CF – 34

Chapter 34

Perhaps the inhibitor was used too much before. Mujin’s estrus period lasted for seven days. For a whole week, he was like a floating leaf floating on the surface of a reed, surging up and down with the waves of lust and indulging in his instinctive hunger and desire.

A few days ago, he still had some physical strength to cater to his alpha. As an omega, he naturally did not have the general strength of an alpha. In the last few days, he had already softened into a pile of mud. He could not even make the most basic moan. Only when he was ruthlessly thrust, he unconsciously moaned.

His front end had already been squeezed dry. The continuous climax had resulted in Mujin not being able to shoot out any more fluid, but his back cave was still hungry and thirsty, biting the heat of Gao Tianchen and refusing to let go.

On the morning of the seventh day, Gao Tianchen finally fed Mujin thoroughly and went to the kitchen to fetch him nutrients.

He sincerely thanked this estrus period, which was a suitable opportunity for him to redeem back the other party. Although Mujin was very gentle, sometimes his temper was stubborn, once he was decided, it would be difficult for him to change his mind, and he would not trust others so easily.

He had looked for all kinds of opportunities, but Mujin always tried to hide from him. He also could not rush the other party, otherwise, he would be more stubborn.

As for what he said that night, he didn’t know how much the other party listened, but Mujin said that he will marry him, whether or not it was instinctively driven due to the estrus, he took it that the other party had agreed.

Baby Gao was taken to Gao Family by Aunt Chen as early as the first day. There were only two of them in the villa. His own pheromone had no special odor. However, Mujin was born with jasmine fragrance, which smelled delicate and elegant and filled the whole house lightly.

Taking the nutrient solution and pouring a few mouthfuls into the already weak Mujin. The body under the quilt was not streaked, the white skin was covered with blue and red mottled marks, the skin on both sides of the chest and thigh was almost red.

He was just about to leave, but the person on the bed whispered softly. The watery eyes slowly opened, staring at the people in front, looking tired.

“Where are you going…” When Mujin woke up, his consciousness was still dimmed, and his eyes were opened for a long time before it slowly focused. The handsome outline of the other party was printed on his iris, but when he made a sound, he found his voice as dry as gravel.

The sole hand pulled Gao Tianchen’s sleeve powerlessly. The powerless omega needed reliance. At the moment, he lacked a sense of security. Mujin felt a little weak in his heart. He did not want to leave the other party to even take one step.

He told himself deceptively that this idea was because of an omega’s instinct and it was irrelevant to his personal feelings.

“I’m going to the company and I’ll be back in a minute.” Gao Tianchen leaned over and lightly lifted the shallow brown hair scattered on his forehead. His tone was gentle.

He had not been to the company for a week. He had piled up a lot of big and small issues. He wanted to coax Mujin to have a rest, but he ended up waking the other party.

Hearing his reply, Mujin did not release his hand, but he still clutched his sleeve tightly. His eyes with water mist looked at him so quietly. His lips moved, but there was no sound.

Understanding his omega’s intentions, Gao Tianchen gently buried his body, tightened his arms and carefully embraced Mujin from the bed. The other party’s face was deeply buried in his chest and he gently said, “Okay, I’m not going.”

At the same time, as if suddenly thought of something, he said, “Do you remember what he promised me that night?”

Feeling a sudden stiffness in his bosom, Mujin muffledly voiced, “I can’t remember it.” His tone of voice was slightly cold.

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