CF – Extra 1

Chapter 36 : Extra 1

The warm sunshine of the bright winter fell on the city covered by heavy snow. Even the whirring winter wind that was piercing the residents with a sharp coldness was enwrapped in warmth.

More than two years later, Mujin entered the largest amusement park in S City for the second time.

The crowds still went and go, and children’s laughter still rippled in the air.

The difference was that two years ago he came together with Gao Tianchen.

And today, Gao Tianchen held his one years old Baby Gao in his arms. Behind him, Gu Ziqian and Xi Chu were clasping their fingers together as if there were no else presented.

Mujin’s heart suddenly surged with a strong sense of happiness. He did not asked for much, but he got it. He thought that he would not get what he wanted for the rest of his life, but God miraculously gave him a satisfactory ending.

“What’s on your mind? You are entranced.” Gao Tianchen’s mouth was tinged with a faint smile, and his dark eyes, like the night, gazed at his lover thoughtfully.

“Nothing, I just feel happy.” Mujin answered honestly, and his tone had an endless gentleness.

“What do you want to play with?” Gao Tianchen kneaded Mujin’s cheek that he finally plumped up under his careful care. “Don’t say it’s the roller coaster, I won’t believe you.”

“Then, how about… That? ” Pointing to the high ferris wheel standing in front of the distance, the colorful house rotated slowly. “Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

“Forget it, what about our son?” The little meat ball that he gave birth to in October seemed a little tired and nestled quietly in his father’s arms.

“It’s alright. Xi Chu would love to take care of him.” Throwing his son to Xi Chu behind him, he pulled Mujin and headed towards the ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel was unhurriedly rotating, the endless prosperity of S City could be seen under their sight. There was a faint music echoing from afar, breaking the quietness of the evening.

Mujin’s heart was trembling slightly. He looked out of the window into the distance silently. A little wind blew his light brown hair.

He was drawn back to his senses by Gao Tianchen’s warm embrace. He almost obsessively sniffed the other party’s familiar pheromones. Refreshing, light, like the taste of sunshine and it comforted his nerves.

He opened his palm and ran his fingers through the other party’s finger space, and their fingers clasped together.

This was their most beautiful confession ever.

At the same time, Xi Chu and Gu Ziqian were sitting on the benches that could be found everywhere in the amusement park. On Xi Chu’s knees, the child who had just reached the age of one could hardly speak, babbling words with his little mouth.

The tender white face was like a lychee peeled of its shell. It was radiant and vivacious, Xi Chu could not help poking it gently with his finger.

“Little son, your two fathers don’t want you. Just follow me in the future.”

Oh my god, how was it so nice to touch? Pink bubbles were floating in Xi Chu’s heart.

“Do you like this little baby so much?” Gu Ziqian looked at the person around him with a childish blush on his face. He buttered his lips, making all kind of strange faces at Baby Gao.

His eyes were filled with unspokeable affectionate, “How about, you give birth to one too?”

Not surprisingly, he made Xi Chu blushed even more and he gave Gu Ziqian a pair of cute dagger eyes which he thought was very fierce.

“Sure, I don’t mind. You can stay three years in jail as the lowest penalty, and the highest penalty is death!”

This unforgiving mouth was blocked by the sudden kiss of his lover. First, Xi Chu was stunned, and then he welcomed it with with contentment.

Until the air in his lungs was almost drained then was he reluctantly loosened by the other party. However, he heard the other party quietly left a sentence in his ears.

“There’s still a month left. Don’t be anxious. I’ll wait.”


So, this “You can stay three years in jail as the lowest penalty, the highest penalty is death!” Is actaully started from somewhere in China, where somewhere took a picture of a young girl, and the netizens commented saying that the minium penalty will be 3 years in jail, highest will go up to death sentence, for pedophile.

Who is Xi Chu? He appeared in C30 as one of the employee, for like 1 sentence.

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  1. Stupid couples.

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  2. Ahh, this is so sweet! I’m curious though, Mu Jin should be pretty pregnant here, right? Also did I miss a chapter? Who is Xi Chu?

  3. Is C29, chapter 29?
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  4. GZ randomly ends up with one of GTC’s employees who appears for one sentence lol.

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