CF – 24

Chapter 24

Mujin struggled to get up, but his legs were exhausted and he could not exert any strength.

With a strange pain in the bottom of the abdomen, some warm liquid slowly flowed out of his body along the legs and dripped on the marble floor.

His water broke?

Mujin was stunned for a few seconds before he was conscious of this. He was so frightened that he wanted to shout for help. Yet he could only open his mouth and make some little fragmented moan.

The desperate and helpless eyes swept around and saw the decorative crystal flower racks placed by the side of the path.

Holding up his heavy body with his hands, he gritted his teeth and endured the growing abdominal pain. Moving slowly to the roadside, he pushed with all his strength.

Ear shaking noise sounded at the collapse of the crystal flower rack. Soon, it was accompanied by several loud barks of the dog in the house.

The pain in his abdomen was still aggravating like it wanted to tear out all the organs in his body mercilessly. Yet Mujin sighed with relief, and his heavy head was getting dizzy with the lack of air. His consciousness also began to dissipate.

His vision became blurred and he could not persevere on after all. His hands were dead on on protecting his stomach and he fell on the cold floor.

Mujin’s mind had been muddled, from being found fainted in the backyard by Aunt Chen to being sent to an ambulance, his eyes had not opened. Cold sweat had already soaked his whole body, only his slight broken groans showed a little anger.

He only felt that his body was very light, and the soul seemed to have left his flesh and was floating around as if it was being pulled and moving in the direction of the unknown.

The surrounding was still and quiet, warm and soft light shone at the end of the distance, Mujin instinctively want to go near the light. As if the end was a shore with no pain, no loneliness.

At a distance within his reach, Mujin was suddenly pulled back by some force, and suddenly, a sharp and intense pain burst from his body, as if it wanted to tear the Mujin thin body into two halves with its bare hands.

Mujin raised his head in pain and couldn’t help uttering a scream. His soaked hair of cold sweat was sticking randomly on his face, and it shook with the fierce struggle.

His eyes were half open, and the fundus of his eyes was slightly glistening with liquid. On top of his head was the operating lamp hanging over the operating table. The bright light made him dizzy.

He had been changed into loose clothes. A large light blue cloth covered his high abdomen. He could not see his lower body. He could only feel the warm liquid between his legs flowing out of his body, a thin strand that did not stop.

Several doctors in sterile clothes surrounded the operating table. They were wearing masks and it showed their frowns, it seemed that the situation was not good.

Mujin’s face was pale without blood color. His chest seemed to be blocked by something. Even with him wearing an oxygen mask, he was still breathless and had difficulties breathing.

“Doctor…” Mujin gritted at his teeth, his chest was clogged with chilliness as he whispered softly, “My…Has my family come yet?”

The doctor next to him nodded and motioned the nurse to go out and call them. After a while, Lady Mu came in wearing a white sterile dress.

The mask covered her delicate face, leaving only a pair of eyes that were swollen from crying.

The son struggled helplessly in the delivery bed, his chest fluctuated faintly, his breath was melancholy, and his lower body bled like a small stream, bleeding away his vitality and life.

“Mom, has Tianchen come back yet?” Mujin speech was very slow but very gentle. Eyes like warm dawn with some slight expectations.

He was so painful that his consciousness was about to collapse. It was like a huge wave had swallowed his body. There was no end to the pain and he could not see the end of it.

When human were at their most vulnerable, they would want to get even a slight comfort to support them from falling.

Mujin wanted Gao Tianchen to accompany him, firmly hold his hand, gently wipe the sweat from his face, and give him comfort and encouragement.

“Xiao Jin… I’ve already told him, “Lady Mu said while sobbing.” He’s anxious. He wants to immediately fly over. He should be on the plane now.”

Mu Jin’s eyes slowly drooped down and his eyebrows tightened. His bright eyes stained with a layer of sadness and a seam of coldness gradually swallowed his heart.

“I have no more strength…” The child in his abdomen was restless and struggling to get out, but Mujin could not take out a trace of strength to push.

His body was weak, to begin with. Without his alpha pheromone to relieve the pain, his heart couldn’t bear the burden.

“Mom, use the drug. Take the child… Take the child out… Mujin’s eyes were white, it was slightly dimmed. But the corners of his mouth rise slightly, with a slightly relieved smile, the tone was mild and warm.

Lady Mu muffled her mouth and sobbed silently. Tears trickled down her cheeks and soaked a big patch of the mask.

She wanted to shake her head and refuse. She wanted her son to try again. But the doctor said that the displacement of the fetus and the weakness of the mother made it almost impossible for him to have a normal birth.

Looking at the blood gushing from her son’s lower body and the bulge of his abdomen, only she knew what the decision of Mujin meant.

Mujin’s body was naturally allergic to the anesthetic. Injecting it will cause serious imbalance and weakening of his pheromone, and it will be very dangerous to his life.

“Mom…” The mother’s heart struggled endlessly. Mujin tried to pick up her scattered consciousness and pleaded weakly.

His heart felt stifled, the pain like a beast with sharp tusks tearing his flesh and blood. His strength drained away with the blood loss from his lower body.

The body had reached its limit.

Lady Mu finally nodded her head, and Mujin collapsed completely on the delivery bed. His half-opened eyes were as bright as before, with a gleeful ray of water beneath his eyes and his hands hanging weakly at her side.

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  2. Ugh don’t you know you can’t just leave your heavily pregnant and about to pop spouse home alone and fly off somewhere far away?!? If only MJ had GTC’s support at this time he probably could muster up some strength to push… Poor thing…

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