CF – 12

Chapter 12

Gao Tianchen did not know how he left that suffocating place and when he came to his senses, he was already standing on the noisy street.

The deep winter air was cold and piercing. Although it was night time, the city was not quiet. There were singing and dancing to extol the good times with neon signs fluttering.

Pressing his hand on the heavy chest, Gao Tianchen felt a cracking headache and his heart was agitated until it was numbed. Every cell in his body was clamoring.

Maybe only alcohol could give him a moment’s eager relief and he headed straight into a bar.

Drinks were poured into the throat one after another, trying to extinguish the flames rising in the heart. But it only caused a more intense burning sensation as his head got dizzier but the action of pouring never did stop.

Alcohol was a sharp tool to paralyze the nervous senses but it could not paralyze the pain and bitterness of the heart.

The alcohol had flushed him into confusion and the memory seemed to follow along a long stream and he went back to his carefree youth.

His mind was full of Muze’s smiles. The eyes filled with stars, the dimples when he laughed were all intoxicating.

The memory goes back to two years ago, the day when he held the hands of Muze who had been suffering painfully from his illness for the last time before his hand weakly dropped down.

His palm still seemed to have his slightly cold body temperature. Such a clean and pure person should not have such an end.

Suddenly, the face of Mujin appeared in his mind, a face very similar to Muze, but with a totally different soul.

Gao Tianchen held the cup in his hand, his knuckles were white as if he wanted to crush it. His fierce eyes were half chaotic.

When he thought of that man, his inner disgust and contempt could not help but surged up to his heart and he almost felt moved by him. He was terrified as if Mujin was a dreadful monster.

Such a ruthless and unjust person said that he loves him, Gao Tianchen never believed it again.

When Gao Tianchen was drunk in the midst of the feasting and revelry, the cruel man he had identified in his heart was alone in the cold bed, suffering from the pain of a twisted belly.

Mujin fainted for half an hour before, but he was awakened by pain.

The pain in his waist was a grinding pain. The cold sweat on his forehead wetted his fine hair and cluttered on the forehead.

His hands gripped the clothes on his abdomen and his body curled up slightly but he couldn’t withstand the constant pain in his lower abdomen.

The broken groan overflowed his burning throat and Mujin felt some warm liquid gushing out of his body. Although there was only a small share, it frightened him into a panic and confused state of mind.

What to do…this child…I have to save him.

Helpless eyes swept through the huge house, looking everywhere for something to rely on for help.

Suddenly remembered something, Mujin endured the growing pain in his abdomen and scooped himself out of bed.

His legs were weak and when they landed onto the ground, they fell softly down. Mujin reflexly used both of his hands to protect his lower abdomen and fell sideways beside the bed.

Luckily… he didn’t fall.

There was a burst of happiness in his heart, but his disappointing tears swirled in his eyes sockets. His abdomen hurts but his heart hurted more.

He forced himself to cheer up and struggled to move slowly to the room on the other side of the corridor.

Aunt Chen heard a faint but urgent knock at the door. She looked at the darkening sky and wondered.

Open the door, she only saw Mujin lifelessly leaning on the door. His face was pale and his breathing was fast.

He had one hand covered tightly on his abdomen and one hand still knocking on the door.

Aunt Chen was shocked by the sight. There was a little redness under Mujin and it was very conspicuous on the carpet. His pale lips trembled and his eyes were filled with pleadings. He whispered faintly.

“Please…send me…to the hospital… save…the child…”

Aunt Chen’s eyes were slightly red. Although they were not very loving, there was warmth in their relationship. What exactly happened that would make him looked like this.

The person on the spot is baffled but bystanders see clear.

Every bits and piece of Mujin’s affection and devotion was seen by her and although young master Gao did not say anything, that does not mean there was no affection involved.

Although she felt puzzled, she still took out her cell phone quickly and made an emergency call.

End of Chapter 12.

Translated at rrrrhexiatranslations

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  1. GTC doesn’t deserve to be a father. He killed their child. He should just go and follow his Muze. Mujin deserves someone better. Stay away from your bastard husband, Mujin!

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