CF -21

Chapter 21

From that day onward, Gao Tianchen would no longer stay in their previous villa after work. Instead, he would go to the one room, one hall apartment where Mujin now lived in to take care of him and the child in his stomach.

This room was not very big, having two people living in it was a little tight. The bed was also a narrow single bed, Gao Tianchen feared that Mujin would sleep poorly if they slept together, so every night he will sleep on the sofa.

Mujin was born weak, and his weak body was even more overwhelmed during pregnancy. His legs and feet were swollen and cramped. He often suffered from insomnia at night, cold sweat, and the huge child in his stomach were oppressing his body. Sometimes he would get up many times in one night.

Gao Tianchen looked at this situation with some heartache. Mujin suffered from this torment just to birth a child flowing with his blood.

Every night when Mujin tossed and turned and could not sleep, Gao Tianchen would take good care of him vigorously and carefully. He used pheromones to comfort the restless fetus who constantly tormented the pregnant mother. Sometimes, he would go to the company at dawn, with thick black circles of eyes and a haggard appearance.

It’s not that Gao Tianchen didn’t ask Mujin to give up his work in the bookstore and just keep his body well at home. He went to work with a huge stomach of nearly seven months. If anything happened, the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, Mujin refused his proposal and insisted on going to the bookstore to continue working. He said that he told Gu Ziqian that he will be taking leave when he was at 8 months before, so he could not take the leave earlier.

As for Mujin’s persistence, Gao Tianchen finally compromised. He only asked Mujin to come back early every day. If it too late, the dark night will not be safe.

In order to take care of Mujin, Gao Tianchen, who lead a pampered life, had also begun to learn how to cook. His cooking skills were not as exquisite as Mujin, but the food could still be eaten.

Today, there were few businesses in the company. Gao Tianchen finished his work early. He asked his secretary to pick up the fresh beef bones he ordered, and then he went to the department store to pick up some seasonal vegetables.

In the past, he couldn’t distinguish between slightly similar dishes. Now he was very good at choosing vegetables. This was also because he began to study when he started taking care of Mujin.

As soon as he got home, the house was dark and Mujin had not returned from work, Gao Tianchen began to put away the beef bones and vegetables.

When the vegetable and beef bone soup rumbled in the snow-white porcelain pot, the smell rose together with hot air. Gao Tianchen was ready to fry another dish. As soon as he poured the vegetables he cut into the oil-warm pot, he heard the sound of the door opening.

Gao Tianchen put down the spoon in his hand and went to the door. He watched Mujin entered the door, helped him take off his scarf and mask, and supported him to the sofa to sit down.

As he helped him turn on the TV with the remote control, he whispered, “Wait a little longer. Dinner is almost ready.” Then he went straight back to the kitchen.

Stir-frying with a pot spoon, Gao Tianchen felt like this scene was familiar. When he thought about it, he remembered that Mujin used to be like this.

Pouring your heart into making food with anticipation, and after hearing the sound of a door, go to the door to meet the expectant person.

When the dishes in the pot were cooked, Gao Tianchen swiftly turned off the fire and put the dishes, bowls, and chopsticks on the small table.

This meal was very quiet, Mujin did not speak so Gao Tianchen naturally did not speak too, but only attentively put food or soup into Mujin’s bowl.

Near the end of the meal, Mujin put down the bowls and chopsticks in his hand, and his black eyes looked at Gao Tianchen’s hand, but he did not speak.

Just when Gao Tianchen was puzzled, Mujin raised Gao Tianchen’s right hand. There was a blister on his slender and bony hand which was scalded by hot oil. It was so small that Gao Tianchen did not notice it himself.

Mujin frowned, he took out the fine needles and roasted them over the fire, then gently pricked on the bister with the tip of the needle before smearing them with cold ointment.

Gao Tianchen looked at the series of movements by Mujin in silence. His head was bowed down as he carefully treated the blister and all these touched somewhere soft in Gao Tianchen’s heart. When he finished, he suddenly lifted up Mujin’s white face and kissed him.

Unlike the previous gently kisses, the hot lips of Gao Tianchen burned him, he could only breath in the scent of the other party, Mujin’s eyes closed gently, and his eyelashes trembled slightly like wings.

This kiss was inseparable, igniting the frozen desire of both sides of several months. Gao Tianchen raised his hand to hold the head of Mujin, his flexible tongue invaded the other party’s territory and swallowed his sense, declaring his overbearing ownership.

“Xiao Jin… Can I?” Gao Tianchen kissed Mujin’s slightly trembling eyes and murmured to Mujin. He was not a man of excessive lust, but he had not vented his lust for months.

There was no sadness or joy in Mujin’s face, there was just no big fluctuation of emotions in his look. His eyes were closed, the long eyelashes trembled like wings, and his head lightly nodded.

With the permission of the other party, Gao Tianchen took up the heavy body of Mujin and went to the bed and put him down gently.

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