CF – 22

Chapter 22

In the morning, the first warm sunshine sprinkled over the bedside, the dotted light shined onto Mu Jin’s eyes, who was very tired last night. The first feeling he got up this morning was backache.

At this moment, he had just woken up, his mind was not completely clear, his eyes were staring at some place, and his eyes were scattered.

Gao Tianchen woke up for a long time. Looking at the early sky, he did not want to wake Mujin. He got out of bed cautiously. At this time, he was preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Today was the last day before Mujin began his maternity leave. Gao Tianchen told Mujin that he would leave work early in the evening and pick him up personally.

Mujin got out of bed dazedly and reached out to change his clothes. Before he could even touch the corner of his clothes, Gao Tianchen already grabbed the clothes. After tidying the clothes one by one, he raised his hand to unbutton the buttons of Mujin’s pajamas.

“Tianchen… I can do it myself.” Gao Tianchen’s cool hand gently rubbed the tender skin on his chest, invoked Mujin’s face with a slight red tinge, and he waved his hands indiscriminately.

Gao Tianchen grabbed Mujin’s hand gently with one hand and put it on his side, ignoring the other’s rejection, but carefully helped Mujin to dress neatly, as if afraid that the cold wind in the early spring will cause him to fall sick, even the scarf was carefully wrapped up.

“Come and eat, I’m done preparing.” He held the other party’s heavy body to the table and sit down carefully.

Mujin chewed slowly with his head down and his eyes drooping. There was some contradiction in his heart. Gao Tianchen was so kind to him now, which was better than his dreams.

Mujin knew Gao Tianchen too well. He was passionate, mature, and has a sense of responsibility. Every bit of this made Mujin love him to his bones.

But now he couldn’t see through. Gao Tianchen’s kindness to him was due to his responsibilities as a husband, or a little love he dared not expect?

Mujin’s head was very painful. He did not want to think about it anymore. How hard was it to love someone?

Anyway, by the time the baby was born, there should be an end between them.

After eating in silence, the two men went to work separately. Gao Tianchen wanted to send him to the bookstore, but Mujin refused to let him waste his time by taking a detour. Moreover, it was not far away so he could walk by himself.

Even on the last day, Mujin did not slack off at all. The cash register was fast and accurate. The exhibition boards were also very creative. There was no confusion in the classification of all kinds of books.

In his heart, Gu Ziqian had a great kindness for him. He was as gentle as the warm sunshine. He was willing to extend his hand to give him warmth and help when he was most depressed and helpless.

Towards the end of work time, Mujin earnestly thanked Gu Ziqian, but the other side’s mouth was slightly warped, and there seemed to be stars shining in his eyes.

Gently pat Mujin’s shoulder and say, “If you really want to thank me, how about making me the Godfather of this child?”

Mujin stared at each other in surprise, then smiled and agreed.

At that moment, a black Bentley came roaring and stopped steadily in front of the bookstore.

Gao Tianchen had just finished work, and his straight black suit had not been changed yet. His tall and straight figure, his handsome face with no facial expression and its unique cool and elegant features. You could tell he was someone of success.

The visitor calmly stepped into the bookstore, not wandering, but walking directly to the Mujin behind the cash register.

Gu Ziqian thought that this man should be the alpha of Mujin. After all, his pheromone scent was the same as that of Mujin.

When the visitor quietly waited for Mujin to pack up, Gao Tianchen said to Gu Ziqian, “Thank you very much for taking care of my partner during this period of time.”

Gu Ziqian leaned half against the wall beside the cash register, holding the bill in one hand and turning it over at will in the other.

“Shouldn’t it be his alpha who should take care of him meticulously?”

Gu Ziqian did not like this alpha, who was well-dressed but somewhat indifferent when he witnessed the countless hardships of Mujin in the past few months with his child.

As soon as he stepped out of the door of the bookstore, some cool breezes of the early spring brushed pass Mujin, and the slightly weak body of Mujin could not stand it, which made them tremble slightly.

Suddenly his body felt light, Mujin’s brain had not yet responded, and softly fell into a warm and solid embrace.

As soon as he looked up slightly, he was looking up at a pair of shining black eyes, deep as the unseen ripples of deep pools.

Everything about Gao Tianchen was a fatal attraction for Mujin. He hid his slightly reddish cheeks in his opponent’s broad chest, leaving only the ears dyed with red clouds.

Mujin did not want to fall into the gentleness of Gao Tianchen again. Otherwise, how could he let go of the little tenderness?

His hands that were originally laid on the raised abdomen slightly hesitated for a moment before trembling hugged around Gao Tianchen.

Anyway, there were not many such days for both of them. Even a moment of sunshine and rain can satisfy Mujin.

Just think of yourself as having a good dream.

But even if the dream was brilliant as the morning, there will be a day when you will have to wake up.

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