CF – 3

Chapter 3

The night was a pitch dark and the silver star flickered in the ink like sky. The bright moon hanged at the side and the wind breezed through with the scent of the early spring moisture.

The mansion of Mu family was brightly lighted up, and many dancing shadows passed through the floor-to-ceiling windows on the first floor of the banquet hall, which were reflected in the artificial pond outside the house. The shadows intersected with the moonlight that fell on the surface of the water. The elegant piano sounds intertwined with strings of laughter, faintly echoing out of the house.

Many expensive vehicles were parked in the yard. They were neatly lined up, indicating the extraordinary status of its own owners. They were invited to join in the 18-year-old adult feast of the eldest son of the Mu family.

All three generations of the Mu family were businessman, but this generation of the Mu family had only given birth to two Omegas. Although today’s society had no discrimination against any omega’s ability and status and Master Mu initially intended to let his sons inherit the family business. However, the clever and cheerful second son was gone and the eldest son was not healthy and antisocial. Master Mu did not want to nor dare to give such a heavy responsibility to the eldest son.

So today’s banquet, on the surface, was a banquet to celebrate Mujin’s adulthood, but in fact, it was also to search for a suitable partner that Mujin likes, and he will also be the heir to the Mu family in the future.

Master Mu was extremely reluctant to give up his family name that was the labor of several generations. This sort of matter shamed the ancestors, if he could not find a smart, steady, talented and knowledgeable successor, he will never hand over the Mu’s family business.

As the star of this banquet, Mujin greeted the guests with courtesy before he stood at the side, slowly drinking the champagne in his hands. Looking at those well-dressed people in front of him flattering each other, from time to time, making a few false smiles, he felt super bored.

His gaze searched among the guests. Mujin was looking for a person, the invitation letter had already been sent to him but he unsure if he will be present today. After all, two years had gone by since his younger brother left and he had not been to the Mu family for two years.

His line of sight swept to a tall and long back and Mujin’s heart missed a beat. Even if he had not seen him for two years, even if it’s only the back, he could still recognize him at first sight, he was the one who he was missing these days.

His brain had yet to respond and the body had already reacted and walked over. When his thoughts came back, his hand had already patted the man’s shoulder.

The man turned around, with sword-cutting eyebrows, the tall nose, and the obsidian-like eyes, all the same as in his own memories. He had faded from his youthful look, and now he was mature and cool, showing strength and elegance.

“Xiao Jin, happy birthday.” Gao Tianchen found that Mujin was calling him, and the person in front of him looked a little taller. Although he was not as weak as he used to be, he was still slightly thin and his skin was still white like he lacked some blood, even his hair was the light brown as before.

Looking at Mujin’s pair of eyes staring at himself, Gao Tianchen found that his eyes were very similar to Muze, it shined like the morning light, and there was a kind of inexplicable charm that made people unable to move their sights away.

Gao Tianchen once again remembered the lover who had already left himself. In the past two years, Muze had been alive in his dreams and memories. He had kept all the things about Muze, like he was hypnotizing that his lover had never left. He did not dare to go to the Mu family, fearing that he could not find Muze and be beaten awake by the ruthless reality.

Looking at the face so similar to his lover in front of him, Gao Tianchen raised his hand in dismay, gently brushing the light brown hair of Mujin to stroke his face.

The moment his hand touched him, Mujin’s mind had already crashed and he pushed away his hand with a slap. His cheeks turned red and were hot like a burning fire.

“Thank you, what, I am a little uncomfortable, excuse me!” He was shocked by his inexplicable move and he did not understand the strange behavior of the other party. He could only flee in confusion.

Looking at the back of Mujin’s hasty departure, he remembered that he had just regarded him with a ridiculous move, and Gao Tianchen was feeling uneasy. Mujin had always been timid and did not like to have contact with people, he did not know if he had scared him.

In the second half of the banquet, Lady Mu found Gao Tianchen and told him that Mujin was drunk and went to the second floor to rest. He had a very poor liquor tolerance, and Lady Mu was worried that her son would have to deal with the guests and couldn’t leave, so she asked him to take a sobering soup to see him.

With a warm sobering soup, Gao Tianchen left the banquet hall and went up to the second floor. He walked as he thought about how to apologize for his previous abruptness.

The second floor was much quieter than the noisy hall on the first floor. At the end of the corridor to the left was the room of Mujin.

Somehow, there seemed to be a faint fragrance in the air. Gao Tianchen originally thought that it was the incense in the room. The closer he got to the end of the corridor, the fragrant in the air became thicker and thicker until he pushed open the door to Mujin’s room.

The sweet scent slammed into his nose, and Gao Tianchen felt that he had fallen into the deep sea, and the aroma was drowning him like a huge wave.

As an alpha, even if he did not mark any omega, he was aware of the strong sweet fragrance in the air was not a scent, but an omega’s pheromone.

Mujin was in heat.

End of Chapter 3.

Translated at rrrrhexiatranslations

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  1. Poor Mujin 😢😢😢😢😢 the only good thing happened to him is being marked by GTC. However, GTC doesn’t deserve Mujin. Mujin should be with a gentle alpha, not GTC

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