CF 28

Chapter 28

Every morning before Gao Tianchen went to work, he had a habit of going to the Mujin’s ward to take a look before he leave the house.

Just like any ordinary families, the husband would get up early to work hard and give their sleeping lover a gentle kiss before leaving.

Today, as usual, he pushed open the door of the ward, but found that Mujin’s hand, which had been placed on both sides of his body, seemed to have moved a little bit. One of his hands even curled slightly, and his finger were also curled a little.

He was somewhat surprised. He was stunned for a few seconds on the spot. Suddenly, he reacted and felt like his heart was going to leaped out of his chest. He rushed to the hospital bed of Mujin and called for the person on the bed with eagerness.

“Xiaojin! Are you awake?”

Mujin only felt that he was wandering around in a fog, surrounded by nothing, no sound, no light. He was full of unknown fear.

He couldn’t remember why he felt desperate and tired. His mind was chaotic, his whole body was torn apart and his heart was exhausted.

Not wanting to struggle with the reality, Mujin wanted to simply surrender, but a familiar voice came from a distance. It was so far that it didn’t felt real.

Who was calling him? It sounded anxious as if the called was concerned.

The heavy, leaden eyelids were painfully torn apart, and the intense light burned his long-unused dark orbits.

His consciousness was still somewhat hazy, and his line of sight was not very clear. Mujin stared on top for a long time, his eyes slowly had a focal length, but when he once again saw the person around him, his body stiffened.

“I… I’m not in the hospital?” His cracked lips quivered for a long time before he made a few sound out of his dry and hoarse throat and barely put the words into a sentence. His voice was hoarse as grit.

Gao Tianchen bent over and drew up the fine hair scattered on Mujin’s head. He said softly, “I’m gald that you are awake, I’ve taken you back from the hospital. You are currently in our home now.”

Mujin stared at Gao Tianchen who with looking tenderly at him, and his eyes that were still not very conscious were tinged with fear and uneasiness. It seemed that he was somewhat confused and afraid of his attitude.

“Tianchen… Cough and cough… Did you sign what I left you?”

He had just woken up so his breath was light and his mind was not working. Many things from the past was jumbling around in his chaotic brain. He did not trace them, but he remembered one thing.

He left a divorce agreement for Gao Tianchen. According to his previous agreement with his father, after giving birth to their child, they would be strangers and had nothing to do with each other.

Gao Tianchen never imagined that the first thing Mujin woke up was to divorce him, and for a time his words were stuck in place.

Yes, he had promised the Master Mu that the absurd and fruitless marriage between the two will end after the birth of an alpha child.

He had something in his heart that he couldn’t let go or forget, so he brutally locked Mujin outside his door. No matter what sacrifices and efforts the other party made, it would be hopelessly lost and he could not get his response.

It was not that he did not think about letting go, but they keep on hurting each other and bringing suffering. He never gave Mujin even a little trust and trampled on its free love wantonly.

This relationship started absurbly, the process was laced with difficult steps, and the end was also a bleak closure.

Not wanting him to think nonsense, Gao Tianchen turned his eyes away and evaded Mujin’s clear and sincere stare.

“Don’t think too much. Have a good rest. I’ll go to the company first.”

The sound of the door closing gently rang in his ears, Mujin closed his heavy eyes, and his brain bursted with pain. He was about to be exhausted to death and was powerless annihilated.

Looking at Gao Tianchen’s silent mood, Mujin knew that he should not had signed it.

The reason he had to guess was that maybe he was afraid of hurting his heart. After all, his alpha was always a gentle person.

After consciously laying in bed for half a month, Mujin slowly grew better. Although his face was not as ruddy as that of normal people, it was no longer as pale as a white paper.

His body functions recovered well, and his mind was basically awake. The pheromone index gradually rose from a low to a normal level.

Gao Tianchen tried to push aside some unnecessary entertainment and meetings in the company, and often took care of the gradually improving Mujin at home.

On a sunny afternoon, the sky was clear and no sights of clouds floating. The warm wind and warm sunshine poured down the earth like water, and the green grass was dyed with a brilliant red.

Narrow wheels gently rolled over the flat stone road, Mujin slept for too long, his fringe had grew a little longer, slightly covering both eyes. A breeze gently blown and it pulled up the fine pale brown.

The young Gao An sat quietly on his father’s knee, his small, fleshy face was smooth, his big bright eyes were shining with water, his short arms were as white as lotus root, and his small hand gently grasped the tail finger of Mujin.

Before, Mujin was afraid of that Baby Gao would not be intimate with himself. After all, in the two months after his birth, he did not existed as his role of being his father. When he held him for the first time, he was extremely nervous. He was afraid that he would be surprised by this stranger himself, and that he would not understand and hurt him when he hugged him.

Unexpectedly, this small dumpling took the initiative to climb up to Mujin’s neck and gave him a wet bloop on the face. Mujin was so surprised that his eyes turned red and tears almost fell. His emotion bursted, he could not help holding onto his small face, and fiercely kissed the baby several times before carefully cuddling him in his arms like he was a rare treasure.

The baby stared at the person in front of him with big black eyes. Although they was face-to-face, the pheromone emitted from him was so gentle and familiar that he could not help wanting to be closer even if he was at such a young age.

Looking at today’s fine weather, Gao Tianchen pushed Mujin out to breathe. He could not walk too long because of his bad spirit. Gao Tianchen simply took him into a wheelchair and put the small dumpling that refused to let go of his fingers beside him.

When they were alone, they always said very little. In the past, Gao Tianchen listened to Mujin and said nothing, but now Gao Tianchen was basically the one saying something to ease the atmosphere, in exchange for a slight shake or nod of Mujin’s head.

“Tianchen, you say,” Mujin gently pinched Baby Gao’s smooth face. He opened his lips and his voice was hoarse. “What’s our relationship now?”

Gao Tianchen listened to his questions, and his eyes fell on Mujin. His eyes were complex, and his eyes drooped like a cover, but he did not answer.

He had been escaping from this problem since Mujin woke up. Now that he was facing the other party so frankly asked question, he could not hide any more.

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  3. “It was not that he did not think about letting go, but they keep on hurting each other and bringing suffering.”

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