CF – 2

Chapter 2

Mujin ran with a little anxiousness, and the small shoes squeaked on the stone road, it was tender yet firm in the sunlight.

Passing through the low shrubs on the garden side, he slowly slowed down his footstep and stopped at a distance of about ten meters from the two. He pinched his fist and stared straight at the backs of the two, a little hesitant. Afraid that he will disturb them, afraid that this little guest will not like himself.

“Big Brother!” Muze looked like he sensed something and turned around. He had a big smile on his face when he saw his brother.

“Tianchen, this is my big brother.” Mujin stared attentively as he listened to his little brother introducing this little guest to him. He felt that he was even more handsome at this narrow distance. The warm sunshine reflected specks of brilliant rays into his two sparkling pupils.

“Hello, my name is Gao Tianchen. Please to meet you for the first time.” Gao Tianchen looked at this brother of Muze, who was a little taller than Muze, but yet thinner than Muze. His skin was a translucent pale white and even the hair was a light brown. His body didn’t look very well with only a pair of bright eyes that looked lively.

When he went forward and took his hand, Gao Tianchen felt that Mujin was trembling all over his body, thinking that he had treated him irreverently, he was about to withdraw his hand, but he was grasped by the person in front of him, although his hands were shaking, his strength was not small.

“Mu… my name is Mujin…” Mujin was a little nervous as he organized his speech but only managed to stammer out his name. His mind went blank after seeing the person in front of him smiling. What he wanted to say was long forgotten. He only felt that this person’s hand was warm. This person’s smile was so good-looking, standing against the sunshine, shaking his vision, melting his heart.

The young Mujin did not know what love was, what was love at first sight, he only felt that he liked Gao Tianchen very much, he really wanted to play with him, he wanted to be with him, this thought started from the first meeting, and then it moved along the years without changing, until many years later, after a lot of things happened that this love was wiped out a little bit.

The Mu family and Gao family could be regarded to have a long time friendship, and Gao Tianchen knew the two Omegas of the Mu family. In the days afterward, he always liked to give all kinds of reasons to be a guest at the Mu family. To say he was a guest yet every time he was like a big dog, following by Muze’s side, or always bringing a variety of novelty to amuse Muze.

He stayed in Mu family so often that, Mujin and Gao Tianchen gradually gotten familiar. Every time Gao Tianchen looked for Mujin, although most of the topics revolved around his younger brother, what the younger brother likes, what the younger brother has done recently, Mujin still felt very happy, it was good to be able to talk to him, the content was not important.

After a long time, these two innocent playmates had already become a habit. The family was all discerning, Gao Tianchen is an Alpha, Muze is an Omega, and the two families are longtime friends. This is the fate of heavenly creation!

Although the two families did not state it explicitly, the hearts had already fixed on this arranged betrothal of these two children. Master Mu and Lady Mu were very fond of this excellent alpha that they grew up watching, and Master Gao had nothing else to say, he had always been assured of his precious son’s eyesight. Everything was just waiting for Muze to reach adulthood, and the two childhood friends could create and achieve a good marriage.

But there were many things in the world that human cannot help but be impermanence and incompetence. Sometimes fate will not let happiness continue forever. It was a necessity to leave some regrets that were painful to the bones.

When Muze was 14 years old, he was diagnosed with uremia, and the savage illness killed this cute and delicate porcelain doll. His thin cheeks sagged quickly, and even the dimples could not be seen. The scrawny skin lying on the bed stung the heart of everyone who loved him.

Master Mu, regardless of the cost, invited famous doctors from abroad to his home for diagnosing and treatments, but there was no other treatment other than a kidney replacement, yet the matching of Muze’s kidney was very special. It was almost impossible to find a suitable kidney source. Even the head of the Mu family with the usual indomitable spirit was dyed with desperation. Lady Mu stayed in front of the little son’s bed for a few days without sleep. A pair of spiritless eyes turned red from the lack of sleep and her eye sockets held in glistering tears.

Without a proper kidney source, and the kidneys of the whole family also did not match, and even the reincarnation of Hua Tuo* can’t rejuvenate. Life was so powerless in the face of illness.

There was not much time left for Muze. Gao Tianchen did not believe nor accepted this result. He was close to madness as he used his relationship with his father to find a suitable kidney source. However, the result was all despairing, and the disease of Muze deteriorated day by day and extinguished like a bit of a spark.

On the day when Muze left, the sky was covered with black clouds like curtains, and it was dark that light couldn’t penetration through, the platter of raindrops soaked the cold air. The people in the ward were silent, revealing the deathly still despair.

“Tianchen…” Muze who was on the bed who was so thin that he did not resemble any human shape anymore sensed something, he opened his tired eyes and whispering the name of his sweetheart.

Gao Tianchen’s eyes were filled with tears, and his hand trembled as he gently stroked the head of Muze. This person, who he had never forgotten from the first sight, he could no longer contain him. He, who was engraved in the depths of his soul will soon leave his world.

“Don’t cry…” Muze’s breath was already frail, and he weakly and without strength comforted the people in front of him. “I… at first glance saw you… you were laughing, now that this was my last sight of you… how could you cry?”

Gently resting his head on the warm palm of his lover. The fear of death in Muze’s heart was already very faint. He just couldn’t bear to leave them. He had already conceived the future of the two. He wanted to join hands with him for the rest of his life. He also thought about adulthood. After giving himself to him, give him a few lovely children… he didn’t expect these to be lunatic ravings…

Looking at the forced smiles of the people who endured the pain of the heart, Muze’s heart felt at ease, felt that he was too blessed. Although his life was not long, he could have so much love.

The tiredness that never came before sneaked in and the last strength slipped away little by little. Muze closed the bright pair of eyes, and could no longer see the face of Gao Tianchen who was more desperate and sorrowful.

Lady Mu had already fainted, and Mujin who stood at the door, both hands trembling as he covered his mouth. The body slowly slid down the wall and he squatted at the door. The tears akin to big beans fell along the cheeks like raindrops. The heart seemed to be dug out of something, the pain was so great that he was about to lose consciousness.

Muze left, he left with the love of Gao Tianchen, leaving him with endless loneliness. Gao Tianchen’s heart was filled with love for Muze had been dug away, his heart was empty. No matter what could not fill the satisfaction again.

End of Chapter 2

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By the way, who is Hua Tuo? Famous physician in the Han Dynasty, Click for wiki.Edit”Childish Flower”

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