CF – 13

Chapter 13

Mujin had already lost his consciousness before the arrival of the ambulance. When he woke up and opened his eyes, the afternoon sunshine just came through the windows and was kissing his eyelids warmly.

In front of him was a white ceiling, on his body was a bedsheet with a slight medicinal smell. An unknown painting was hanging on the wall, and on the low table beside him was fresh flowers blooming in the direction of the sunshine, while a vertical hanging infusion bag unhurriedly delivered transparent medicinal liquid to his body.

Subconsciously reaching out to his lower abdomen, the still slightly bulging touch soothed his panic.

Fortunately… The child is still …

As his heart gradually calmed down, the advance ward was terribly quiet. He turned over in bed and retreated into the quilt to continue sleeping.

With a squeak, the door was pushed open and Mujin turned over. It was an unfamiliar person who entered his vision, seeing the clothes, it should be a nurse.

Not the one he expected in his heart.

That’s right, that man should not even want to see him at all. How could he possibly be here?

Holding on to the soft pillow, he rolled over and retracted into the bed, continued to be a silkworm pupae, ignoring the outside world.

After a few days of rest in the hospital, Mujin was taken back to his home.

Nearly three months of gestation still left him a little overwhelmed. Every day, his waist was full of soreness. Although his nausea had improved, it was just a small improvement, and his appetite was still not very good.

Without the soothing of his alpha’s pheromone, he really felt more terrible.

Every day he muddled along without any aim and most of the time it was spent lying in bed. When he was in a better spirit, he will sit in the courtyard in a daze and his thoughts will drift to nowhere.

A week had passed since that incident. Gao Tianchen must have known he was in Mu’s house, but he never came to see him once.

He did not have to endure smoky fumes to cook for him, did not need to brace his sleepiness to wait for him to go home every day, to pass his day like this, wasn’t this very good and relaxing?

Mujin comforted himself bitterly, but there was a pulsing sadness in his heart.

Even if Tianchen treated himself like this, he still couldn’t let him go.

He really was a disappointment. There were countless excellent alphas in the world, yet he could not deviate from him…

There was a burst of grievance in his heart, and Mujin childishly pounded on the soft pillow in his arms. Wrapped in heavy quilts, his thoughts went wildly.

He didn’t know if Auntie Chen had taken good care of Malt(the dog). It was quite picky. If it was not the food prepared by himself, it will never eat it. Had it been sent to a pet shop for trimming? When he goes back, it better not be a big furball.

And he… His workload for every day was heavy, and the pressure was great, he always slept so late, it was not good for the body at all…

Why do you think of that man again? Mujin shook his head vigorously as if he could shake Gao Tianchen away from his chaotic mind.

He pulled up the quilt and cover himself tightly. He comforted himself not to think about it. Take a nap and sleep.

Outside the window, there was a faint sound, like the roar of a car, breaking through the silent night and passing into the ears of the half-dreaming and half-awakening Mujin.

A very familiar voice, it was the voice he most anticipated every night when they lived together.

Mujin had yet to process his thoughts, and his body had already responded. Lifting the heavy quilt, pulling the slippers toward the window, his shaking hands opened the curtain.

His room was facing the courtyard. In the darkness of the night, the bright lights of the car shone brightly and straight.

The black Bentley was the most familiar one.

It’s Gao Tianchen’s car.

That night, Gao Tianchen drank a lot of wine, his mind was chaotic, but he didn’t want to go back, so he took a rest in a hotel.

When he got back from his busy work the next night, the room was not filled with warm and soft lights as usual, nor with the noise of TV programs.

The room was cold everywhere, with dead silence, cold furniture, and a little dreadful silence.

Gao Tianchen calmly turned on the light and let the warm light drive away the silence of the room, before heading straight into the bedroom.

There was no Mujin in the bedroom, except that the sheets were scattered in disorder on the bed, and the corners of the bedsheets were dragged along the edge of the bed and landed on the carpet.

Not bothered about where his omega went, he just picked up the sheets and laid them naturally, took the clothes and went into the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom, Gao Tianchen wiped his dripping hair with a towel and walked towards the bed, but abruptly stopped and stared in a trance at the ground.

On the carpet beside the bed, there was a small pool of dried-up black blood, from the bedside, little by little, alongside to the door.

Gao Tianchen’s heart suddenly surged with grief that he could not bear. His action had long paused at his hand, and the towel fell to the ground.

Regardless of anything, Mujin was pregnant with his child and doing what he did really hurt him.

He sat quietly beside the bed, looking slightly down, breathing deeply and hard, as if to suppress all the fluctuations along.

He wanted to ignore the quiet germination of some emotions in his heart, but it was out of control, it grew longer, bigger, stronger.

But the thought of that matching book and Muze’s dying appearance made Gao Tianchen unable to think soberly.

He did not even understand his feelings for Mujin.

In term of his work, it was free and easy to deal with, but in term of his relationship, he chose to abandon his armor and escape.

But today, if Master Mu had not asked him to come to Mu’s house himself, maybe he would not have stepped into the door of the Mu family.

The car parked in the courtyard was wrapped by the dark night. Gao Tianchen went straight into Mu’s house and went to his study room. Master Mu was waiting for him there.

Tapping the door politely, Gao Tianchen pushed the door open and went in. He saw Master Mu sitting at the window with his back facing him. He stood at the broad desk a few steps ahead, waiting for the elder’s questions.

Master Mu turned his chair, his brown eyes reflected calmness and steadiness, and his temperament was full of excellence and self-restraint.

“The purpose of my invitation to you today is very simple.” In a calm voice, as if they were discussing an ordinary business, “Bring back Mujin first.”

Unlike the reprimands in his imagination, Gao Tianchen frowned slightly and said nothing.

After returning home, Mujin did not explain the cause of the incident. Master Mu thought that Gao Tianchen did not like Mujin, there was a contradiction between them.

He did not know that Gao Tianchen could not let go of his Muze. He only wanted to have an heir, as long as they lived in harmony, and it will not be impossible to fall in love with each other.

He did not ask Gao Tianchen’s idea, so he stuffed his son with medicine and give him to him. Now it seemed that these two people were really inappropriate for each other.

“I know you only have Muze in your heart,” continued Master Mu when he remained silent. “Actually, it wasn’t an accident at Xiao Jin’s Adulthood Banquet, but I deliberately matched you up. Mu family does not have an alpha, yet it needs an alpha.”

“Living together does not mean we will fall in love with each other.” Gao Tianchen retorted in a calm tone, which was also true.

“I’m sorry. It’s not such a simple thing to live forever.” Master Mu opened the cigar box and drew out a cigar to light it. His eyes were filled with light sorrow and frustration.

“Xiao Jin is still pregnant with child and needs your care and comfort. You can take him back and treat him well.” With a sigh, he continued, “When the baby is born, if it’s an alpha, you’ll divorce, and you’ll be set free.”

Gao Tianchen raised his head in some surprise. The old man in front of him seemed to have washed his face through infinite years. The wrinkles in the corners of his eyes revealed vicissitudes of life and hardships.

This decision, he should be happy, he did not need to face a lover who he did not love every day.

But why did he had no feeling of joy, even to the point of feeling empty in his heart, and this inexplicable feeling permeated to all corners of his heart.

Walking slowly out of the study without saying a word, he found that on the floor outside the door, the dark brown tea stains were blooming on the carpet with complicated patterns, besides which there were several delicate teacups scattered. Considering that it was only a servant who slipped, Gao Tianchen did not care. He went downstairs and walked out of the gate.

Late at night where the frost was heavy, the black Bentley broke through the silent night and galloped away.

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