CF – 35

Chapter 35

In the dark night, the evening lights were lit up, and the buildings were crowded with brilliant neon lights reflected on the top of the open-air glass. Gao Tianchen stood in front of the landing window, and the traffic at the bottom was in full view.

In the palm of his hand, he held a delicate small box with a ring inside. It was customized by an international designer that Gao Tianchen previously sought. The style was very concise, but it was graced with an endless elegance.

He was always not the old hand in the field of surprise. He could not think of any unique ideas to pursue his lover. The way he chose was monotonous but direct.

He remembered that when he married Mujin, the ring was prepared by the Mu Family. The huge diamond was inevitably worn on the ring. Although it looked gorgeous, it was exaggerated. After the marriage, he did not see Mujin wore it for more than several times, and his hands were empty all the time.

In his hand, this rounded arc ring carved with small jasmine dark pattern with exquisite petals slowly blossomed from inside to outside. It had a very simple abbreviation of a name inside.

Exquisite and neat, just like Mujin.

One and only, just like his own heart.

With a little nervousness, Gao Tianchen drove back to the villa, a gentle light flow from the window, and the warmth of deja vu spread in his heart.

Mujin sat quietly by the window, holding a cup of hot water in his hand. The warm air from the mouth of the cup drifted out slowly. On his legs was Baby Gao, sleeping soundly with his small mouth opened.

The breeze outside the window blew in leisurely and caressed Mujin’s thin body. His fine light hair was lifted gently, lined against his cheek.

Gao Tianchen’s first sight when he entered through the door was such a scene.

And this was all his world, Gao Tianchen thought.

Walking lightly, he leaned quietly from behind and held the other party in his arms. He felt him the body stiffened with surprise. After knowing the arrival of the person behind him, Mujin relaxed his body, not on guard.

Mujin stretched out his hand and patted the hands gently on his waist. However, he was caught by the other party and his fingers were covered by his. Ten fingers were tightly clasped, and Gao Tianchen’s cheek rubbed slightly against his neck. His hair made him itchy.

“Are you tired? I’ll prepare the bath for you.”

It was a rare occurrence for his alpha to show weakness, Mujin was somewhat overwhelmed by this expected favor. He just wanted to let him go rest but there was an abruptly cool feeling in his finger.

It seemed to be covered by a cold hoop. Mujin was somewhat surprised, and he looked up Gao Tianchen’s firm and gentle eyes that was a black as obsidian. Mujin’s heart softened.

“This is mine. I’ll be troubling you to wear it for me.” After he said this, he put a ring in Mujin’s palm.

Mujin pinched the small ring with his slightly trembling finger. His heart beat faster than before in the church.

Slowly pushing this delicate ring into the knotty fingers of Gao Tianchen, Mujin was obviously a little excited. Although he did not utter a word, his trembling lips had sold him out.

Once again, he was led by him by the nose. Mujin thought, this man, from the first sight, was the light of redemption in his heart.

He never had a trace of resistance to him.

He got up slightly and kissed the person in front of it actively. The cold thin lips gradually warmed up. With a trace of warmth, it was very light, very shallow yet it was extremely gentle.

Unexpectedly, Mujin was held up by Gao Tianchen. With the deepening of the kiss, a slightly aggressive flavor pheromone gradually overflowed. Mujin was so stimulated that he felt his waist weakening, leaving Gao Tianchen to put himself on the bed and fall into the soft quilt.

His body got hotter and hotter, for omega, an alpha’s invitation for pleasure could not be refused. Besides, Mujin didn’t want to refuse.

With a sense of devotion, Mujin completely laid down his guard to Gao Tianchen, opened his body, accepted him and let him indulge.

Early in the evening, the two people were very happy. They wished they could add a younger brother to Baby Gao as soon as possible.

Until one day two months later, before dawn, Mujin was awakened by a wave of sudden and unprepared nausea. He felt that his vomiting was about to pour out. He stumbled out of bed and ran toward the bathroom.

Gao Tianchen was woken by this big noise. He half opened his sleepy eyes and looked at the bathroom in the room that was half covered by the door. There was a ray of light coming through the crack of the door, and some noise came from it.

His mind straightened up. He pushed open the door with some worries, but he saw Mujin standing barefoot at the washstand. His pajamas loosely draped over him, and his head was drooping weakly over the sink, barfing bitterly.

Gao Tianchen quickly pushed open the door and supported Mujin, letting him lean against himself and patted him nervously on the back.

“What’s wrong?” He was a little worried about Mujin’s body.

When Mujin recovered from the vomiting, he shook his head gently as he looked up at his slightly pale face in the mirror. But his lips warped slightly, and it pulled a happy light smile.

His own perceptive had always been very accurate, coupled with how his pheromone was somewhat abnormal, his heart had a pleasurable joy that he could not hide.

“Tianchen, I’m in trouble.” Lifting his eyes to look at Gao Tianchen, Mujin said softly, “You can’t touch me for the next few months.”

“Our son, is going to have a brother or sister.”

The words were accompanied by the first ray of dawn rising out of the window, warm and gentle.


Chapter 34 | Extra 1

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    1. It would have made sense that they would have used contraception because he almost died due to the last childbirth.

  1. Thank you for translating this short series. Really liked it, but hoped they would mention more about the diary.
    Anyways I found little mistakes so just dropping them here. They’re very minor though, so yeah.

    chapter 31
    Mujin never spoke. Gao Tianchen could only see the traces of water droplets behind his neck. “Forgive me, will you?” Oru child needs a complete home.”
    Basically a little typo ‘Oru’=’Our’

    chapter 32
    Meeting him was unavoided, Mujin could only choose not to go out of the guest room and met with Gao Tianchen as little as possible
    I think it would be better to use inevitable, instead of unavoided.

    Anyways, have a nice day

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