CF 33

Chapter 33

The night was heavy and dark as ink. Outside the window, the leaves rustled, accompanied by the shrill noise of cicadas.

It was very late. Mujin was tossing and turning uneasily on his bed. He had listened to the cicada cried for nearly two hours with his eyes wide. His eyes were gathered around the tall banyan tree outside, but his thoughts had already drifted away.

His body was very hot, and the torturing itch was like the surge of a tide, engulfing him in waves. The uncontrollable breathing overflow from his trembling lips. The windows of the room were wide open. The cool summer breeze slowly passed by, but it did not reduce his body’s burning temperature at all.

The room had already been turned upside down by him, but there was not even half a sight of an inhibitor seen. Whether he could survive tonight or not, he truly did not know from the bottom of his heart.

He was like a sponge that sucked water. His whole body was like a tide. A gentle touch would squeeze out an overflowing amount of water. He couldn’t exert any strength on his limbs, trapped in the soft and broad bed akin to the sea. It was even difficult to flip around.

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2 thoughts on “CF 33

  1. I feel like Gao Tianchen has been emotionally manipulative, using their kid first to bait him and then taking advantage of Mujin’s heat, a time where he is muddled headed to get him to promise something he is not well aware of.

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