His clothes in front of his belly were tightly grasped and his body was stiff.

With the baby getting bigger and bigger, and the mother’s mood being depressed, the child protested uneasily in the belly of Mujin, making him frown tightly in his sleep.

Gao Tianchen rubbed his hand hot, slipped into the quilt and pulled Mujin’s hand away from his abdomen in order to prevent him from hurting himself. Then he gently touched the warm protruding abdomen of the other party, carefully rubbed it, and released his pheromone to soothe the spastic nerves of Mujin.

Unconsciously, the child had grew so big in the abdomen of Mujin. Soon, his first child will come to the world.

Mujin’s tightly scrunched eyebrows were gradually stretching into a comfortable position. His long eyelashes were slightly trembling and his hands were hanging loosely on his chest. His expression was relaxed a lot.

In his sleep, he only felt that he was in an intoxicating dream and that his exhausted body was caressed gently by the warm and colorful warmth. It was a dream he had never had before.

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