CF – 11

Chapter 11

This was a HLA matching booklet.

The two names above were familiar to him.

Muze and Mujin.

Payment was made on July 28, a day in the summer two years ago.

It was a moment of despair when Muze was already sick and everyone’s hopes were fading.

At the bottom of the matching booklet, the result column was two distinct words.

Positive Match.

The ink-printed black fonts were like the devil with sharp fangs. He was unprepared and it densely pierced into his bones spread all over his body in a spilt-second.

Gao Tianchen felt suffocated. The matching booklet was equal to a sharp slap. It woke him up from the infinite warmth of Mujin and him.

Muze was Mujin’s brother by blood, the match was positive, then why did Mujin not save Muze?

Every cell was crying out questions and puzzles, and a terrible hypothesis crept into his mind.

Mujin likes himself, but he loves Muze.

Muze was no longer in the world. Maybe Mujin will get along with him like they are now until they are in love with the time spent together.

Once this hypothesis appeared in his mind, it began to enlarge uncontrollably and infinitely, like a beast with widened mouth and opened claws, devouring the rationality of Gao Tianchen.

Holding the matching booklet in his hand, Gao Tianchen unconsciously trembled. Gao Tianchen was eager to get an answer.

Standing in front of the bedroom door, he hesitated for a moment but he stilled turned the door handle.

Mujin was half-lying on the big soft black bed, turning a book in his hand. The warm orange light beside the bed sprinkled on him. It was quiet and beautiful.

This kind of scene was so dazzling in the eyes of Gao Tianchen. The person in front of him might have been deceiving himself with such a calm and peaceful illusion, but inside him was cold and poisonous. For his own selfish desire, he could even watch his own brother die in front of him.

“Tianchen.” When he realized Gao Tianchen had come in, Mujin closed the book on his leg and the corner of his mouth warped slightly as he called him.

Gao Tianchen came forward and sat beside Mujin. He stared at the person in front of him. The look in his eyes was incomprehensible. A hand touched his cheek and gently rubbed his warm, white skin.

Somehow, Mujin felt that the alpha in front of him was somewhat abnormal. Although the expression on his face was not different from his usual one, the vague pheromone in the air was telling himself that his mood was not right.

Just him he was about to ask aloud, he heard the other side gently spit out a strange question.

“Xiao Jin, do you remember that on July 28, two years ago, something very important happened?”

Why did he suddenly ask him this question? July 28, two years ago? Mujin was searching in his scattered memories. Suddenly, like a Pandora’s box had opened his thoughts, it made him feel cold in the heart.

On that day, he received the matching booklet, and his younger brother needed his kidney, otherwise, he would leave the world forever.

But he didn’t transplant it to him, because …

Mujin’s face could not hang up the usual light smile he had. He lowered his head slightly and his hands trembled to grasp the quilt.

Gao Tianchen narrowed his eyes dangerously and did not let slip of any subtle changes in the other party’s expression. He raised his hand and stroked his hair before asking again, “If you can’t remember, do you want me to remind you?”

Mujin only felt that his body was as cold as an ice cave. For the first time, he felt that Gao Tianchen’s hand that was caressing between his hair was so terrible that he was frightened into cold sweat.

Watching the person in front of him curling up tighter and tighter with his head bowed down, yet he did not speak. Gao Tianchen felt that the question in his heart had been answered.

For the sake of his own love, Mujin could even let his brother die.

In an instant, Gao Tianchen only felt a raging fire burning all over the blood of his whole body. The pheromone burst out uncontrollably in an instant, filling the bedroom and sweeping this guilty person in front of him.

The horrifying pheromone made Mujin trembled. The inside of his ears buzzed, the stomach turned and tossed and nausea with overflowing him.

He couldn’t help but turned sideways and retched, but Gao Tianchen grabbed him at the collar and pressed him on the bed. The eyes that were burned red with anger stared at himself.

“He is your brother!” Holding Mujin’s chin in one hand, he forced the other party to keep looking straight at himself. “How could such a wonderful person have such a cruel brother like you?”

“Tianchen… No. I actually…” Mujin saw Gao Tianchen’s undisguised anger was hiding grief in the eyes. He was gasping and incoherently trying to explain but he was stopped by a slap in his face.

This slap, if he were to say it was ruthless, Gao Tianchen did not use too much strength, yet Mujin still abruptly lost his voice and his lips trembled. He no longer speaks.

Slowly closing the red until hot eyes, he no longer struggled and softly fall onto the bed.

All the previous incident overflowed Gao Tianchen’s mind. Why the other party suddenly ran out at the adulthood dinner, why the estrus period after marriage was not right. He was afraid these were all deliberately designed by this person, just to tie him up.

Gao Tianchen dared not think about how deep the real facade of this person in front of him was hidden.

“Are you very proud? I was almost deceived by you!” Gao Tianchen slowly grabbed Mujin’s white and thin face. His eyes were filled with disgust, and that stabbed Mujin’s heart like a knife. He was dizzy and his vision was everywhere.

The tears had long overflowed from his red eyes. His sobbing was no longer restrained at the throat and the white pillow swooned with a water stain.

“I’m glad Muze didn’t use your kidney. Don’t stain him with your dirty heart!”

Gao Tianchen had already burned his rationality away from his anger. He had forgotten that the person under him was carrying a child. The fanatical light in his eyes, cold lips pouring out hurtful words, clearly hit the heart of the person under him.

Mujin’s eyes were no longer bright, like a pool of stagnant water, blurred by tears and his abdomen was screaming with pain.

The person was still emotionally talking about something. The him, whose thoughts had scattered did not hear much clearly anymore. There was only one idea in his heart.

The love he had tried so hard to build collapsed when he was about to harvest it.

End of Chapter 11.

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  1. Oh man, leave Mujin, my poor cinnamon bun alone, he’s innocent! :/ I am pretty sure he has a good reason for not donating his kidney. Probably something related to his childhood trauma.

  2. Yes GTC. Just when i also want to finally like you for MC, you slapped MC. I hate you. I’d rejoice if you two divorce! MC deserves better!

    Maybe Muze noticed GTC likes him, but he didn’t like GTC. And also noticed Mujin likes GTC. So Muze didn’t agree and chose death to give his elder brother happiness.

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