CF 29

Chapter 29

This question was really a little insicive and thorny. Mujin’s mind was delicate and sensitive. Gao Tianchen did not know how to answer it for a moment. After going through so much, he could no longer let go of the other party.

“Xiaojin, don’t think too much. You are my only companion.” He stopped pushing the wheelchair, he bent over slightly, and his slender knuckle fingers gently lifted the other party’s strand of hair that was blown messy by the wind.

The man in the wheelchair looked calm. He turned his head and avoided Gao Tianchen’s fingers.

“Is it because I’m the biological father of the child? Or is it because of the legal marriage certificate?”

Mujin’s tone was so calm that it was somewhat inexplicable, like a pool of stagnant water, without any ripples.

He had never seen such a Mujin before. Like he was a stranger and Gao Tianchen felt a little anxious. He felt that the other party did not seem to believe in him. He urgently retorted, “No, because I…”

“Do you want to say you love me?” Mujin calmly grabbed the words that he wanted to say. His tone had no longer contained the coolness that he used to have.

Gao Tianchen did not continue his words, but only pulled Mujin into his embrace. The other party’s thin and cold body clung to his broad chest, and he could not help wanting to blend with it, to pamper him, to cherish him.

“If I say yes, you… Will you believe?”

Mu Jin was slightly breathless from the hugging, but he did not push him away. He hung his head slightly and his eyes were covered by fine hair.

“It’s all right, Tianchen.” He pulled out a pale smile from the corner of his mouth and hung it on his bloodless face. “You don’t have to lie to me by saying these beautiful things because you’re afraid of me feeling misery.”

“I spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking about it for a long time before I hardened my heart and made this decision.”

Mujin’s voice was weak, but his words were like sharp knives, and it pieced into Gao Tianchen’s heart so painfully.

“No! I’m not deceiving you. My heart is truly… Moved by you.”

Hearing this, Mujin’s body was slightly stiff and somewhat surprised. The brown’s amber-like eyes stared at Tianchen, with the clarity of a pool of clear spring water.

“Then… Muze? Do you still like him?” Mujin’s voice was very small and his words were gentle, but Gao Tianchen was still aware of the tremor in his tone.

He knew that Mujin was afraid of the answer he would give in the next second, and he, himself felt a sudden pain and depression when he heard that person’s name. That person took a deep root in his heart, even if he wanted to pull it out now, it would burn his bones and heart.

Mujin waited quietly for the answers of the person behind him. His whole body were stiff. With the silence engulfing, the fear and uneasiness in his hearts gradually intensified and swallowed up the slightest bit of hope.

Aware that the other party will not give him an answer, Mujin had some self-mockery, where did he get the courage from to compare with his little brother? Was it just that he had a child and began to be complacent and forgetful?

“Ah, sorry, I looked into it to much. Pretend that I’ve never asked you, both of you are really well matched. Even I, the envious ugly rival feels that you two are made for each other.”

With a faint sigh, it sighed away all his expectations and chances left in his heart. Mujin had already made a decision. Even if Muze was gone, he shouldn’t be so cruel to tie him down.

He gently broke away from Gao Tianchen’s embrace and spoke as if he was impecepted, his voice as soft as murmur.

“I’m apologetic, to have caused you to lose your loved one and live with someone you don’t love for so long, and even having to bear with my wishful thinking.”

“Sign the agreement, and you’ll be free.”

That night, the sun was falling, and the shadows covered everything in the world. The lights in the villa were almost turned off, leaving only a little light in the study, which was very conspicuous.

There was nothing on the broad desk except a glass of unmoved champagne. The pale golden liquor was wrapped around the crystal-like ice in the glass.

Gao Tianchen opened the drawer and the thing inside lay quietly at the bottom of the drawer.

Gently pulling it out, it was clearly only a few thin sheets of paper, but he felt like he was holding onto a thousand kilogram of weight.

Turning it over bit by bit, his actions were so slow, like he was a rusted machine. The familiar font in the signature, and the blank space. It was really stabbing to the eyes.

With a silent sigh, Mujin had always been a excessively stubborn person. He used to be stubborn in his love, now he was stubborn in letting go.

He did not cherish him in the past, wantonly trampling on the other party’s affection, cutting the other party with bruises all over. How bastard was he, that he was able to exhaust the other party’s affectionate, and the other party only requested for freedom.

His eyebrows were frowning tightly, his brain was chaotic, and his chest was so tightly pressed that he could hardly breathe.

This must be what he deservered right? Reaping what one had sown? He did not know how to cherish, but only blindly fled, thinking that as long as he fled, things would not happen, and it hurt the people he cared about.

When the last drop of champagne fell into his bitter throat, he shook his hands, picked up his pen and signed his name one by one.

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6 thoughts on “CF 29

  1. Arghhh!! I think they’re both still on different wavelengths here…. MJ thinking that he wants to leave to help GTC be free from this “forced” responsibility and GTC thinking MJ wants to leave because he no longer loves him. It’s understandable that GTC can’t just forget MZ so quickly, and MJ must be emotionally tired from waiting, but it seems GTC is looking to have a future with MJ and truly cares for him. They just need some time and communication.

  2. I honestly think it’s a good thing for them to have some time away from each other as they heal their own emotional wounds.

    Probably much better than continually misunderstanding & unintentionally hurting each other.

    But holy tianchen.. Hopefully this serves him a great lesson & learn to control his temper. I know he’s redeeming himself but I’m still kinda pissed he did that when he perfectly knows mujin is pregnant.

    All in all I’m hoping they’ll be happy after everything passes. ♡

  3. “This must be what he deservered right? Reaping what one had sown? He did not know how to cherish, but only blindly fled, thinking that as long as he fled, things would not happen, and it hurt the people he cared about.”
    You abbout damn right you motherf****!!!!! Now go on your knee cuz I like you begging !!
    Thnk for the chappy !!

  4. This author knows how to satisfy the readers. I’m happy. They both need to be away from each other and GT needs to let go of Muze. Right now, he’s chained to the white moonlight in his heart and it’s not fair for Mujin. For others, it might be okay for their lovers to hold on to dead lovers but the thing is, Mujin has always been deprived of love and care directed upon him. He doesn’t cherish himself, therefore, he needs someone who would love him solely, pamper him, and make him feel that he is worth it. It sucks that they are twins because Mujin will always think it is because he looks like Muze that GT can love him.

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