CF – 30

Chapter 30

The midsummer rain was always fierce, scouring the dry and hot ground. The moist crescent moon shone in the sky, emitting a bright and shining light, just like a veil, drifting and sprinkling.

With some supplies just bought from the supermarket, Mujin walked along the riverside path and watched the stars reflected on the river, like a thin layer of fine silver powder.

The summer night wind blown leisurely. It was fresh and cool, blowing away his tiredness accumulated today as he walked along.

The residential building was surrounded by a small market park, and it was currently the time when people came out for a walk. He shuttled between the parks, surrounded by laughter. It was very lively.

He walked with an unfasten pace, with a gentle and calm face as he enjoyed the relax and comfortable atmosphere in the air.

A happy and harmonious family, a loving and warm relationship and a lovely and lively child. They were once all he dreamed of.

But for him, these were unrealistic to the extreme. He tried hard to strive, and even put his life on the line in hoping for changes. Unfortunately, it all ended without a conclusion.

Now that it had reached this circumstance, why bother to be entangled anymore?

With a sigh, Mujin silently complained about his erratic thoughts.

The Park enclosed a small plot of land as a playground for children and some corresponding facilities were also built. Several children of the same age laughed and screamed as they slid down the slide. Their expressions showed excitement and liveliness.

Looking at these lovely little dolls, Mujin remembered Baby Gao that was at the Gao Family. His heart was punctured with pain, his chest was stuffy, and longingness occupied his whole body.

A month ago, Gao Tianchen finally signed the agreement, and the entanglement between the two ended.

But Gao Tianchen insisted that Baby Gao was the only heir of the Mu Family and his family. He was not allowed to be taken away by Mujin. Mujin could come to see Baby Gao at any time, but only if he knew about it.

Moreover, his body had not yet recovered, so he was not suitable to undergo the operation to remove the mark. Therefore, before the operation, Mujin’s estrus period was still in charge by Gao Tianchen.

These seemingly unreasonable requests were accepted by Mujin. After so many experiences, he only sought for relief. Moreover, he had broken ties with the Mu family himself. With Gao Tianchen taking care of his child, he would be educated and cared for, which was something he could not afford even with if he wanted to.

He returned to Boss Gu’s bookstore and used all his savings to buy the single room he used to live in. The owner took him in as gently as before without complaint.

For a whole month, he had not returned to the cold villa, nor had he seen his own child, and he endured his estrus period through the drugs and inhibitors.

He would not bother him unless he really had to. As long as his loved ones could live well, he didn’t care even if his longing had turned into illness and visited him.

Now he only wanted peace.

Since midsummer, the climate had become more muggy and unbearable. The hot sun scorched the dry ground, accompanied by noisy cicadas outside the window.

It was in the afternoon when there were very few customers. Gu Ziqian sat idly behind the cash desk, turning over his books. The store had enough air-conditioning, but it was much cooler than outside.

Mujin came out of the lounge with a small dish of dessert and a cup of black tea, which was very fragrant, and gently placed it beside the store owner.

“Thank you.” Gu Ziqian didn’t know that Mujin could cook, and his skill was not bad.

Before, an alpha took him away when he was deep in pregnancy in his arms. He thought he would never see the cute clerk again, but expectedly after a few months, Mujin was back once again.

“I left a portion for Xi Chu. He likes sweet food the best.”

“By the way, can I leave work earlier today?”

Mujin rarely asked for early work off.

Gu Ziqian’s eyes moved out of the window. From the beginning, the sky was somewhat gloomy. With the hot summer wind, the leaves rolled up and beat against the doors and windows with a rustling sound.

There seemed to be a storm brewing.

“It may be possible, but looking at the weather, it may be raining heavily in a moment.” Gu Ziqian hesitated somewhat.

“That’s all right. I’ll take my umbrella with me.” There was a vague urgency in the tone of Mujin.

He had a plan today and he feared that he would miss it later.

Picking up an umbrella, Mujin hurried out of the bookstore and stood in front of the station crowded with passers-by waiting for the bus.

Vehicles came and went in front of him, throbbing with his anticipation.

Now was the rush hour of going off work, Mujin squeezed into the bus, grasped the supporting ring tightly with one hand, shaking for several stops before he got off.

Dark green clouds covered the blue sky, the sky was gloomy and only slightly bright. Mujin buried his head and walked quickly into a tall pink building.

According to the news given by Aunt Chen, today was the day Baby Gao was taken to swim and develop. Normally, Gao Tianchen will take his son personally, but today he had a social interaction that he could not push away. Mujin could come and see Xiao Gao.

God knew how excited Mujin was when he received the news. His son was the most inseparable persistence. Even a glance at him was infinite excitement.

Along the quiet corridor, one by one, this was a high-end baby swimming pool. Each room was designed and decorated according to the different sex of the baby. The wall near the corridor was made into a transparent floor-glass window. The world inside was at a glance.

More than a dozen pink-tooted children of different months flashed past his eyes. Mujin came to a window and stopped suddenly.

With eyes wide open, Mujin felt some hotness in his eyes and his nose was sour. Some warm liquid slipped out of his eyes and fell over his jaw.


this SHOULD be what Baby Gao is doing

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