CF – 10

Chapter 10

The red cross of the hospital was particularly conspicuous in the sunset of the winter. Many people were sat scattered on the corridor that was full of the smell of the disinfectant water.

Mujin rubbed his dull chest. The moment he got up in the morning, he felt nausea and have the urge to vomit. His nausea was getting more serious. He did not even have an appetite for breakfast.

Taking advantage of Gao Tianchen’s business trip that he will not be able to return home, he intended to come to the hospital to confirm one thing.

“Congratulations, it has been a month.”

The doctor’s voice was not very loud and the exciting news sounded softly into his ears, causing a great ripple in Mujin’s heart.

He held the test result in a daze and did not respond until he came out of the hospital.

He and Gao Tianchen will have children and in nine more months, they will hear the cry of a baby arriving into his life.

Mujin’s mouth bent into a happy smile, his white face was covered with a shallow red flush and he gently touched his flat stomach.

When Gao Tianchen comes back, he wants to be the first to tell him the news and surprise him.

Will he be as happy as himself?

Two days later, as soon as Gao Tianchen got home, he received the news from Mujin.

At that time, Mujin’s face showed excitement and shyness. He lowered his head slightly and bit his lips. He told him in a slightly trembling voice that he had been pregnant for a month.

Every time they made love to each other, they did not take any measures. This was an unexpected but reasonable result.

Gao Tianchen could not really say how he felt inside but he should be happy.

Mujin was his companion and now he had a baby. He should feel happy.

Looking at the person in front of him getting nervous because he did not respond, Gao Tianchen slowly bent down and slowly folded his arms and took this slightly thin body in his chest.

Feeling the slight tremor of the person being hugged, the cold thin lips move downwards along the bridge of the other person’s nose and finally gently stuck to the sweet lips.

Mujin’s eyes were wide opened and it reddened slightly before closing the lids with tears in them.

This was the first kiss between them.

There was no hot tangling. It was as calm as dragonflies dotting across the water. As gentle as the cool breeze, it was just two pairs of lips colliding but the touch was real enough to fill the heart.

Mujin felt excitement roaring in the depths of his body and his heart throbbed like it was burning away.

Until he was released, his cheeks were as red as if he could not breathe, and his drooping eyes were filled with mist that refused to be scattered.

“Thank you, Xiao Jin.”

Lightly stroking his fine hair, and for the next few months, this person in front him will endure hardship, just to give himself a child.

Gao Tianchen’s heart surged with a soft warmth feeling and he himself should give him endless care and concern.

After all, Mujin was his responsibility.

The days were quiet and plain, like tiny snowflakes drifting down, quietly drilling into every corner of time, pushing the day forward.

In the twinkle of the eyes, Spring Festival was approaching. Every household was decorated with lights and the warmth of family reunion permeated everywhere.

Mujin had been pregnant for more than two months but his lean figure did not show much of the bump. Only when one carefully touch that it be found that the skin was bundled tightly. It was not as soft as it used to be.

But his pregnant reaction was very serious, not only was the nausea getting more and more serious and frequent vomiting left him in disorientation. He also became mentally depressed, always sleepy and drowsy all day. Most of his day was spent sleeping.

In the first few days, Mujin still insisted on preparing their food by hand every day. Standing in the kitchen with a spoon and apron, the smokey fumes came in waves and his nausea began to overwhelm, which made him want to vomit.

Coupled with his poor appetite, anything he ate was tasteless to him. Gao Tianchen ordered Auntie Chen to look after Mujin and not to let him cook again. Let him have a good rest and let her cook a variety of food to open Mujin’s appetite. Usually, he will try to deal with the company’s work as fast as possible and push those social activities that can be pushed off. Gao Tianchen just wanted to go back early to accompany Mujin.

His omega’s body was not very good to begin with, and the pregnant reaction was so serious that he was increasingly haggard. He needed the pheromone of his alpha’s partner to calm and stabilise himself. This can alleviate his discomfort and make him feel much better.

Every time they hugged each other to sleep, Mujin was quiet in his arms. Sometimes his breathing became heavy and his body trembled and he hummed with forbearance.

Gao Tianchen gently touched the other party’s warm abdomen. Under the palm was a distinct compactness. Only by carefully touching that he could feel the slight prominence.

He heard his heart beat faster as if it had sensed, mixed with his indistinguishable feelings and impatient expectations.

It was the first time that he felt this throb again since Muze left.

The life he was living right now, though not as fulfilled as in his dream, this peacefulness was not necessarily unhappiness.

It’s time to let go. Gao Tianchen felt that Muze was still the white moonlight that could not be touched in his heart. But with the days he spent walking with Mujin, he could actually gradually let go. He embraced the trembling body of the person around him and caressed his soft hair with one hand, comforting him with a warm body and gentle pheromones.

“Maybe, I should try my best to learn to let go…” A rare soft voice murmured in the ears of the sleeping partner.

Mujin’s eyes that were like crystals opened slightly, with a half-dream and half-awakening daze, the corners of his mouth warped unconsciously.

In his dream, he heard a very nice and gentle sentence, which brought him the hope from all the love he had been giving.

Gao Tianchen had replaced the photo of himself and Muze in his study desk. Although Mujin never said anything, he could feel that Mujin was mindful of the picture.

Every time Mujin comes in to deliver coffee, he will unconsciously look more at the picture frame on the table.

The two people in the photo had a beautiful smile, like the first birth of the morning sun, but they burned his orbitals painfully.

Not only this, but Gao Tianchen also vacated half of the bookcase and packed the books that had been neatly stacked in Mujin’s own room.

He did not wish to just get insignificantly well along with Mujin. They were partners and they were the only one for each other.

The study room for his work, Mujin should, of course, be able to use it freely.

When the last heavy book without a title was picked up and placed in the bookcase, a slightly old piece of paper fell out of the seam and floated to the ground.

Just when Gao Tianchen wanted to stoop down, pick it up and fold it back. His vision swept across the contents of the paper and he felt like a thunderbolt had split through his brain. He pinched the yellowing paper in a daze. He had long lost the ability to direct his actions and was numbed all over.

End of Chapter 10.

Translated at rrrrhexiatranslations

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  1. i like the way this story is flowing and look forward to every chapter but the end of this chapter gives me a terrible premonition that makes me want to linger in this chapter a little longer….
    thankyou so much for the translations <3

  2. Omg are the contents of that paper related to Muze? I had a feeling in the earlier chapters that Mujin’s kidney was a match for Muze… Is this where the angst starts?

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