CF – 23

Chapter 23

Since Mujin stopped working in the bookstore, Gao Tianchen took him home through his unyielding attitude.

Malt had grown up a lot, the color of its fur was bright and carefully trimmed. When it saw Mujin coming back, it was so excited that its little tail was shaking. It made a mess on Mujin’s hand with its pink saliva-coated tongue.

Everything at home was the same as ever. Aunt Chen took care of all the household chores. Mujin only lay idly on the bed every day to raise the baby. If he was really too bored, he will hold a book in the backyard to bask in the sun for a while and strolled around for a few steps. He hardly went out.

But Mujin refused to let the Mu family come to see him. Gao Tianchen was puzzled about this, but Mujin stubbornly did not say any reason.

Yesterday, Gao Tianchen was worried that he was not well taken care of and nourished, that his body was weak, and that the fetus in his abdomen would be affected.

Fortunately, the report showed that all the indicators were normal except for the small size of the fetus. The expected date of delivery was about one month later.

Gao Tianchen had a little excitement surging in his heart. The child who was fused with his blood and Mujin will be born in more than a month. He felt amazed.

It was night when Gao Tianchen came out of the bathroom after taking a bath. The broad white bathrobe was wrapped in his tall figure, and the black hair was dripping with water.

Mujin half rested on the bed, with a soft pillow behind his waist. The dim light at the head of the bed wrapped him. His eyes drooped, his eyelashes were long as wings. In between his legs was a book. His slender and white hands flipped freely. The heavy sheets wrapped his huge stomach, forming a good-looking bulge.

Gao Tianchen had an inexplicable throb in his heart, he wiped the wet hair and sat directly beside Mujin.

“What are you looking at?” Inside the quilt was very warm, the person around him was still looking through the books in his hands, Gao Tianchen asked casually.

“Nothing, just flipping the book.”

Mujin’s body was emitting a light jasmine fragrance, Gao Tianchen smelled the sweetness, going through from his nose straight to his heart.

He leaned over and carefully embraced Mujin as if he was a fragile porcelain doll.

His gently placed his head on the other party’s soft and warm abdomen, and he could still feel the slight restlessness in Mujin’s abdomen through the quilt. That was their child.

Mujin’s body was stiff, and then relaxed and half leaned softly so that the people in front of him can feel the child’s activities well.

“H branch has some business to deal with. I’m leaving for half a month.” Gao Tianchen still rested his head on his stomach, and the slight vibration of his speech made Mujin itchy.

“Take a good rest until I come back.”

“En,” Mujin gently moved away from him, his tone was warm. “I’ll wait for you.”

The night was dark. Mujin put down his book. Gao Tianchen turned off the lamp at the bedside and pulled over the quilt to cover him.

Mujin closed his eyes, and somehow a strange sense of fear and uneasiness came out of his heart and quietly occupied his heart.

It’s all right. It’s only half a month. It will be gone quickly.

He comforted his troubled heart, closed his eyes but wasn’t able to fell asleep.

It was in the afternoon when Mujin had just had lunch. He probably ate a little too much and had some swelling in his stomach. He wanted to go for a walk in the backyard.

The outdoor weather was gloomy, dark clouds wandering in the gray sky. Gao Tianchen had left nearly for half a month, this period of time, his mood was as volatile as the drifting clouds; he always felt an unexplainable uneasiness.

He guessed he’ll be back soon.

Although Mujin did not say anything, he still had some expectations in his heart. He was not considered a strong heartened man. He might have endured the torture of pregnancy, but he could not restrain himself from wanting to have a short-term dependence.

The original feeling of distension in the lower abdomen seemed to be mixed with dull pain. Mujin reached out and rubbed his abdomen gently, and his fingers slowly circled on it to comfort the child. After all, ever since he was pregnant, the abdominal pain had been going off and on. Thinking that the pain will go off in a while like it usually did, he did not bother about it.

Looking at how the sky seemed to be about to rain, along with Mujin’s mood becoming more impetuous, the abdominal pain began to intensify. Mujin’s breathed a little faster, clumsily planning to go back to the bedroom to lie down for a while.

After the child became bigger, Mujin’s limbs were seriously swollen, especially his legs. They were swollen like he grew one size, so much that he could not even wear his shoes.

Mujin walked slowly, his legs were weak, his huge abdomen was in front of him, and he could hardly see his legs.

The winding path in the courtyard was paved with flat marble slabs. Yesterday, there was heavy rain. Rain washed along the path. Somehow, the edge of a slab was raised at a small end.

Mujin’s eyes were blocked by his raised abdomen, and he did not notice the potential danger ahead. He staggered and fell uncontrollably, kneeling on the cold hard marble slab as soon as his knees bent.

The child in the abdomen was shocked by the fall, and Mujin only felt abdominal pain suddenly intensified. He held the ground with one hand, hugged the child in front of his abdomen with the other. He gasped heavily.

Cold sweat oozed from his forehead and damped his fringe in front of the forehead. He knelt unsteadily with soft and trembling legs. Mujin felt a different kind of bearing down pain. He was disconcerted and his mind was a confused mess.

There was a terrible but realistic idea in his heart.

He’s afraid he going to have a premature birth.

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