CF – 25

Chapter 25

Before falling into the chaos, Mujin squeezed the last bit of strength in his body, and his eyes drooped slightly, covering his eyes and making his expression unseeable.

The lips trembled slightly, and the exhaled hot air formed a white mist on the oxygen mask. Lady Mu lay gently on his bedside to hear his faint voice.

“I… don’t think I can wait for …Tianchen anymore…” As if speaking each word was expelling his life force.

His faint breath sustained his words, “The bottom of the bookcase!” I… Left something behind. Give him… “

Warm and red blood poured out from his lower body, stabbing at the eyes of the people around him, but Mujin closed his eyes like he wasn’t aware, sweats formed all around his body. His fingers no longer struggled.

The doctors next to him no longer hesitated. After getting Lady’s Mu’s consent, he speedily starting operating on Mujin.

His condition was not optimistic, there was a congenital weakness, fetal malposition leading to dystocia, accompanied by signs of massive hemorrhage.

The anesthetic slowly pushed along the needle tube into the quiet body lying on the operating table. Lady Mu dared not face the tragedy in front of her. She covered her mouth and turned around, silently weeping.

She had lost a child. Will God take away her last son again?

On the other side, Gao Tianchen just got off the plane.

At the shareholders’meeting of the branch company, Gao Tianchen received the news of the premature delivery of Mujin. He was so nervous that his fingers were trembling while holding a pen. He immediately shelved the meeting and rushed to the airport at the fastest speed.

He had to go back to accompany Mujin. He could not imagine how dangerous an omega giving birth would be without his alpha.

Moreover, Mujin was so weak and he had just only gained some weight with much difficulties in the past two months. He was also terrified of pain, giving birth to him were like taking a trip to the hell’s gate.

Gao Tianchen couldn’t get any information about Mujin on the plane. He was so anxious that every nerve stretched to the extreme and he prayed that Mujin and the child would not have anything to happen to them.

Four hours later, the plane landed at S City’s airport. Gao Tianchen trembled and opened his cell phone. A bunch of news bombarded him. Except for the termination of the meeting, there was only one message from Lady Mu. The content was very short, but Gao Tianchen’s heart was tightly touched.

“The baby was born, healthy alpha boy.”

This text message was like a reassuring pill, which made Gao Tianchen’s palpitation lower.

Holding the steering wheel tightly, he tapped his slender and powerful fingers anxiously. His thoughts had already flown to the hospital. He wished he could fly down with wings.

The child came out safely. Before looking at Mujin’s frail body, he was worried that the conceiving process would not go smoothly.

Unexpectedly, he was only gone for less than half a month and the baby was born when he came back.

Mujin gave birth alone, presumably, it must be very hard for him. His temperament had always been tolerant, he would not make any noise despite having discomforts brought by the pregnancy. He would just bear it all in his heart.

How could he survive this heart-tearing pain when he gave birth like this?

At the thought of this, Gao Tianchen’s mind was somewhat confused, and he drove to the downtown hospital in a hurry.

He was on the road full of guilt and worry, but did not know that at this time, Mujin had been lying unconsciously on the operating table.

The pheromone in his body was being mercilessly strangled by ether in anesthetics, engulfing the previously healthy territory, weakening the pheromone, accompanied by irrepressible heart failure and nerve shock, making it very difficult for him to keep breathing faintly even with an oxygen mask.

Doctors around them were working together to make the final effort with the most professional methods, trying to recover this person who had been wandering in the dying days from the hands of the God of death.

When Gao Tianchen rushed to the hospital, he only saw the Master Mu and his father. His face was never more solemn and deep.

Lady Mu had already cried into tears. Her petite body could not bear the grief of her heart. She was almost unconscious and she fell asleep with a tranquilizer.

Gao Tianchen’s heart was filled with terrible and ominous foreboding.

“Dad, where’s Xiaojin?” His lips shuddered uncontrollably, trying to make his voice sound less trembling, and he spoke softly and asked his father.

His eyes were full of hopes and prayers. All he hoped was that he was too worried, that his father would tell him that Mujin had no issue.

Master Gao did not reply. He was always dignified and powerful. He just lowered his eyes and shook his head. He reached out his hand which was stained by the years and patted him gently on the shoulder.

“He’s… Very bad. Doctors have tried their best, but he is not out of danger.”

“You lied to me! I don’t believe it!” Gao Tianchen couldn’t believe it. He was so agitated that he slapped his father’s hand away.

“The child has been born safely, and he will be okay… There’s no way he was not fine…” Gao Tianchen seemed to have his soul stolen. He did not have any spirit in his eyes and muttered incessantly.

His body was decadent, his fists were clenched, his knuckles were faint and white, and the hair on his forehead drooped slightly, covering his dull eyes.

After a long silence, they heard him asked with trembling voice, “Where is Xiaojin?” The voice was as hoarse as gravel.

Mujin did not escape from the danger of life or regained consciousness. His slender body was filled with tubes of various instruments and equipment, which maintained his weak life.

Gao Tianchen stood beside the broad hospital bed and gazed at the person in the bed quietly. His eyes were so cautious that he dared not even reach out and touch him lightly for fear that if he touched him slightly, the fragile life would be broken by the surrounding breeze.

He was very regretful, very regretful. Sadness overflowed his whole heart, it swallowed his heart, burning away his useless and cowardly soul to ashes.

The sleeping man’s mouth was slightly tilted, with a comforting and gentle smile. He was quiet as if he were sleeping soundly. He seemed to be trapped in the chaos by a beautiful dream.

It seemed that there was a trace of warm and glittering liquid accumulated in the burning orbit, and it slipped.

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