CF – 1

Chapter 1

Prosperity had always been synonymous with S city.

Feasting and pleasure-seeking, bustling with heavy traffic, dazzling neon lights and soft nights scene intertwined together, and the bustling crowds were flowing like tides, circulating in every corner of the city.

Gao family and the Mu family were well-known family enterprises in the city. One-quarter of the real estate enterprises in this glamorous city was under the name of Gao, and the Mu clan was a big jewelry dealer. To say there were vast wealth were not too much.

But everything that seemed to be blissful and happy was killed by the ruthless fate.

The Gao family was old when they had a child. Gao’s wife was only 38 years old, but she suffered from major bleeding during a difficult birth. Even though Master Gao mobilized the city’s famous doctors to rescue her, they eventually lost a life and left only an Alpha son.

Master Gao lost his wife, and he loved his only son so dearly like his life. He named him Tianchen, and treated him like his heart flesh, pouring all his efforts and meticulous care to train him to be an heir.

Gao Tianchen also did not disappoint his father. He had always been smart and intelligent since he was a child. He was wise and quick. His every movement showed a responsibility demeanor and were always steady in front of people.

With an exception to one person, in front of that person, Gao Tianchen was never stingy with his own smile.

Mu family’s second son, Muze, was born with a pair of beautiful dimples hanging on his white face, and he smiled at anyone. A pair of big eyes that shined like stars, every moment bringing an elf-like loveliness and liveliness.

Such an Omega, Gao Tianchen, after the first sight, he could never forget. 

The first time he went to Mu’s mansion, Gao Tianchen, who was only 8-year-old, changed his usual little adult’s mature appearance. He only followed the 5-year-old Muze to wherever he went.

Muze was not annoyed. the jade-like eyes looked at Gao Tianchen. The curvature of the corner of his mouth was like a crescent moon. He passionately pulled him into the yard and ran all around. The golden retriever he raised hanged its tongue out and followed the two, intimately pounced on them and made a puddle of saliva on their faces.

The air was filled with the pure laughter of these two people, and the sun shone on the grass, reflecting two small innocent figures, it was calm and beautiful.

In a large and dark room on the third floor of Mu’s house, a small and thin figure stood in front of the window, staring intently at the unfettered two people in the sun.

The 7-year-old Mujin held the furry teddy doll in his hand and tightened his grasp a little at the hair of the doll, the palm of his hand was covered with a layer of sweat.

Compared to the peer of the same age, he had a prominent petite build, as if there was a lack of sunshine shining on his sickly pale color.

From the time he could remember, the family only had a father who was only busy with his career that leaves early but came back late, and the mother who quietly waited for his father to return home, as well as some robot like attendants who were always silent.

The vast, empty courtyards were like a cemetery built in a bustling city, never compatible with the exuberance of the outside.

With no one to accompany, Mu Jin played with the toys around him. The large room was full of his cherished dolls. When he was alone, maybe he will burst forth a little smile.

Until that incident happened, Mujin’s personality became more and more reclusive and he did not like to talk.

Lady Mu was distressed for her son. She realized that her son began to like to stay in his room more and more, sitting with the dolls for a whole day and looked at the window without saying a word.

She knew that the incident had an indelible impact on the young son. She visited a lot of famous psychologists with her son, but there was no progression at all.

As the silence and solitude of Mujin became more and more serious, Lady Mu felt discomfort in her heart. She spent more time in tears, and the Mu family were shrouded in the shadow of darkness and silence.

Until the arrival of Muze, as if the holy and lovely angels came on the deserted island of loneliness, and lit up this dark home with a lively and sincere smile.

The younger son loved to laugh and was well-behaved, this brimming with energy personality brought Lady Mu gradually out of the shadows. Mu’s family became warm because of this angel.

Mujin discovered the biased and love of his parents to his younger brother, although he had a heart full of loneliness but could understand his parents, after all, who does not like such people? Even he himself liked his brother very much. His brother was different from him, he had the innocent beauty of childhood.

This newcomer also liked his younger brother a lot. Mujin watched the two people playing on the grass and thought that he looked so good. This was his first time seeing such a good-looking person besides his younger brother. When the two people were together, they were pleasing to the eye like a painting.

Mujis’s grazing heart ignited an impulse that had never been seen before. Like a small cluster of sparks burning in the cold chest, although it was not hot, it ignited the blood that had been dusted for a long time. He thought about how this little guest could also reveal such a charming smile to himself, and how he could take his hands to run in the sun, and he really wanted to know him so badly.

Throwing away the dolls that were grasped until bald, and Mujin opened the door of his room. He ran down the stairs towards the flower garden.

End of Chapter 1

Translated at rrrrhexiatranlations

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