CF – 32

Chapter 32

He entered only to see Mujin’s reddish body struggled intolerably on the bed. He unconsciously pulled down the quilt that had been covering him. Half of the quilt had fallen under the bed. There was cold sweat on his forehead, and his lips trembled slightly, overflowing with a few moans of hidden pain.

Gao Tianchen’s heart clucked when he saw him like this. He rushed to the bedside in a hurry. His heart was tingling slightly, and his eyebrows frowned.

Mujin’s skin was not as fair as usual, instead, it was slightly reddish and hot. He was breathing heavily in his mouth and occasionally coughing in a low voice. Gao Tianchen raised his hand to touch his sweat-soaked forehead, and the temperature under his palm was terribly hot.

He guessed inwardly that Mujin had been caught in heavy rain previously. As Mujin’s body was weak and a high fever emerged when he caught a cold.

Although Mujin had yet to regain his consciousness, he felt that there was a fiery fire inside his body, using his dry blood as fuel, burning his thin body until only ashes were left. His limbs were weak, accompanied by a strong chest tightness.

In his confusion, he felt a little cold touch blossomed on his hot forehead and it was like a drop of sweet spring salvation on the lips of a thirsty desert traveler. His eyelids were so heavy that he could not open them. Mujin did not think about anything and grabbed Gao Tianchen’s hand in one motion.

“It’s cooling…” His mouth murmured unconsciously. Mujin’s eyes remained tightly closed and his eyelids slightly quivered. He placed Gao Tianchen’s slightly cooler hands on his burning cheeks and gently rubbed in order to ease the unbearable heat.

Under his hands was the soft white cheek of Mujin and the warm breaths that glazed on Gao Tianchen’s palm. The person on the bed was burning a fever with unnatural rosy clouds floating in his eyes and cheeks, embellishing on his white skin. Unlike the thousand cold refusals from before, he was like a small animal that was touching at his hands intimately.

His lower abdomen tightened uncontrollably and the air was about to freeze. Gao Tianchen denounced the beast in his heart, that he actually had a desire for the feverish Mujin.

He was afraid that his forthcoming outbreak of pheromones would hurt the person on bed and aggravate his illness. He had to hurriedly pull out his hand which was held tightly by Mujin and escaped hurriedly.

Leaving the bedroom, he asked Aunt Chen to take good care of the feverish Mujin. He could only go to the bathroom to take a cold bath.

Fortunately, the fever came and went quickly, and the temperature of Mujin dropped in the latter half of the night, and it was no longer as hot as before. Mujin who had been mentally and physically exhausted slept soundly and heavily.

Gao Tianchen took a good bath and went to bed beside Mujin. His face was relaxed when he was sleeping. He was no longer as cold as the rain. His slightly disordered hair smoothly adhered to his white skin. His lips were dry and cracked with fever, and his lips were slightly open and breathing slowly. His reddish eyelids seemed to make his eyelashes blacker and warped like wings. It trembled gently as if it swept over Gao Tianchen’s heart and caused a throb.

With gentle movements and the exertion of both his arms, the sleeping Mujin was firmly embraced in his arms. He looked down at his sleeping face and bent slightly. With one hand, he pulled away the fine brown hair on his forehead. A soft kiss full of love fell on his bright forehead.

Cloud outside the window had quietly dyed the first touch of the golden dawn. It pierced the darkness of the curtain. Gao Tianchen’s heart flashed a trace of happiness, fortunately, the day was not yet fully bright, Mujin had yet to be awakened from his sleep. He could cherish that little time left to hold him in his arms.

Gao Tianchen knew clearly that when Mujin woke up, both of them would struggle again because of this unending relationship.

Sure enough, Gao Tianchen went to bed too late last night. He woke up when the sunshine came in. When he opened his eyes, the position next to him was empty. If it weren’t for the subtle and indistinguishable fragrance of jasmine scent in the air, he would have thought that he had only had a beautiful dream.

Mujin left early in the morning, and life seemed to be back on track, if not counting the black Bentley outside the door as soon as he walked out of the bookstore every day after work.

Mujin didn’t know what happened to Gao Tianchen. Every day, he came to pick him up on time with Baby Gao. At first, he wanted to ignore him and walk straight away. However, as soon as he took a step, Baby Gao immediately drooped his lips and cried loudly.

The sound softened Mujin’s heart and he would turn around and hurriedly reached out to hold him. His son’s big clear eyes were full of crystal mist. Tears like big beans fell down the plump face. He held onto Mujin tightly with his small white hands, refusing to let him go.

Mujin looked up somewhat feeling at loss. Was it his illusion when he looked into his eyes and saw that there a glimmer of delight and slyness in Gao Tianchen’s eyes like he had succeeded in planning something?

For Baby Gao’s sake, Mujin could not walk away and he didn’t bother anymore. He had to ride in Gao Tianchen’s car and go back to his villa every day. However, he insisted on going to the guest room instead of sleeping with Gao Tianchen.

Some things, he used to long for. Now, it was just fear and rejection.

In the daytime, he made use of going to the bookstore to work to avoid Gao Tianchen. In the evening, there were only a few people in the big empty house. Meeting him was inevitable, Mujin could only choose not to go out of the guest room and met with Gao Tianchen as little as possible.

Call him a coward or said that he was fleeing but he already planned to leave far far away, but was ‘captured” back. Mujin could not understand Gao Tianchen. There was only one deep-rooted idea in his mind. Gao Tianchen had pity, had a responsibility and a little like for him, but there was no love.

Let him pass his days with this idea. But these days, his physical condition was somewhat awkward, not only did he often felt weak with no appetite, his behind had a torturing itch. Occasionally, there were a few transparent water quietly flowing out, and it felt empty.

If his feeling were right, his estrus period was about to begin.

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  1. Sly alpha, using his son to win his partner back. You need to grovel more though, because I’m not satisfied.

  2. 3 words… just 3 words and propose properly to Mujin! That’s your only salvation!

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