CF -27

Chapter 27

The high-rise buildings was line up in rows amidst of the darkness, standing in the dense night with neon light flashing, Gao Tianchen stood in front of the landing window of his top floor office with a cigarette in his hand. He was silent for a long time, only overlooking at the flow of people and the roaring cars underneath him.

Although he was not addicted to smoking, he still started smoking when he was a teenager. However, in the past years, Muze did not liked it so he quitted.

In the two years after Muze’s departure, he was depressed and dispirited. He grew addicted to the tobacco and drank all day, ignoring the world. He only gradually came out of the shadow of losing his lover after more than a year.

A cigarette burned from the top to the tip of his finger. He glanced at a pile of documents on the wide desk and went back to resuming his work on his desk. The desk was filled with all kinds of documents and he calmly gave all kinds of accurate instructions with concentration.

Every day he will use all his energy and his highest standards to complete his work. Clean and neat like a machine, his handsome face was occupied by coldness and he was unsmilling.

Gao Tianchen’s most anticipated thing every day was to go home, where there were everything about his and Mujin’s entanglements and intersections, as well as their lovely child.

The black Bentley shuttled in the setting sun, along the winding road to the suburban villas.

He took off his suit coat and hung it on the shelf beside the porch. Gao Tianchen went straight to the baby’s room on the second floor.

Once he entered, the warm orange wallpaper covered the entire of the room. On the floor lay with velvet carpet were all kinds of toys that babies will love. In the middle, there was an exquisite and unique baby wooden bed, the 2 months old Baby Gao had been sleeping quietly in it.

Gao Tianchen walked lightly to the baby’s bed, lifted the breathable silk curtain hanging on the bed, and looked down at him.

Unlike the wrinkled face first seen in the incubator, Baby Gao’s face had long grown, and his skin was white and tender akin to the shell of an egg; and people dared not touch him with the softest touch.

He seemed to have just been taken care of and fed by Aunt Chen. He held one hand into a small fist, and the other hand had two fingers in his mouth. His cherry-like lips were pursed and his face looked satisfied.

Gao Tianchen pamperedly tapped at his son’s ruddy little face with his fingers. Baby Gao was very quiet and his nosetrils gently folded. His warm breath sprayed on his hand and this touched at Gao Tianchen’s inner softness.

After helping his son tidy up the quilt, Gao Tianchen got up and left, walking towards the room at the end of the corridor.

This room was specially prepared for Mujin by Gao Tianchen. It had all the medical equipment needed by Mujin. The whole room was like a small ICU ward.

Mujin lay in the spacious and soft hospital bed, his small and most of his beautiful face was covered by an oxygen mask. His eyes were closed and he seemed to fall asleep.

Time flew. It had been two months since Gao Pingan was born. Although Mujin had escaped from the danger, he showed no signs of awakening, and his various functions were slow and weak.

He needed all kinds of delicate medical machines to maintain the movement of life. Although Mujin was unconscious, Gao Tianchen could not bear for him to lie alone in the cold hospital. He spent a lot of energy in arranging a ward at home and took Mujin home.

With all kinds of nutrients infused into the body, Mujin inevitably lost another size, his face was as white as paper, and his long, curling eyelashes were as black as wings.

Gao Tianchen sat beside his bed, there was only Mujin in his sight and his eyes were full of tenderness and attactment.

Mujin had purple and blue pinholes of the transfusion tube on the back of his hand. Gao Tianchen dared not even hold it lightly.

“Xiaojin, you know, Aunt Chen told me that when he was having dinner today, she realised that our son could hold the spoon. He is very cute and looked like you,” Gao Tianchen said slowly, as if Mujin who was on the bed could hear his usual chatter about some daily trifles.

“I know you love him, but you haven’t even seen him at all,” he refused to move his sight. “Don’t you want to accompany him as he grows, how can you bear to miss all his tinybit of growing up?”

“Wake up…” He stood up and dropped a kiss on the sleeping man’s forehead. Gao Tianchen made sure the thick white quilt covered Mujin properly before he turned and left the room.

He did not notice the doll-like Mujin behind him, his hands that was lying on the bed, a finger slightly moved by only a tiny margin.

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