CF 31

Chapter 31

Baby Gao’s small, white and soft body was carefully lifted up by the caregiver. His body was soaked in the clear and warm water until rosy. The plump wrists and ankles moved around, kicking at the water.

Mujin stretched out his hand trembling slightly. With curled fingers, he tapped on the glass window and greeted Baby Gao who was inside.

Baby Gao was who fluttering in the water with joy turned his head as if he felt something and saw Mujin who was outside. The corners of his mouth curled up and he made loving babbling sounds.

It had been more than a month since he saw his son, now that he saw him, Mujin’s heart throbbed. His face made a smile and his tears could not stop rustling down.

He really wanted to hug him. Just a while will do.


There was a sudden familiar call laced with doubts behind him, and it made Mujin trembled.

The hand that tapped on the glass window stunned there. Mujin was struck by lightning, and there was only one reaction in his brain.

He shouldn’t have come. He should turn around and run away until he never sees Gao Tianchen again.

In fact, he did. He walked down the stairs with a vigorously he never had, regardless of the cries of the person behind him.

It was already showering heavy patters of rain outside. The dark sky looked as if it could collapse anything in the next second. Although it was summer, the temperature dropped sharply.

Mujin seemed to have no feeling, and his pace was unpausing as he rushed into the curtain of rain.

The cold rain fell on him, his clothes were long soaked. He just wanted to leave.

But Gao Tianchen had already caught up to him and grabbed his arm and plunged him into his embrace.

The arms wrapped around Mujin’s waist desperately. Gao Tianchen’s embrace was eager and warm. It carried emotions that cannot be vented.

Mujin was getting a little uncomfortable from the strangle. He tried to break away from his arm, but he could not get away.

Xiaojin… I miss you. Let me hug you…” The expression of the man behind him could not be seen, but the slightly trembling hoarse voice revealed his uneased mood.

The person in his arms gradually ceased to struggle. Quiet and silent as the water droplets on the brown hair slowly fell down like silk thread.

“Let me go… We have nothing to do with each other…”

“No, you are the biological father of our child, my… Lover. ” The tall figure with a drooping head, carefully embracing the person in his arms, his expression was akin to looking at a treasure.

“For more than a month, there is only you in my mind, dreaming of our past,” Gao Tianchen’s voice stained with a strong nasal sound.

“I have been unwilling to face your feelings. I do not know how to cherish you and hurt you so deeply that you dare not come to see our child.”

Mujin never spoke. Gao Tianchen could only see the traces of water droplets behind his neck. “Forgive me, will you?” Our child needs a complete home.”

The man in his arms slowly raised his hand and broke Gao Tianchen’s fingers one by one, breaking away from his embrace.

“I have never regretted giving you all my love.” The warm voice was as warm as ever but full of sadness and hopelessness.

“But Tianchen… You don’t have to force yourself to love me. You are just not used to my absence for a while. You’ll meet someone who really loves you later…”

“I’ll not!” Gao Tianchen roared agitatedly and embraced Mujin again. The thin body in his embrace, which was cold from the rain caused pain in his heart.

“Come back with me!” Crazily tightened his cling to Mujin, he buried his desire to gnaw at the other party’s lips.

Mujin shook his head powerlessly, wanting to escape. His hair scattered some glittering raindrops.

“Tianchen! Don’t force me. I’m not going back! I don’t want to see you again!”

Faced with Gao Tianchen’s strong demand, Mujin’s mood was somewhat out of control. He struggled with both hands and shouted fiercely about his refusal, yet his eyes were empty of light.

Before Gao Tianchen could say anything, he saw that the person in front of him suddenly lost his strength like a puppet with broken strings and fell straight into his arms.

Mujin fainted.

He hugged the thin man in his arms. Mujin’s eyes were closed and his body was frozen by the bitter rain.

His vision was wet and he did not know if it was rain or tears.

The villa’s lights had been switched on from dusk to midnight. Gao Tianchen leaned against the back of the cold sofa. The cigarettes between his fingers burned a flocculent white mist as his profound vision was hidden in the shadow of the lights.

Malt was walking around his feet with small paws. With a sudden force from his front claws, his fat body jumped onto the sofa.

He caressed the hairy paw of Malt, and Gao Tianchen took it into his arms, letting its rough and wet tongue licked his fingers intimately.

His vision had been inseparable from the direction of the bedroom. Mujin had been unconscious since he was brought back by himself. He invited a private doctor and was told that Mujin did no recover well after postpartum. He was weak and used a lot of inhibitors during his estrus. The side effects were very great. In addition, he was soaked by the rain. He had to stay in bed and rest for a few days.

Mujin was brought back soaked in rainwater. Gao Tianchen changed his cold clothes. He wiped Mujin’s pale skin with a warm towel and warmed the quilts. After everything was ready, he gently put him on the soft and broad bed.

The climate had begun to heat up from the cool spring so the quilt that covered him was light yet warm. Gao Tianchen left the bedroom with the copper classical lamp switch on, emitting a yellowish light.

After smoking a few cigarettes in the living room, Gao Tianchen was still not at ease with the person sleeping in the room. After extinguishing the last cigarette butt, he stood up and walked slowly towards the bedroom, pushing the door in.

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